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Weed Removal
City of Muscatine Property Owners
9-5-4 Duties of Owners. It shall be the duty of the owner to cut or remove, and
to keep cut or removed, all noxious weeds from his, her, or its property and from
all adjacent property between the property line and the improved street and/or alley
9-5-2(A) “Noxious weed” includes weeds such as jimson, burdock, ragweed, thistle,
cocklebur, and any weeds, grass, or plants other than trees, bushes, flowers, or other
ornamental plants, in excess of eight inches (8”) in height.
9-5-5 Notice. The City shall give notice to the property owners by one publication
in a newspaper of general circulation within the City, stating that all property owners
are required to destroy, cut, trim, or otherwise eradicate all noxious weeds on their
property and the adjacent unimproved public right(s)-of-way within a reasonable time
but not less than five days from the date of the said publication.
9-5-6 Proof of Service. In addition to the notice as set out in Section 9-5-5, the
City shall mail a notice to the property owner believed to be violating the provisions
of this Section advising that all noxious weeds located on his, her, or its property
and adjacent public right(s)-of-way shall be destroyed, cut, trimmed, or otherwise
eradicated within five (5) days from the delivery of mail in the ordinary course of
delivery. Said notice shall be sent by ordinary mail to the last known address of the
owner or as shown on the current County Assessors records. It shall be presumed that
five (5) days is sufficient time for the delivery of mail within ordinary course. A copy of
the publication as required in Section 9-5-5, together with a copy of the notice sent by
regular mail as herein set out shall be deemed proof of service.
9-5-7 Work Done by City. When any owner fails to destroy, cut, trim, or eradicate
noxious weeds within the notice period(s) contained in this Chapter, the City shall
cause the noxious weeds to be cut or removed by private contractor or with City
employees and equipment at City expense.
9-5-8 Cost of Work Done by City. The City Clerk shall submit an itemized statement
to the City Council for all work performed under this Chapter. The itemized statement
shall include the cost of cutting and/or removing the noxious weeds to include labor,
equipment costs, and reasonable administrative costs. Upon receipt of the itemized
statement, the Council shall audit it, and if allowed, shall by resolution assess the
cost as a special assessment against the property. The City Clerk shall certify the
assessment to the County Treasurer, to be collected as any other special assessment.
3-1-7 (B) Depositing Debris in Street. It is unlawful for any person to throw or deposit
on any street or alley any glass bottle, glass, nails, tacks, wire, cans, trash, garbage,
rubbish, litter, offal, or any other debris or substance likely to injure any person, animal
or vehicle.
Penalty: Any violation of these ordinances shall subject the property owner and/or
tenant to being cited with a Municipal Infraction Citation:
• 1st Offense: $300.00 • 2nd Offense: $500.00 • 3rd Offense & Subsequent Offenses:
Each citation issued will have a $25.00 Administrative Cost attached.
Any questions concerning this Public Notice should be directed to the Community
Development Department at City Hall or by calling (563) 262-4141.