Allegiant, which serves the Quad-City International Airport, has been named the Overall Top-Performing Airline and the top-performer in the Small Carrier category by Aviation Week.

Launched in 1996, Aviation Week's Top-Performing Companies studies the strong and weak performers in the aerospace, defense and airline industries.

"We're pleased to be recognized as the Top-Performing Airline," said Andrew Levy, Allegiant president. "It is a testament to our relentless dedication to being both low-cost and profitable, as well as the innovation and hard work of our great team members."

In addition to its high financial health score, Allegiant was selected for its ability to increase its net profit and for capitalizing on ancillary revenue. The annual study is based primarily on financial results from the past calendar year and measures all public carriers world-wide.

Carriers are scored in six categories and ranked by total score. Allegiant earned a 74.8 score overall and a score of 75 in the Small Carrier category — more than five points over the second-ranked carrier in both categories. It also was named the top-performing airline in North America.

The Las Vegas-based Allegiant, a low-fare carrier, entered the Quad-City market in 2010 with nonstop service to both Las Vegas and Phoenix-Mesa. 

"We are proud to be one of the markets that Allegiant has grown with over the years, providing nonstop service now to four very popular destinations for families, and travelers from a variety of ages," said Cathie Rochau, the airport's marketing representative.

She added that Allegiant filled a need by providing service to Las Vegas and the Phoenix-Mesa area — destinations long sought by Quad-City area travelers.

 "Plus, with the bonus of the two Florida cities, we are serving an increased number of leisure travelers. The addition of these flights, and the popular nature of the destinations themselves, has fit in nicely with our core legacy airlines," Rochau said.

For a full list of Aviation Week's airline scores and rankings, visit

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