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THE LITTLE MINISTER-(1921)-Betty Compson-45 Minute Version!
LIGHTHOUSE BY THE SEA-(W.B.1924)-Rin Tin Tin-Louise Fazenda-46 Minute Version
LIGHTNIN’-(Fox 1925)-A John Ford Film-Jay Hunt-Madge Bellamy
LADY WINDEMEER’S FAN-(W.B.1925)-Ronald Colman-Mae MacAvoy
LUCKY DEVIL-(Para.1925)-Richard Dix-Esther Ralston-Edna Mae Oliver
THE LUCKY LADY-(Para.1926)-Lionel Barrymore-Greta Nissen-William Collier
LOVE EM AND LEAVE EM-(Para.1926)-Lawrence Gray-Louise Brooks
LILAC TIME-(F.N.1928)-Gary Cooper-Colleen Moore Silent Classic!
THE LAST COMMAND-(Para.1928)-Emil Jannings-William Powell-Evelyn Brent
LIGHTS OF NEW YORK-(W.B.1928)-Helene Costello-Cullin Landis
THE LEATHERNECK-(Pathe 1929)-William Boyd-Robert Armstrong-(Silent Version)
THE LOST ZEPPELIN-(Tiffany 1929)-Ricardo Cortez-Conway Tearle
THE LAST WARNING-(Univ.1929)-John Boles-Laura LaPlante-Silent And Tinted!
THE LETTER-(Para.1929)-Herbert Marshall-Jeannie Eagles
THE LADY LIES-(Para.1929)-Walter Huston-Claudette Colbert
THE LOVE PARADE-(Para.1929)-Maurice Chevalier-Jeanette MacDonald
LADIES OF LEISURE-(Col.1929)-Barbara Stanwyck-Lowell Sherman-A Frank Capra Film!
LIGHTNIN-(Fox 1929)-Will Rogers-Joel McCrea
THE LASH-(F.N.1930)-Richard Barthelmess-Robert Edeson-Marian Nixon
THE LOTTERY BRIDE-(U.A.1930)-Jeanette MacDonald-John Garrick-Joe E.Brown
THE LOCKED DOOR-(U.A.1930)-Barbara Stanwyck-Rod LaRocque-William Boyd
LATIN LOVE-(British 1930)-Sari Maritza-60 Minute Re-Issue-“Neapolitan Nights”
A LADY’S MORALS-(M.G.M.1930)-Grace Moore-Reginald Denny
LET US BE GAY-(M.G.M.1930)-Norma Shearer-Rod La Rocque-Marie Dressler
LADY OF SCANDAL-(M.G.M.1930)-Ruth Chatterton-Basil Rathbone
LORD BYRON OF BROADWAY-(M.G.M.1930)-Charles Kraley-Marion Shilling
LADIES IN LOVE-(Chesterfield 1930)-Johnny Walker-Alice Day
THE LIFE OF THE PARTY-(W.B.1930)-Winnie Lightner-Irene Delroy-C.Butterworth
LOOSE ANKLES-(W.B.1930)-Loretta Young-Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
LILIOM-(Fox 1930)-Charles Farrell-Rose Hobart-H.B.Warner-Lee Tracy
LIGHT OF WESTERN STARS-(Fox 1930)-Mary Berian-Richard Arlen
LAST OF THE DUANES-(Fox 1930)-George O’Brien-Myrna Loy
LADIES LOVE BRUTES-(Para.1930)-George Bancroft-Mary Astor-Frederic March
LAUGHTER-(Para.1930)-Frederic March-Nancy Carroll-Frank Morgan
THE LAUGHING LADY-(Para.1930)-Ruth Chatterton-Clive Brook
LET’S GO NATIVE-(Para.1930)-Jeanette MacDonald-Jack Oakie
THE LAWYER’S SECRET-(Para.1931)-Clive Brook-Buddy Rogers-Fay Wray-R.Arlen
THE LADY WHO DARED-(W.B.1931)-Billie Dove-Sidney Blackmer
THE LAST FLIGHT-(W.B.1931)-Richard Barthelmess-Johnny Mack Brown-David Manners
