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PUBLIC NOTICE Notice of Proposed Tariff Changes Gas Service Schedule Ill. C. C. No. 2 To the Gas Patrons of Ameren Illinois Company d/b/a Ameren Illinois: Ameren Illinois (or “Company”) hereby gives notice to the public that on January 31, 2018, it has filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission (“ICC” or “Commission”) proposed changes in its rates and charges, terms and conditions of service for natural gas delivery services throughout its territory in the State of Illinois. The proposed changes are applicable to Rate Zones I, II and III. This filing reflects an increase in total gas revenues collected from customers, exclusive of taxes, but includes the cost of purchased gas and other charges of 1.0 percent based upon a 2019 future test year, includes various rate design proposals, and includes proposals for new or modified services. The proposed percent changes for AIC’s Rate Zones’ rate classifications are as follows. The percent changes are calculated based on the total revenues collected from customers, exclusive of taxes, but including the cost of purchased gas and other charges. Rate Classification Percent Change GDS-1 Residential Delivery Service classification 1.0% GDS-2 Small General Delivery Service classification 0.1% GDS-3 Intermediate General Delivery Service classification 4.4% GDS-4 Large General Delivery Service classification 2.8% GDS-5 Seasonal Delivery Service classification 0.3% The proposed percent changes in residential rates by consumption level are as follows. The percent changes are calculated based on the total revenues collected from customers, including the cost of purchased gas, other charges and taxes. Rate Classification Percent Change Average Monthly Dollar Change Residential customer using 530 therms annually (or approximately 44 therms monthly) -1.1% $(0.56) Residential customer using 745 therms annually (or approximately 62 therms monthly) 0.9% $0.52 Residential customer using 934 therms annually (or approximately 78 therms monthly) 2.2% $1.47 GDS-1 Residential Delivery Service classification A new tariff, Rate GDS-6 – Inadequate Capacity Delivery Service, is proposed. The proposed Rate GDS-6 is an optional rate for customers located in areas where the Company has inadequate main capacity to meet customer year-round full service requirements. Since this is a new tariff, the Company has no customers under this tariff in which to provide proposed changes in gas delivery service revenues. Proposed changes to Rider S – System Gas Service include updates to the Unsubscribed Bank Capacity Charge and Uncollectible Factor, and a new Working Capital Adjustment. Rider TBS – Transportation Banking Service reflects a 0.9% capacity charge increase. A copy of the proposed change in schedule may be inspected at the Ameren Illinois office at 300 Liberty Street, Peoria, Illinois or online at Customers should be advised that the Commission may alter or otherwise amend the rates or conditions of service after hearings are held pursuant to 83 Ill. Adm. Code. 200, and may increase or decrease individual rates in amounts other than those requested by Ameren Illinois. All parties interested in this matter may obtain information with respect thereto either directly from Ameren Illinois or by addressing the Chief Clerk of the Illinois Commerce Commission, 527 East Capitol Avenue, Springfield, Illinois 62706. AMEREN ILLINOIS COMPANY d/b/a Ameren Illinois By: Richard J. Mark, President & CEO

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