The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is targeting Rep. Bobby Schilling, R-Ill., for his vote on the 2012 budget, centering its criticism on the budget's plans for Medicare.

The Republican-controlled House approved the budget last Friday.

The DCCC has begun airing radio ads in 25 Republican-held House districts, including Illinois' 17th.

Here's the text of the ad:

Did you know Congressman Bobby Schilling voted to end Medicare forcing seniors to pay $12,500 for private health insurance, without guaranteed coverage?  Tell Schilling to keep his hands off our Medicare.

The House budget plan, which seeks to cut $5.8 trillion in spending over 10 years, would turn Medicare into a premium support program in 2022, providing people with a subsidy to buy health insurance in the private market.

The change would apply to people who are 55 and younger today. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the plan would put more of the burden of rising health costs on beneficiaries.

The National Republican Congressional Committee says the ad is misleading and aimed at scaring people.

UPDATE: The NRCC scoffed this afternoon at the size of the DCCC's ad buy, saying it only cost $60 and was little more than an expensive press release.

"Some Iowa families can’t even fill up their gas tank for $60," a spokesperson said.

The DCCC declined to comment on the size of their ad buy.