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MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY-(Para.1942)-Richard Carlson-Martha O’Driscoll
MOONLIGHT MASQUERADE-(Rep.1942)-Dennis O’Keefe-Jane Frazee-Betty Kean
THE MAD MARTINDALES-(20th 1942)-Jane Withers-Alan Mowbray-George Reeves
MANILA CALLING-(20th 1942)-Lloyd Nolan-Carol Landis-Cornel Wilde
MOONTIDE-(20th 1942)-Jean Gabin-Ida Lupino-Claude Rains
THE MAN IN THE TRUNK-(20th 1942)-Lynne Roberts-George Holmes-Raymond Walburn
THE MAGNIFICENT DOPE-(20th 1943)-Henry Fonda-Lynn Bari-Don Ameche
MARGIN FOR ERROR-(20th 1943)-Joan Bennett-Milton Berle-Otto Preminger
THE MOON IS DOWN-(20th 1943)-Cedric Hardwicke-Lee J.Cobb
THE MEANEST MAN IN THE WORLD-(20th 1943)-Jack Benny-Pricilla Lane-Edmund Gwynn
MINESWEEPER-(Para.1943)-Richard Arlen-Jean Parker-Russell Hayden-Robert Mitchum
MYSTERY BROADCAST-(Rep.1943)-Ruth Terry-Frank Albertson
MELODY PARADE-(Mono.1943)-Mary Beth Hughes-Eddie Quillan
THE MYSTERY OF THE 13TH GUEST-(Mono.1943)-Dick Purcell-Helen Parrish-Tim Ryan
MY KINGDOM FOR A COOK-(Col.1943)-Charles Coburn-Marguerite Chapman
MURDER IN TIMES SQUARE-(Col.1943)-Edmund Lowe-Marguerite Churchill-John Litel
MR.WINKLE GOES TO WAR-(Col.1944)-Edward G.Robinson-Ruth Warrick
THE MERRY MONOHANS-(Univ.1944)-Donald O’Connor-Peggy Ryan
MOON OVER LAS VEGAS-(Univ.1944)-Anne Gwynne-David Bruce
MOONLIGHT AND CACTUS-(Univ.1944)-The Andrews Sisters-Elyse Knox-Shemp Howard
MINSTRAL MAN-(P.R.C.1944)-Benny Fields-Gladys George-Alan Dinehart
MEN ON HER MIND-(P.R.C.1944)-Mary Beth Hughes-Edward Norris
MAKE YOUR OWN BED-(W.B.1944)-Jack Carson-Jane Wyman
THE MAN IN HALF MOON STREET-(Para.1944)-Nils Asther-Helen Walker-Paul Cavanagh
MASQUERADE IN MEXICO-(Para.1945)-Dorothy Lamour-Arturo De Cordoba
MISS SUSIE SLAGLE’S-(Para.1945)-Veronica Lake-Sonny Tufts
A MEDAL FOR BENNY-(Para.1945)-Dorothy Lamour-Arturo DeCordoba-J.Caroll Naish
MURDER HE SAID-(Para.1945)-Fred MacMurray-Helen Walker
MOLLY AND ME-(20th 1945)-Gracie Fields-Monte Wooley-Roddy McDowall
MEN IN HER DIARY-(Univ.1945)-Virginia Grey-Jon Hall
MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS-(Col.1945)-Nina Foch-Dame May Whitty-George MacReady
THE MISSING CORPSE-(P.R.C.1945)-J.Edward Bromberg-Isabel Randolph
MR.ACE-(U.A.1946)-George Raft-Silvia Sidney-Jerome Cowan
MANEATER OF KUMAON-(Univ.1946)-Wendell Corey-Sabu-Morris Carnovsky
MARGIE-(20th 1946)-Jeanne Crain-Glenn Langan-Lynn Bari-COLOR
THE MAN FROM FRISCO-(Rep.1946)-Michael O’Shea-Anne Shirley-Dan Duryea
MURDER IN THE MUSIC HALL-(Rep.1946)-Vera Ralston-William Marshall
THE MASK OF DIJON-(P.R.C.1946)-Erich Von Stroheim-Jeanne Bates-Edward Van Sloan
MINSTRAL MAN-(P.R.C.1946)-Benny Fields-Gladys George-Alan Dinehart
THE MAGIC BOW-(British 1946)-Stewart Granger-Phyllis Calvert

MEET THE NAVY-(British 1946)-Lionel Murton-Margaret Hurst-John Pratt
MEET ME ON BROADWAY-(Col.1946)-Marjorie Reynolds-Fred Brady
