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Call 708-460-9082 to place your order. We accept all major credit cards
and Pay Pal. UPS charges will be added to your order.

Introducing a quality film cleaner and preservative that’s economical too! FILMReNeW
cleans and lubricates in one step. This slow drying cleaner is very gentle on film. Prints
can be soaked for months with no adverse effect. Now, that’s gentle!
FILMReNeW keeps films pliable and stops brittleness. Your prints may be dipped,
wiped between rewinds, or soaked in FILMReNeW.
Cleaning your films with FILMReNeW not only preserves and lubricates, but films look
brighter and cleaner when projected. Don’t leave abrasive grime on your favorite films!
FILMRENEW is recommended for 8MM, 16MM, 35MM optical or magnetic prints.

FILMReNeW is $69 per gallon, $29 per quart.

STANDARD 8MM LeADeR, white. 100 ft. $69
SUPeR 8MM LeADeR, white. 1000 ft. rolls each $69
16MM SINGLe PeRFORATION FILM LeADeR. 1000 ft. rolls available in white $69
35mm Leader, (mylar) available in white, 1000 ft. $89

PReSSTAPeS for your film splicing needs
Visit for presstape directions, accessories,

and other film supply needs.
16MM PReSSTAPeS 20 packages per box, 400 splices (800 tapes) box $46
ReGULAR (STANDARD) 8MM PReSSTAPeS 20 packages per box, 400 splices
box $36
SUPeR 8MM PReSSTAPeS 20 packages per box, 400 splices box $36

PO BOX 438 • ORLAND PARK IL 60462-0438
708-460-9082 • FAX 708-460-9099


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