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THE LILAC DOMINO-(British 1940)-Michael Bartlett-June Knight
A LITTLE BIT OF HEVEAN-(Univ.1940)-Gloria Jean-Robert Stack
LOVE HONOR AND OH BABY-(Univ.1940)-Donald Woods-Wallace Ford
THE LEATHER PUSHERS-(Univ.1940)-Richard Arlen-Andy Devine-Shemp Howard
LOVE THY NEIGHBOR-(Para.1940)-Jack Benny-Fred Allen
LIFE WITH HENRY-(Para.1941)-Jackie Cooper-Eddie Bracken
THE LADY HAS PLANS-(Para.1941)-Ray Milland-Paulette Goddard
LAS VEGAS NIGHTS-(Para.1941)-Constance Mootre-Phil Regan-Frank Sinatra
LIGHT OF WESTERN STARS-(Para.1941)-Victor Jory-Russell Hayden-Alan Ladd
LOVE ON THE DOLE-(British 1941)-Deborah Kerr-Clifford Evans
LYDIA-(U.A.1941)-Merle Oberon-Joseph Cotten
LET’S GO COLLEGIATE-(Mono.1941)-Frankie Darro-Gale Storm
LADIES IN RETIREMENT-(Col.1941)-Ida Lupino-Louis Hayward
THE LADY IS WILLING-(Col.1942)-Marlene Dietrich-Fred MacMurray
LAW OF THE TROPICS-(W.B.1941)-Jeffrey Lynn-Constance Bennett
LADY IN DISTRESS-(British 1942)-Richael Redgrave-Sally Grey-Paul Lukas
LIFE BEGINS AT 8:30-(20th 1942)-Monte Wooley-Ida Lupino
THE LOVES OF EDGAR ALLEN POE-(20th 1942)-Linda Darnell-John Sheppard
LITTLE TOKYO U.S.A.-(20th 1942)-Preston Foster-Brenda Joyce
LUCKY JORDAN-(Para.1942)-Alan Ladd-Helen Walker
LET’S FACE IT-(Para.1943)-Bob Hope-Betty Hutton
LADY IN THE DARK-(Para.1944)-Ginger Rogers-Ray Milland-Warner Baxter-COLOR
LADIES COURAGEOUS-(Univ.1944)-Loretta Young-Geraldine Fitzgerald
THE LUCKY STIFF-(U.A.1944)-Dorothy Lamour-Claire Trevor
THE LAST RIDE-(W.B.1944)-Richard Travis-Eleanor Parker
LAKE PLACID SERENADE-(Rep.1944)-Vera Ralston-Robert Livingston-Eugene Pallette
LADY LET’S DANCE-(Mono.1944)-Belita-James Ellison-Walter Catlett
LADIES OF WASHINGTON-(20th 1944)-Trudy Marshall-Anthony Quinn
LADY ON A TRAIN-(Univ.1945)-Deanna Durbin-George Sanders-David Bruce
LOVE LETTERS-(Para.1945)-Joseph Cotton-Jennifer Jones-Ann Richards
THE LADY AND THE MONSTER-(Rep.1945)-Erich Von Stroheim-Richard Arlen
THE LADY CONFESSES-(P.R.C.1945)-Mary Beth Hughes-Hugh Beaumont
LOVE HONOR AND GOODBYE-(Rep.1945)-Virginia Bruce-Nils Asther
THE LADY CHASER-(P.R.C.1946)-Robert Lowery-Ann Savage-Frank Fergesen
LET’S HAVE FUN-(P.R.C.1946)-Bert Gordon (The Mad Russian!)
THE LAST CROOKED ROAD-(Rep.1946)-Donald Barry-Ann Savage-Adele Mara
LOVER COME BACK-(Univ.1946)-Lucille Ball-George Brent-Vera Zorina
LOVE FROM A STARNGER-(Eagle Lion 1947)-Sylvia Sidney-John Hodiak-John Howard
LOST HONEYMOON-(Eagle Lion 1947)-Franchot Tone-Ann Richards
LINDA BE GOOD-(P.R.C.1947)-Elyse Knox-John Hubbard-Marie Wilson-Jack Norton
LIGHTHOUSE-(P.R.C.1947)-Don Castle-June Lang

LOVE AND LEARN-(W.B.1947)-Jack Carson-Robert Hutton
LE SIGNAL ROUGE-(1948)-Erich Von Stroheim-Denise Vernac-Eerie Film-In French!
