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for what moves you QC Globetrotter, Linda Meadors, total knee replacement WE pay attention to what matters most.You. If you have a bucket list to see the world, meet Linda Meadors, a Moline retiree who has likely traveled a road you’ve only dreamed about: Ride an elephant in Thailand; check. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu; check. However, plans can change unexpectedly, as Linda discovered while on a trip to Germany. “I was walking down a cobblestone street when I wrenched my knee. It began to swell and I went straight to an ER. Their X-Rays revealed bone-on-bone arthritis and they recommended a total knee replacement.” From Europe, Linda called ORA Orthopedics’ Total Joint Surgeon, Dr. Peter Rink, who recommended she return to the U.S. After an evaluation, Dr. Rink indicated Linda’s knee definitely needed to be replaced due to a combination of age, activity, and arthitis in both of Linda’s knees. The procedure took about an hour and Linda was up and walking right away. Linda was diligent with physical therapy and by year’s end, she had achieved all of her travel goals. Through our Centers of Excellence, our physicians focus on restoring your movement and function. As for Linda, her advice to anyone with travel dreams, “You are never too old. Get outside your comfort zone, make a plan, and go for it!” Happy trails, Linda. To learn more about Linda’s story and how we can help you move, visit or call 563.322.0971. ORTHOPEDICS Focused on You

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