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New Bladder Pill For
Women Shocks Docs
Women in clinical trial experience dramatic reduction in
trips to the bathroom, leakages, nighttime urgency and
pressure without side effects.
By: C.J. Clancy
Health News Syndicate
If you are a women
over the age of 50 with
bladder troubles…then
this might be the most
important news you will
read all year. A discovery
that has doctors excited
and amazed.
A new pill recently
developed is reducing
frequent trips to the
bathroom. It is also cutting down the sudden
pressure to “rush” to the
ladies room.
The new pill is called
Bladderol™. Its active
ingredient targets all
four symptoms of a
weak bladder at the hormonal level.
Women are getting relief from many nightly
trips to the bathroom.
And from accidental
leaks. They are �inding it helps them sleep
through the night and
wake up refreshed in the
“Most women struggle in silence. Some use
drug store remedies
with lousy side effects,”
says Vik Swanson. The
President of Nexus Formulas, the makers of
“Bladderol™ is safe and
natural. It targets all four
symptoms of bladder
control for women. This
includes urgency, leakages, and urinating too
often during the day and
night. What’s even better
is we are seeing in some
cases results as quickly
as four weeks”, he added.
New Research For
Bladder Control
The medical research
team in charge of
Bladderol™’s active ingredient knew it was a
true success after two
revelations. Its ability to
help women hold �luids
longer. As well as its ability to stop leaks - also
known as incontinence.
Without this ability
many women feel embarrassed. Lose their
sense of freedom. And
some stop socializing all
Bladderol™ has users saying they have stronger
bladders. Many feel for
the �irst time in years.
Some say they don’t
have to worry about
always having to wear
pads or adult diapers.
While other say they
don’t feel chained to the
bathroom anymore.
“I thought my weak
bladder was just a part
of getting older,” said
Cathy Burke an early
user of Bladderol™.
“Thankfully, now I know
that’s not the case. My
husband and I recently
went on a 4-hour trip
across the state. With
Bladderol™, we didn’t
have to stop at one Porto-John!”
The American Urological Association estimates
- four out of ten adult
women in the United
States live with bladder
troubles. “Most of these
women across the country are struggling. The
culprit is changing hormones. Caused by childbirth and menopause.
Not to mention surgery,
infections, and aging.”
Said Chief Researcher,

Popular New Pill: Women over 50 are now controlling their
bladders without pads, special pelvic exercises, cutting back on
fluids, surgery or risky prescription drugs. Top doctors are now
recommending it to patients.

Rob McCollum.
It’s no wonder why
so many users of Bladderol™ are �inding it a
real savior.
91% Success Rate
In 3-Month Study
The research was
done in hospitals and
OBGYN clinics. The results at �irst seemed
to good to be true. Yet,
its published in a well
journal. The Journal of
Medicine and Pharmaceutical Science.
The open clinical trial
involved 39 women between 52 and 86 years
of age. All suffering from
weak bladder control.
The trial lasted a total
of 7 weeks and the end
results were quite astonishing...
Users of the active ingredient in Bladderol™
saw major changes. Relief from leakages, pressure and urgency to
“go” – all without side
effects! Women in the
study reported fewer
trips to the bathroom
during the day and
night. In particular they
• 79% reduction in
urine leakages
• 41% decline in bathroom trips
• Less pressure and urgency
• More satis�ied with
their sleep
While 91% of users
said their symptoms
“signi�icantly improved”.
And would continue to
take the powerful pill
at the end of the clinical
Targets Bladder
Control Muscles
Scientists made the
discovery mashing together two nutrients.
Using a cutting edge extraction process to get
to them. Phytonutrients
found in Curcurbita Pepo
seeds and Glycine Max.
The fusing of the two
created a new bladder
control compound. It’s so
powerful, it was awarded
a U.S. patent for urinary
The active ingredient
does two jobs at one
time. Strengthens the
bladder wall muscles.
While relaxing the urine
This gives women the
ability to hold off longer
without feeling pressure.
The sales speak for
had the phones going
off the hook for weeks
now. The reaction from
the public has been
Joe Fryer, Head of Call

Center Operations.
“But we’re just glad
to see customers �ind
a natural bladder solution that’s actually
working for them.” Fryer added.
U.S. Doctors Are
Pleasantly Surprised
“9 out of 10 women
saw major progress
with their bladder
symptoms in 90 days
of taking Bladderol™.
Those numbers are
quite remarkable.” Said
Dr. William Shelton, a
medical doctor from
Clinical trials show
Bladderol™ helps reduce many types of
and physical activity. It also protects you
from not being able to
hold off long enough to
reach the bathroom. It’s
ground-breaking. I’ve
never seen anything
like it.” Said Dr. Jacob
Moss, a Urologist from
“I’m impressed with
how Bladderol™ can
cut down the frequency of urination. Plus,
hurried sprints to the
bathroom. Not to mention, its safe, natural
and drug-free. This
makes it a great option
for women with a weak
bladder.” Said Dr. Eric
Wood, a naturopathic
doctor from Florida
with multiple TV appearances.
How To Get
This is the of�icial
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to Bladderol’s™ recent media exposure
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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This
product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All doctors
mentioned are remunerated for their services. All clinical studies on Bladderol’s™ active
ingredient were independently conducted and were not sponsored by Nexus Formulas.