LARCENY-(Univ.1948)-John Payne-Dan Duryea-Joan Caufield
LET’S LIVE AGAIN-(20th 1948)-John Emery-Hillary Brooke-Taylor Holmes
LET’S LIVE A LITLE-(E.L.1948)-Hedy Lammar-Robert Cummings-Anna Sten
LADY AT MIDNIGHT-(E.L.1948)-Richard Denning-Francis Rafferty
LITTLE MISS BROADWAY-(Col.1948)-Jean Porter-Ruth Donnelly-Vince Barnett
LULU BELLE-(Col.1948)-Dorothy Lamour-Otto Kruger
LADIES OF THE CHORUS-(Col.1949)-Marilyn Monroe-Adele Jurgens-Rand Brooks
THE LADY GAMBLES-(Univ.1949)-Barbara Stanwyck-Robert Preston
THE LUCKY STIFF-(U.A.1949)-Brian Donlevy-Dorothy Lamour
THE LAWLESS-(Para.1950)-Macdonald Caey-Gail Russell-Lee Patrick
LUCKY NICK CAIN-(20th 1951)-George Raft-Coleen Gray
THE LADY SAYS NO-(U.A.1951)-David Niven-Joan Caulfield
LEAVE IT TO THE MARINES-(Lippert 1952)-Sid Melton Joins the Marines!
LADY WITH THE LAMP-(British 1951)-Anne Neagle-Michael Wilding
LAUGHTER IN PARADISE-(British 1951)-Alistair Sim-Fay Compton-Beatrice Campbell
THE LADY AND THE BANDIT-(Col.1951)-Louis Hayward-Patricia Medina-Alan Mowbray
LAST TRAIN FROM BOMBAY-(Col.1952)-Jon Hall-Lisa Farraday
LAST OF THE COMANCHES-(Col.1953)-Broderick Crawford-Barbara Hale-COLOR
LOAN SHARK-(Lippert 1952)-George Raft-Dorothy Hart
LADY POSSESSED-(Rep.1952)-James Mason-June Havoc-Stephen Dunne
THE LADY WANTS MINK-(Rep.1953)-Dennis O’Keefe-Ruth Hussey-Eve Arden-COLOR
THE LOOTERS-(Univ.1955)-Rory Calhoun-Julie Adams
LADY GODIVA-(Univ.1955)-Maureen O’Hara-George Nader-Victor McLaglan-COLOR
LISBON-(Rep.1956)-Ray Milland-Maureen O’Hara-Claude Rains-COLOR
THE LADY TAKES A FLYER-(Univ.1958)-Lana Turner-Jeff Chandler-COLOR
THE LAST BLITZKREIG-(Col.1958)-Van Johnson-Kerwin Mathews
LET’S ROCK-(Col.1958)-Julius La Rosa-Phyllis Newman-Paul Anka-Della Reese-MUSIC
THE LADY IS A SQUARE-(British 1959)-Anna Neagle-Frankie Vaughn-Anthony Newley
THE LAST ANGRY MAN-(Col.1959)-Paul Muni-David Wayne-LETTERBOXED!
LIFE AND LOVES OF MOZART-(1959)-Oskar Werner-Dubbed In English-Great COLOR!
LEGIONS OF THE NILE-(20th 1959)-Linda Cristal-Cleopatra And Mark Antony-COLOR
LAFAYETTE-(1963)-Michel Le Royer-Orson Welles-Vitorio De Sica-COLOR
THE MERRY WIDOW-(M.G.M.1925)-John Gilbert-Mae Murray-D.Erich Von Stroheim
THE MAGICIAN-(M.G.M.1926)-Paul Wegner-Alice Terry-Directed By Rex Ingram
MANTRAP-(Para.1926)-Clara Bow-Ernest Torrence-D.Victor Fleming
THE MATING CALL-(Para.1928)-Thomas Meighan-Evelyn Brent-Renee Adoree
THE MAN WHO LAUGHS-(Univ.1928)-Conrad Veidt-Mary Philbin-With Original Track!
MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER-(Univ.1929)-Joseph Schildkraut-Joan Bennett-SILENT
MARIANNE-(M.G.M.1929)-Marion Davies-Cliff Edwards-Lawrence Gray-Benny Rubin

MOTHER’S BOY-(Pathe 1929)-Morton Downey-Helen Chandler
MEXICALI ROSE-(Pathe 1929)-Barbara Stanwyck-Sam Hardy
THE MIGHTY-(Para.1929)-George Bancroft-Esther Ralston-Warner Oland
THE MARRIAGE PLAYGROUND-(Para.1929)-Frederic March-Mary Brian
THE MAN I LOVE-(Para.1929)-Richard Arlen-Mary Brian-Olga Baclanova
THE MYSTERIOUS DR.FU MANCHU-(Para.1929)-Warner Oland-Neil Hamilton-Jean Arthur
MEN ARE LIKE THAT-(Para.1930)-Hal Skelly-Doris Hill
A MAN FROM WYOMING-(Para.1930)-Gary Cooper-June Collyer-Regis Toomey-War Film!
MONTE CARLO-(Para.1930)-Jack Buchannan-Jeannete MacDonald
MEN WITHOUT WOMEN-(Fox.1930)-Kenneth MacKenna-Frank Albertson-Warren Hymer
MAN TO MAN-(W.B.1930)-Phillips Holmes-Grant Mitchell-Dwight Frye
MOTHER’S CRY-(W.B.1930)-Dorothy Petersen-Helen Chandler-David Manners
MADAM SATAN-(M.G.M.1930)-Reginald Denny-Kay Johnson-Roland Young
MEN CALL IT LOVE-(M.G.M.1931)-Adolphe Menjou-Leila Hyams-Norman Foster
MOTHER AND SON-(Mono.1931)-Clara Kimball Young
MAEDCHEN IN UNIFORM-(German 1931)-Dorothea Wieck-Herta Thiele-Subtitled
THE MAD GENIUS-(W.B.1931)-John Barrymore-Marion Marsh-Boris Karloff
THE MILLIONAIRE-(W.B.1931)-George Arliss-Evelyn Knapp-James Cagney
MANSLAUGHTER-(Para.1931)-Claudette Colbert-Frederic March
MAN OF THE WORLD-(Para.1931)-William Powell-Carole Lombard
MY SIN-(Para.1931)-Tallullah Bankhead-Frederic March
THE MAD PARADE-(Para.1931)-Irene Rich-Evelyn Brent
THE MAGNIFICENT LIE-(Para.1931)-Ruth Chatterton-Ralph Bellamy
MURDER BY THE CLOCK-(Para.1931)-William Boyd-Irving Pichel-Lilyan Tashman
THE MAN WHO CAME BACK-(Fox 1931)-Janet Gaynor-Charles Farrell
MAKE ME A STAR-(Para.1932)-Stuart Erwin-Joan Blondell-Zazu Pitts
MADAME RACKETTEER-(Para.1932)-Allison Skipworth-George Raft
MADAME BUTTERFLY-(Para.1932)-Sylvia Sidney-Cary Grant-Charlie Ruggles
MILLION DOLLAR LEGS-(Para.1932)-W.C.Fields-Jack Oakie-Lydia Roberti
MERRILLY WE GO TO HELL-(Para.1932)-Frederic March-Sylvia Sidney
THE MISLEADING LADY-(Para.1932)-Claudette Colbert-Stuart Erwin
THE MAN FROM YESTERDAY-(Para.1932)-Claudette Colbert-Clive Brook
MYSTERY RANCH-(Fox 1932)-George O’Brien-Celia Parker
ME AND MY GAL-(Fox 1932)-Spencer Tracy-Joan Bennett
THE MAN WHO PLAYED GOD-(W.B.1932)-George Arliss-Bette Davis
THE MIRACLE MAN-(Para.1933)-Sylvia Sidney-Chester Morris-Boris Karloff
MIDNIGHT CLUB-(Para.1933)-Clive Brook-George Raft
MURDERS IN THE ZOO-(Para.1933)-Lionel Atwill-Charlie Ruggles-Randolph Scott
MAN’S CASTLE-(Col.1933)-Spencer Tracy-Loretta Young-D.Frank Borzage
THE MAN WHO DARED-(Fox 1933)-Preston Foster-Zita Johann
MOONLIGHT AND PRETZLES-(Univ.1933)-Leo Carrillo-Mary Brian

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