Details for MEDIACOM - Ad from 2018-02-14

WHEN IT COMES TO BUSINESS NUMBERS DON’T LIE Gigabit+ Fiber Solutions from Mediacom Business delivers internet speeds up to 10 GB and beyond with an amazing 99.9999%* reliability. Our fiberoptic network spans 600,000 miles, serving more than 80,000 customers across 22 states. Mediacom embarked on a 3 year plan to invest $1 billion dollars in fiber network expansion, among other projects. It all adds up to data and voice services that can propel your business forward. That’s the power of numbers. From Call 866-955-2225 For a Free Consultation *Based upon 2017 Mediacom Network Operations Center data. Does not include HFC issues or outages that affect less than 150 customers or standard exclusionary events. Data is an annual average for transport networks. All services, including DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 and fiber network, may not be available in all areas. Other charges, conditions, requirements and restrictions may apply. ©2018 Mediacom Communications Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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