THE MAN WHO DARED-(Col.1946)-Leslie Brooks-George Macready-Director John Sturgis
MAN ABOUT TOWN-(French 1947)-Maurice Chevalier
A MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE-(British 1947)-Margaret Johnston-Kieron Moore
MANHATTEN ANGEL-(Col.1948)-Gloria Jean-Ross Ford
MARY LOU-(Col.1948)-Robert Lowery-Joan Barton-Glenda Farrell-Frankie Carle
MISS TATLOCK’S MILLIONS-(Para.1947)-John Lund-Wanda Hendrix-Barry Fitzgerald
MY OWN TRUE LOVE-(Para.1948)-Phyllis Calvert-Melvyn Douglas-Wanda Hendrix
THE MAN FROM TEXAS-(British 1948)-James Craig-Lynn Bari
THE MARK OF CAIN-(British 1948)-Sally Gray-Eric Portman-Patrick Holt
MILLION DOLLAR WEEKEND-(E.L.1948)-Gene Raymond-Frances Lederer
MONEY MADNESS-(Film Classics 1948)-Hugh Beaumont-Francis Rafferty
THE MOZART STORY-(1948)-Hans Holt-Wilton Graff-Austrian Film Dubbed In English
MISS MINK OF 1949-(20th 1949)-Jimmy Lydon-Lois Collier
MOTHER IS A FRESHMAN-(20th 1949)-loreta Young-Van Johnson
MAN ON THE RUN-(British 1949)-Derek Farr-Lawrence Harvey
MANHANDLED-(Para.1949)-Dorothy Lamour-Sterling Hayden-Dan Duryea
MISS GRANT TAKES RICHMOND-(Col.1949)-Lucille Ball-William Holden-Janis Carter
MAKE BELIEVE BALLROOM-(Col.1949)-Jimmy Dorsey-Nat Cole-Kay Starr-F.Laine-G.Krupa
MISTER SOFT TOUCH-(Col.1949)-Glenn Ford-Evelyn Keyes
MY OWN TRUE LOVE-(Para.1949)-Melvyn Douglas-Phyllis Calvert
THE MILKMAN-(Univ.1950)-Donald O’Connor-Jimmy Durante-Piper Laurie
MYSTERY SUBMARINE-(Univ.1950)-MacDonald Carey-Marta Toren-Robert Douglas
MOTOR PATROL-(Lippert 1950)-Don Terry-Sid Melton-Onslow Stevens
MISS PILGRIM’S PROGRESS-(British 1950)-Michael Rennie-Yolande Donlan
MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL-(British 1951)-John Grosser-Alexander Gauge-David Ward
THE MAGIC FACE-(Col.1951)-Luther Adler As Hitler!
THE MAGIC CARPET-(Col.1951)-Lucille Ball-John Agar-COLOR
THE MATING SEASON-(Para.1951)-Gene Tierney-John Lund-Thelma Ritter-Larry Keating
MY SIX CONVICTS-(Col.1952)-John Beal-Gilbert Roland-Regis Toomey
MY MAN AND I-(M.G.M.1952)-Ricardo Montalban-Shelly Winters-Wendell Corey
A MILLIONAIRE FOR CHRISTIE-(20th 1951)-Fred MacMurray-Eleanor Powell-Cameos!
MAN ON A TIGHTROPE-(20th 1953)-Frederic March-Terry Moore-Adolph Menjou
MISSION OVER KOREA-(Col.1953)-John Hodiak-John Derek-Maureen O’Sullivan
MAN IN THE DARK-(Col.1953)-Edmond O’Brien-Audrey Totter
MURDER ON MONDAY-(British 1953)-Ralph Richardson-Jack Hawkins
MEET MR.LUCIFER-(British 1953)-Stanley Holloway-Peggy Cummins
THE MAN FROM CAIRO-(Lippert 1953)-George Raft-Gianna Maria Canale
MEXICAN MANHUNT-(A.A.1953)-George Brent-Hillary Brooke-Morris Ankrum

THE MAN IN THE ROAD-(British 1957)-Hugh Williams-Ralph Ince
MY MAN GODFREY-(Univ.1957)-David Niven-June Allyson-Jessie Royce Landis-COLOR
MY GUN IS QUICK-(U.A.1957)-Robert Bray-Phil Victor-Pat Donahue
MR.STEVE-(French 1957)-Jeanne Moreau-”L’Etrange Monsieur Steve”-In English!
