Moline police have arrested five people who allegedly robbed two men at knifepoint early Tuesday at a downtown Moline hotel, Police Detective Scott Williams said.

The two men said they brought two women to their room about 4 a.m. at the Radisson on John Deere Commons, 1415 River Drive.

Once in the room, one of the women made a phone call, Williams said. Shortly after the phone call was made, three men wearing masks and brandishing a knife got into the room.

The men were robbed of United States currency, Euros, a camera, wristwatch, jewelry and their passports.

The two women and the three men fled the room together. Williams said police were notified of the robbery about 7:30 a.m.

Arrested and charged with armed robbery were Andrew Meegan, 19, Brian Peterson, 22, Brock Leftwich, 19, Madison Berthoud, 18, and Brianne Seemann, 19, no addresses available.

They were being held Tuesday night in the Rock Island County Jail without bond and will make their first appearance in Rock Island County Circuit Court Wednesday

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Well let's hope that the text messages support the claims of the innocent.

supportive parent

First of all. to those of you who think they know any of these kids based on their actions your wrong. As a parent of one of the 5 I can honestly say this is not typical behavior of them especially my child. Before anyone passes judgement, they should probably wait to find out all of the details. The victims were not totally innocent in this situation or they wouldn't have waited 3 and a half hours before reporting the innocent. It could be possible that the girls were in danger and called their friends for help. Not sure but just a suggestion. And for those of you passing judgment on the parents, I sure hope that your children are perfect or you're in for huge disappointment. No one of course raises their children expecting something like this to happen. Unless you know the families personally, you have no idea what the circumstances were for them growing up. I know that as a parent I did the best that I could with my child but they do make their own decisions in life and they don't always do the right thing. It should be no reflection on the parents. Keep in mind that they have families that are hurting right now before posting your negative comments.


Dear "supportive" (ie, dismissive) parent:
Wonder how your kid (and the others) ever got the idea they could get away with something like this...surely not by you looking the other way and making excuses every other time they did something wrong.


The truth be known, these kids have probably been getting away with stuff for years and having it pushed under the rug as "bad choices". Well, now they have graduated to the big time and are darn lucky that something more serious didn't take place than just the armed robbery. If they aren't stopped now, next time we will be reading about how they killed a guy in a robbery gone bad. Then where will their lives be?


If they had not grabbed the passports, the victims may not have reported the crime as quickly or at all. That was the only stupid choice these assailants made. Everything else they did was not just something that deserves a slap on the wrist. It was 4 am on a weekday morning, finding 2 guys to roll like this had to take some work and planning. I have seen that most of these punks and hustlers that committed this have enough scrapes with the law to know this act was a serious offense. They just thought it was something that easy to not get caught. Community service and probation is not the answer this time. The only winners are the five court appointed attorneys. So DonDon start calling your friends daughter ConCon!


What these young people did went beyond a bad choice or mistake they plan this crime. When you plan a crime I think they call it premeditated, it seems they all had rolls to play. I wonder how they will act and what roll they will play when Lezzy and Bubba get a hold of them. Kids it’s the big house for you all, Oh! I am sorry they’re all eighteen or older, does this mean that they are adults. If you do the crime you must do the time even if you are a good kid gone wrong. I know it’s tough on their families and probably a real surprise to everyone else. However I do have sympathy for their families.

George Jetson

Quite obvious, the two girls posed at either hookers or "easy" girls and found a mark. They figured the two johns would not say anything for fear of being arrested for prostitution. I suggest they all be arrested for stupidity. Argh, imagine these 5 all have a good story for the detectives eh? More chlorine for the gene pool please.


Remember Dollface,

Uncle Tony says mums the word!!


Uncle Pauly here,
Baby face listen to the DonDon you a gooda girl just mixed in wronga crowd & let some bad a boys lead you in the wrong direction. Me, DonDon an the guys will pay these weasels a visit some time soon and straighten them out for you. Leading you down this path, You to good for this & shouldn't be treated like this. We miss you already at the club Buda Bings not the same without you.
Cousin Tony sends his best regards & says keep ya chin up baby, you'll be back at the club earning your way out of this mess soon doll face. Maybe Cousin Tony can find another position for you in his waste management business when you get this all straightened out. Salute


I get that this is your friend but by making excuses and chalking this up to an "aw shucks" mistake or "bad choice", you contribute to the mentality that these ADULTS should not be held to account for their actions--which, by the way, were REPREHENSIBLE and DISGUSTING. This was not a spur of the moment decision, they clearly planned, plotted and schemed. I hope the justice system takes their actions a lot more seriously than you do.


Allright we all know what happened here was just wrong. I happen to know one of these girls since she was just a toddler and am completely stunned. Her parents are dear friends of mine and I pray that when something like this happens we can all remember that we have all made mistakes, maybe not this serious, but they are going to grow up fast the hard way and realize that you are always held accountable for your actions. To my good friend, sorry your going through this buddy and if you need anything call me.

Don Don and the Family


I get you know one of them personally, but "really bad mistake" is false. Teenagers do not make the mistake of armed robbery. For crying out loud, they used the girls as a means to get in, most likely the girls were posing as prostitutes. These aren't kids who made a simple mistake, they're cold hearted people who deserve jail.




Looking at the mug shots,they don't look like they would have the knowledge on the items they took.Strange there is no addresses for any of them and little history has been told to the public about them.Taking passports sound almost like they could be pro's at this?


No there not pros just teenagers who made really bad choices


Uh, no. A really bad choice would be shoplifting or underage drinking. Armed robbery goes far beyond that. They are just the typical losers who have been taking the short cut through life. They thought it would be a lot easier to steal than work for money. Now they get to think long and hard about their career choices. Stealing passports is really stupid. We will send them off to prison and their personal nutrition program. They will come out of jail in great physical condition, all bulked up and capable of being much more efficient criminals. Why not try some real punishment for these bozos? How about a year of HARD labor, breaking rocks and five lashes? That might penetrate the excessively thick craniums of these jerks.

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