Details for ADVANCED HEARING AID - Ad from 2017-12-08

DO YOU HEAR, BUT NOT UNDERSTAND? HAVE YOUR HEARING TESTED FREE! EARS YEARS 0•Y •E 40 •4 SERVING IT COULD JUST BE WAX, FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF! N • IOWA • ER FO ST R A • DO PEOPLE SEEM TO MUMBLE? • DO YOU HAVE TROUBLE HEARING IN A NOISY ENVIRONMENT? • DO YOU PLAY THE TV TOO LOUD? FREE FREE FREE Audiometric Testing! Find out what you’re hearing and what you’re not! Video Ear Inspection! You’ll SEE... exactly what we SEE. We’ll explain to you what you’re seeing. So small, it virtually disappears in the ear! Product Demonstrations! NOW iQ Premier line of hearing instruments with rechargeable technology SPECIAL EVENT EXTENDED ONE MORE WEEK DUE TO TREMENDOUS RESPONSE SAVE THOUSANDS THIS wEEk onLy, oFF THE mAnuFACTuRER’S SuggESTEd RETAIL PRICE!! COMMUNICATION OCCURS IN THE BRAIN When we lose our ability to hear, the ear stops sending needed information to the brain, affecting the ability to understand what is being said. Auditory Deprivation, can impair the way the brain processes sound. A study by Johns Hopkins Medicine untreated hearing loss may be linked with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression and social isolation. The solution can be hearing aids, sending the correct information to the brain, protecting its vital ability to understand. STOP IGNORING THE WARNING SIGNS! • Do you HEAR, but DON’T Understand? • Do you ask others to repeat themselves? • Do people seem to mumble? FREE No one notice when you wear $ HEARING & VIDEO OTOSCOPIC EXAMINATION Rechargeable 274500 $ Expires 12/15/17 MSRP $349500 AMAZING SAVINGS! $500 OFF MSRP on a set of hearing aids Limit one coupon per customer. Not valid with any other offers or promotions. Expires Dec. 15, 2017. HALF PRICE SALE 995 • No Plugged Up Feeling • Natural Sound Quality • No Feedback OPEN EAR FIT Fits up to 35 dB loss • Noise Cancellation • Virtually Invisible Reg. $1,990 on select models. • Change Programs Expires 12/15/17 Effortlessly FREE CLEAN & CHECK for current hearing aids. Proud Supporter of Any make or model Limit one coupon per customer. Expires Dec. 15 2017. CALL TODAY! Josh Vinquist Audioprosthologist BH, HIS 60 Day Trial FREE! Most Models 36 Month (3 Year) Protection Plan Expires 12/15/17 “don’T TAkE ouR woRd FoR IT.” Try one of our hearing instruments for up to 60 days If you’re not completely satisfied, simply return it. Mike Roush BA, BC-HIS Amanda Bagby Audioprosthologist BLS, HIS BETTENDORF 852 MIDDLE RD., SUITE 104 BETTENDORF, IA 52722 Better Value, Better Service, Better Results! GUARANTEED! MOLINE 1550 52ND AVE MOLINE, IL 61265 563-355-3261 309-797-7160 All Insurance Plans Honored. Including U.S.A. Federal and County Employee Benefits. 2017 LHHC All Rights Reserved.

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