IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union said a recent study revealed that one in four adults have no savings, and 40 percent have less than $500 tucked away for emergencies.

Now, the credit union has created Auto Savers, a new savings program.

“One of the most effective ways to build savings is to set aside money consistently over a period of time,” said Dennis Hall, president and chief executive officer of IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union.

Members can sign up for an Auto Savers account at ihmvcu.org/autosavers. After that, they add a designated amount to their monthly IH car loan payment. The credit union moves the extra amount into a high-rate savings account. As the loan balance decreases, the savings balance grows.

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“Most people have the tendency to round up bills and loan payments. Auto Savers takes that same idea, but actually sets aside the extra,” Hall said. “By adding $20 a month to their loan payment, which is about the cost of ordering a pizza for delivery, they’ll have saved almost $250 by the end of the year.”