THE MAN WHO DIED TWICE-(Rep.1958)-Rod Cameron-Vera Ralston-Mike Mazurki
MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT-(Col.1959)-Frederic March-Kim Novak-Albert Dekker
MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS-(1959)-Les Tremayne-Forrest Lewis
MACUMBA LOVE-(U.A.1960)-Walter Reed-Ziva Rodann-COLOR
THE MAGIC FOUNTAIN-(1961)-Peter Nestler-Sir Cedric Hardwicke-COLOR
MARK OF THE TORTOISE-(Rialto 1964)-Hildegarde Neff-George Gotz-Dubbed
MUTINY IN THE SOUTH SEAS-(ITC 1966)-John Hanson-Horst Frank-COLOR
A MAN NAMED JOHN-(1965)-Rod Steiger In The Life Story Of Pope John XXIII-COLOR
MUTINY IN THE SOUTH SEAS-(1966)-John Hanson-Horst Frank-COLOR
MOZAMBIQUE-(1966)-Steven Cochran-Hildegarde Neff-COLOR
MASTERMIND-(1969)-Charlie Chan Spoof With Zero Mostel-Bradford Dillman-COLOR
MELODY-(British 1971)-Jack Wild-Mark Lester-Music By The Bee Gees!-COLOR
MOVIE CRAZY YEARS-(1971)-Rare W.B.Documentary With Interviews-88 Minutes-COLOR
THE NIGHT PATROL-(F.B.O.1926)-Richard Talmadge-Mary Carr
THE NERVOUS WRECK-(1926)-Harrison Ford-Phyllis Haver
NEVADA-(Para.1927)-Gary Cooper-William Powell-Thelma Todd
THE NIGHT BIRD-(Univ.1928)-Reginald Denny-Betsy Lee-Sam Hardy
NOT SO DUMB-(M.G.M.1929)-Marion Davies-Elliot Nugent-Raymond Walburn
NEW YORK NIGHTS-(U.A.1929)-Norma Talmadge-Gilbert Roland-John Wray
NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH-(Para.1929)-Richard Dix-Helen Kane Ned Sparks
NIGHT PARADE-(R.K.O.1929)-Aileen Pringle-Hugh Trevor-Lloyd Ingram-Boxing Film!
NUMBERED MEN-(F.N.1930)-Conrad Nagel-Beatrice Claire-Tully Marshall
NO LIMIT-(Para.1931)-Clara Bow-Stuart Erwin-Norman Foster
THE NIGHT ANGEL-(Para.1931)-Frederic March-Nancy Carroll-Alan Hale
A NIGHT IN MONMARTRE-(British 1931)-Horace Hodges-Hugh Williams-Heather Angel
NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET-(M.G.M.1932)-Leslie Howard-Conchita Montenegro
NIGHT COURT-(M.G.M.1932)-Walter Huston-Philips Holmes-Anita Paige
NIGHT WORLD-(Univ.1932)-Lew Ayers-Mae Clarke-Boris Karloff
NIGHT AFTER NIGHT-(Para.1932)-George Raft-Constance Cummings-Mae West
THE NIGHT OF JUNE 13-(Para.1932)-Clive Brook-Francis Dee-Charlie Ruggles
NO MORE WOMEN-(Para.1933)-Edmund Lowe-Victor McLaglan-Sally Blaine
THE NOTORIOUS SOPHIE LANG-(Para.1934)-Gertrude Michael-Paul Cavanaugh
THE NARROW CORNER-(W.B.1933)-Douglas Fairbanks Jr.-Patricia Ellis-Ralph Bellamy
NIGHT FLIGHT-(M.G.M.1933)-Clark Gable-Helen Hayes-Lionel Barrymore
NIGHT OF TERROR-(Col.1933)-Bela Lugosi-Sally Blane-Wallace Ford

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