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Wilson, Mignon Anderson, Zoe Rae (50 min.) SILENT DIGITAL
12:10 pm The Stolen Ranch (Universal, 1926) D: William Wyler; Fred Humes,
Louise Lorraine, William Bailey (60 min.) SILENT DIGITAL
Session #4
2:20 pm Princess Lady Bug (Columbia, 1930) D: Bradley Barker ; Kathryn
Reese; Color musical short (10 min.) DIGITAL
2:30 The Storm (Universal, 1930) D: William Wyler; Lupe Velez, Paul
Cavanagh, William “Stage” Boyd (80 min.)
4:10 Good Time Henry (Universal, 1934) D: James W. Horne; Henry Armetta,
Lita Chevret, Billy Engle (20 min.) DIGITAL
4:30 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (20th Century, 1934) D: Roy Del Ruth;
Ronald Colman, Loretta Young, Charles Butterworth, Warner Oland (83 min.)
Session #5 Silent movie accompaniment by Avery Tunningley
7:40 A Daughter of the Law (Star Ranch, CBC, 1921) D: Grace Cunard; Grace
Cunard, Cole Hebert (20 min.) SILENT DIGITAL
8:00 The Night of Love (Goldwyn, 1927) D: George Fitzmaurice; Ronald
Colman, Vilma Banky, Montagu Love (80 min.) SILENT
9:35 Television Highlights (Universal, 1936) D: Milton Schwarzwald; Henny
Youngman, Gogo DeLys, Lew Hearn (10 min.) DIGITAL
9:45 The Murder of Gail Preston (Columbia, 1938) D: Leon Barsha; Don Terry,
Rita Hayworth, Robert Paige, Wyn Cahoon (61 min.)
All films are in 35mm unless noted; silents accompanied on the Capitol’s 1928
original installation Möller theater organ.

Friday, August 11


Session #1 Silent movie accompaniment by Dr. Philip C. Carli
11:15 am A Kiss in the Dark (Paramount, 1925) excerpt D: Frank Tuttle;
Adolph Menjou, Aileen Pringle, Lillian Rich (20 min.) SILENT DIGITAL
11:35 am Too Many Kisses (Paramount, 1925) D: Paul Sloane; Richard Dix,
Frances Howard, William Powell, Harpo Marx (63 min.)SILENT DIGITAL
12:55 Your Technocracy and Mine (Universal, 1933) D: Robert Benchley;
Robert Benchley (10 min.) DIGITAL
1:05 The Mad Game (Fox, 1933) D: Irving Cummings; Spencer Tracy, Claire
Trevor, Ralph Morgan, J. Carrol Naish (74 min.)
3:15 The Big Benefit (Universal, 1933) D: Lynn Shores; Rae Samuels, Bill
Robinson, Mayer & Evans (20 min.) DIGITAL
3:40 The House That Shadows Built (Paramount, 1931) Promotional film
touting Paramount’s 1931-32 season (55 min.)
Session #2 Silent movie accompaniment by Bernie Anderson
6:45 On The Brink (Rex, 1911) D: Edwin S. Porter, Lois Weber ; Lois Weber,
Philips Smalley (10 min.) SILENT DIGITAL
6:55 Romola (Inspiration/MGM, 1924) D: Henry King; Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish,
William Powell, Ronald Colman (120 min.) SILENT
9:15 The Cocoanuts (Paramount, 1929) D: Robert Florey; The Four Marx
Brothers, Mary Eaton, Oscar Shaw (96 min.) DIGITAL

Saturday, August 12


Session #3 Silent movie accompaniment by Bernie Anderson
9:20 Theatre of Dreams (short subject on the discovery & subsequent
restoration of Mamba) (7 min.) DIGITAL
9:30 Mamba (Tiffany, 1930) D: Albert S. Rogell; Jean Hersholt, Eleanor
Boardman, Ralph Forbes (78 min.) TECHNICOLOR
10:45 The Circus of Life (1917) Dir. Rupert Julian, E.J. Wilson; Elsie Jane

Sunday, August 13


Session #6 Silent movie accompaniment by Dr. Philip C. Carli
9:30 am Hollywood Trouble (Universal, 1935) D: Jack Townley; Lita Chevret,
Dorothy Dix, Monte Collins, Vernon Dent (20 min.) DIGITAL
9:50 It’s Great to Be Alive! (RKO, 1932) D: Alfred L. Werker; Raul Roulien,
Edna May Oliver, Gloria Stuart, Herbert Mundin (69 min.)
11:35 The Coming of Sunbeam (Solax, 1913) D: Alice Guy Blaché; Darwin
Carr, Blanche Cornwall, Madga Foy (10 min.) SILENT DIGITAL
11:45 Twenty Dollars a Week (Distintive/Selznick, 1924) D: Harmon Weight;
George Arliss, Taylor Holmes, Edith Roberts, R. Colman (80 min.) SILENT
Session #7 Silent movie accompaniment by Dr. Philip C. Carli
2:10 Ed Sullivan’s Headliners (Universal, 1934) D: Milton Schwarzwald; Irene
Taylor, Block & Sully, Ben Pollack (20 min.) DIGITAL
2:30 Her First Mate (Universal, 1933) D: William Wyler; Slim Summerville, ZaSu
Pitts, Una Merkel, Warren Hymer (61 min.)
3:35 Call of the Cumberlands (Pallas, 1916) D: Frank Lloyd; (scenario by Julia
Crawford Ivers); Dustin Farnum (45 min.) SILENT DIGITAL
4:40 The Rescue (Goldwyn, 1929) D: Herbert Brenon; Ronald Colman, Lili
Damita, Alfred Hickman, Theodore von Eltz (75 min.) SILENT

(valid through July 31):
Entire Festival (3 days): $60
2-day registration (any 2 days): $49
1-day registration (any day): $29
1-session registration (any session): $16
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