THE LAST PARADE-(Col.1931)-Jack Holt-Tom Moore-Constance Cummings

LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE-(R.K.O.1931)-Mitzi Green-May Robson-Edgar Kennedy
LETTY LYNTON-(M.G.M.1932)-Joan Crawford-Robert Montgomery-Nils Asther
LOVE IS A RACKET-(W.B.1932)-Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
LUCKY GIRL-(Powers 1932)-Gene Gerrard-Molly Lamont
THE LAST MILE-(World Wide 1932)-Preston Foster-George E.Stone-Paul Fix
LOOKING ON THE BRIGHT SIDE-(British 1932)-Gracie Fields-Richard Dolman
LIFE BEGINS-(W.B.1932)-Loretta Young-Preston Foster
LOVE AFFAIR-(Col.1932)-Dorothy MacKail-Humphrey Bogart
LAW AND ORDER-(Univ.1932)-Walter Huston-Harry Carey-Raymond Hatton
LOVE ME TONIGHT-(Para.1932)-Maurice Chevalier-Jeanette MacDonald
LADY AND GENT-(Para.1932)-George Bancroft-Wynne Gibson-John Wayne
LADIES OF THE BIG HOUSE-(Para.1932)-Sylvia Sidney-Gene Raymond
LADIES MAN-(Para.1932)-William Powell-Kay Francis-Carole Lombard
LUXURY LINER-(Para.1933)-George Brent-Zita Johann
A LADY’S PROFESSION-(Para.1933)-Allison Skipworth-Kent Taylor
LAUGHING AT LIFE-(Mascot 1933)-Victor McLaglan-Conchita Montenegro
THE LIFE OF JIMMY DOLAN-(W.B.1933)-Douglas Fairbanks Jr.-Loretta Young
LOOKING FORWARD-(M.G.M.1933)-Lionel Barrymore-Lewis Stone
LOOKING FOR TROUBLE-(20th 1933)-Spencer Tracy-Jack Oakie-Constance Cummings
LADIES SHOULD LISTEN-(Para.1934)-Cary Grant-Francis Drake
LIMEHOUSE BLUES-(Para.1934)-George Raft-Jean Parker
LONE COWBOY-(Para.1934)-Jackie Cooper-Lila Lee-John Wray
LOVE LIFE AND LAUGHTER-(British 1934)-Gracie Fields-John Loder
LITTLE MAN WHAT NOW?-(Univ.1934)-Margaret Sullivan-Douglas Montgomery
LIFE RETURNS-(Univ.1934)-Onslow Stevens-Valerie Hobson-Lois Wilson
THE LOST JUNGLE-(1934)-Clyde Beatty-Mickey Rooney
THE LADY IS WILLING-(Col.1934)-Leslie Howard-Cedric Hardwicke-Binnie Barnes
LADY BY CHOICE-(Col.1934)-Carole Lombard-May Robson-Roger Pryor
LETS FALL IN LOVE-(Col.1934)-Ann Southern-Edmund Lowe
LIFE BEGINS-(W.B.1934)-Loretta Young-Eric Linden-Aileen MacMahon
THE LAST GENTLEMAN-(20th 1934)-George Arliss-Edna Mae Oliver-Charlotte Henry
LAST OF THE PAGANS-(M.G.M.1935)-Mala-Lotus-Island Film Based On “Typee”
LOVE IN BLOOM-(Para.1935)-George Burns-Gracie Allen-Dixie Lee
THE LAST OUTPOST-(Para.1935)-Cary Grant-Claude Rains-Gertrude Michael
LET EM HAVE IT-(U.A.1935)-Richard Arlen-Virginia Bruce-Alice Brady
LADY TUBBS-(Univ.1935)-Alice Brady-Douglas Montgomery
THE LOVE TEST-(Fox-British 1935)-Judy Gunn-Louis Hayward-Googie Withers
LADIES LOVE DANGER-(Fox 1935)-Wendy Barrie-Gilbert Roland
LIFE BEGINS AT 40-(Fox 1935)-Will Rogers-Rochelle Hudson
LOTTERY LOVER-(Fox 1935)-Lew Ayers-Reginald Denny
LOVE ON TOAST-(Para.1935)-Stella Adler-John Payne

