Details for ORTHOPAEDIC SPECIALISTS PC - Ad from 2017-11-10

Joint Preservation with Dr. Tuvi Mendel Shoulder: • Soreness • Arthritis • Rotator cuff Knee: • Instability • Sharp stabbing pains Ankle: Deformity Injury Instability Foot: Pain Total joint replacement isn’t always necessary. If you can preserve the joints you have, why not do it? That’s why patients turn to Dr. Tuvi Mendel with Orthopaedic Specialists ensure you have the best outcome. Dr. Mendel and the entire team at Orthopaedic Specialists are experts in the latest minimally invasive techniques that lead to a speedy recovery and better results. Your bones, your tissue...all you. Dr. Mendel and his team at OS specializes in: Joint preservation Minimally invasive ligament reconstruction ACL & MCL repair Knee arthroscopy Total and partial knee replacement Cartilage restoration Achilles tendon ruptures Ankle sprain/break Bunion management and forefoot deformities Plantar fasciitis Shoulder arthroscopy Rotator cuff tear Shoulder replacement 563.344.9292 Davenport • Clinton

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