LITTLE MEN-(Mascot 1935)-Dickie Moore-Frankie Darro
LADY BE CAREFUL-(Para.1936)-Lew Ayers-Mary Carlisle
LET’S MAKE A MILLION-(Para.1936)-Charlotte Wynter-Edward Everett Horton
LOVE ME FOREVER-(Col.1935)-Grace Moore-Leo Carrillo
LADY OF SECRETS-(Col.1936)-Ruth Chatterton-Otto Kruger
THE LONE WOLF RETURNS-(Col.1936)-Melvyn Douglas-Gail Patrick
LEGION OF TERROR-(Col.1936)-Bruce Cabot-Marguerite Churchill-Ward Bond
THE LADY OBJECTS-(Col.1936)-Gloria Stuart-Lanny Ross
LADIES IN LOVE-(20th 1936)-Janet Gaynor-Loretta Young
LITTLE MISS NOBODY-(20th 1936)-Jane Withers-Jane Darwell-Ralph Morgan
LOVE BEGINS AT 20-(W.B.1936)-Warren Hull-Patricia Ellis
LOVE BEFORE BREAKFAST-(Univ.1936)-Carole Lombard-Preston Foster-Cesar Romero
THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS-(U.A.1936)-Randolph Scott-Binnie Barnes
LAND WITHOUT MUSIC-(British 1936)-Richard Tauber-Jimmy Durante-Diana Napier
LARCENY ON THE AIR-(Rep.1937)-Robert Livingston-Grace Bradley
LAUGHING IRISH EYES-(Rep.1936)-Phil Regan-Evelyn Knapp
LIFE OF THE PARTY-(R.K.O.1937)-Joe Penner-Gene Raymond
LOVE IS ON THE AIR-(W.B.1937)-Ronald Reagan-June Travis
THE LAW IN HER HANDS-(W.B.1937)-Glenda Farrell-Lyle Talbot-Warren Hull
THE LAST GANGSTER-(M.G.M.1937)-Edward G.Robinson-James Stewart
LANCER SPY-(20th 1937)-George Sanders-Peter Lorre
LOVE UNDER FIRE-(20th 1937)-Loretta Young-Don Ameche
LOVE AND HISSES-(20th 1937)-Walter Winchell-Ben Bernie-Simone Simon
LOVE IS NEWS-(20th 1937)-Tyrone Power-Loretta Young-Don Ameche
LAUGHING AT TROUBLE-(20th 1937)-Jane Darwell-Sara Hayden
LIFE BEGINS IN COLLEGE-(20th 1937)-The Ritz Brothers-Joan Davis
THE LOST CHORD-(British 1937)-John Stuart-Elizabeth Allen
LOVE TAKES FLIGHT-(Condor 1937)-Bruce Cabot-Beatrice Roberts
LAST TRAIN FROM MADRID-(Para.1937)-Lew Ayers-Anthony Quinn-Gilbert Roland
LADY IN THE MORGUE-(Univ.1938)-Preston Foster-Patricia Ellis-Frank Jenks
LET’S GET MARRIED-(Col.1937)-Ida Lupino-Ralph Bellamy
LIFE BEGINS WITH LOVE-(Col.1937)-Jean Parker-Douglas Montgomery
THE LONE WOLF IN PARIS-(Col.1938)-Francis Lederer-Francis Drake
THE LADY OBJECTS-(Col.1938)-Lanny Ross-Gloria Stuart-Joan Marsh
LADIES IN DISTRESS-(Rep.1938)-Polly Moran-Allison Skipworth
LONGSHOT-(Fine Arts 1938)-Gordon Jones-Marsha Hunt
LITTLE MISS MOLLY-(British 1938)-Maureen O’Hara-Tom Burke-Binkie Stuart
LA BETE HUMAINE-(French 1938)-Jean Gabin-Simone Simon-D.Jean Renoir-Subtitled
LA MARSEILLAISE-(French 1938)-Louis Jouvet-Pierre Renoir-D.Jean Renoir-Subtitled
LORD JEFF-(M.G.M.1938)-Freddy Bartholemew-Charles Coburn-Mickey Rooney
LOVE ON A BUDGET-(20th 1938)-Jed Prouty-The Jones Family

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