American, a Wisconsin-based retailer with a Davenport location, announced this morning that it is closing the company after 60 years in business.

In a news release, American said the stores will be closed after completing a going-out-of-business sale beginning Thursday.

"While this is a sad moment it is also a proud moment," American President and CEO Doug Reuhl said in the release. "It's a moment to be proud of our efforts and to be proud of what we have delivered to the community."

The company said advance notice of the closing was given to the 989 employees affected in 11 locations in the Midwest. 

The Davenport store opened in November 1998 on Elmore Avenue.

American is filing a Wisconsin Statues Chapter 128 receivership for protection of its creditors.


From American TV Furniture Electronics & Appliances: The last five years have been very difficult for our industries. We have fought hard, valiantly and with great integrity. We are proud of our efforts but the economy has been unforgiving. So after 60 years of serving our customers we will be closing our business forever after completing our going-out-of-business-sale beginning Thursday, February 20.

“While this is a sad moment it is also a proud moment. It’s a moment to be proud of our efforts and to be proud of what we have delivered to the community”, said Doug Reuhl, President and CEO of American since 1988. “Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are to our millions of loyal customers, and to the incredible, dedicated family of employees that we have been blessed with over our 60 years of business”. Advanced notice of the business closing has been given to the 989 employees affected in eleven locations. Employees will be compensated, with benefits, through the notification period, and the majority will continue employment through the closing process.

American is filing a Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 128 Receivership for the protection of its creditors. Michael Polsky will be appointed as the receiver for the business. A going-out-of-business sale will begin on Thursday, February 20th at all stores to liquidate American’s entire inventory of furniture, electronics and appliances.

During this sale, American will continue to fully serve our customers:

• We will honor gift cards during the store-closing sale and provide refunds to customers who do not wish to redeem them.

• All extended warranty policies that customers purchased are valid and insured through a third-party insurance company.

• Customers who have open orders waiting for delivery will either receive delivery of their goods or a refund of their deposit.

• All products in our service center will be repaired or returned to the customer prior to our closing.

Our deepest thanks go to the millions of customers we have served over the last 60 years and to the employees who provided that service.

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Does anyone really think there is not enough blame to go around in Washington? System is so damaged with life long politicians, zealots (both sides), special interests (again on both sides) it absolutely laughable to point a finger one way or the other when everyone out there had a hand I'm the cookie jar. Even the good ones have to sell out just to survive.


Thank you for adding some reality to the discussion. Neither side has a monopoly on the truth or is totally to blame.

metro construction research

Gina...... interesting and sad comments. should i look at the articles about deere laying off people and find you now like cat? or you content in using social media to beat on 1000 hard working people that are now losing work.


Property taxes are only $34,879.33 per month. $8,049.07 per week or $418,552.00 per year.

How can local government and schools be broke?


Wow, talking about going off topic. Is there some ADD at work here?


it usually only takes a couple of posts before it turns to polices unfortunately.




Another notch on Barry the Job Killer's gun.


Because Obama had SO much to do with a crappy overpriced electronics store from going out of business.

K Hawk

Along with obama's health care plan comes a rock and a hard place for business owners. If a business fires an employee, they have to let the government know it wasn't because of the health care plan. Does that affect a big corporation like American no, but it hurts every mom and pop shop across America!


By mom and pop shops, do you mean businesses with few employees? By law, businesses with less than 50 employees do not have to provide health insurance. So if not included under the law, how would this affect them?


Will be a great place for another church they seem to be doing good in our economy!!!


Costco would be a great addition the the area. But, that store may be too small. They would clobber Sams Club by better quality products, not Walmart left covers. We were members for years prior to moving here.


Hope and change = watch it close. Keep up the good work Obama. Really appreciate it. Love that new insurance policy too. I will not miss American TV. With the increased cost of my health insurance I could not afford to buy anything there anyway.


Thank a Republican for the job losses


Wow, you're going to blame republicans when democrats are in charge. That kind of statement is exactly why liberals shouldn't be in charge of anything, you don't even know who's responsible.


It's about time they are finally folding with their horrible business practices. They often sold new stuff that really was used, and often broken. Our last experience with them a few years ago was with a $1400 top of the line dishwasher. Didn't work immediately upon installation. When the repair person showed up the first thing he said was return this immediately, we worked on this before and declared it was non-repairable. Sure enough, we did research with the manufacturer serial number and found out the dishwasher had been installed somewhere else two years before we bought it! The Davenport store general manager was an absolute jerk about accepting the return. We worked our way up the management chain at their corporate too and they were ALL jerks and basically said too bad, buyer beware. Between the Better Business Bureau and our credit card company we did manage a return and a full refund but even after they agreed to take it back, once we arrived they tried to back out again. I had to tell them that our credit card was going to give us the money back no matter what to get them to even talk to us. And the manager actually swore at us several times throughout even though we were polite. We buy a lot of appliances, but after that they lost our business that's for sure. So do I feel sorry for American? Nope, not a bit. This has nothing to do with the economy and everything to do with karma. You can only be dishonest in business so long before it comes back to bite you. I hope at least their repair staff find new positions because they were the only honest people we ran into.


fyi under obama's watch
how's that hopey changey stuff working out for ya


Not good with the republicans nutjobs mucking up the works


"Last five years have been tough"



Hmmmm .... 5 years ago, wasn't that when the Supply Side NeoCons completely trashed the World Wide Economy with their Banker Shenanigans????


Just another Small Business driven out by Walmart and other Monopolies ....

Likely they failed because they were too proud to have their employees collecting Food Stamps because they paid them so poorly .... That's a HUGE Subsidy Walmart gets worth billions every year ....

How can a small chain compete against that without following Walmart into the same unethical and immoral gutter???


what you say is just stupid ,time after time you show just how out of touch you are ,
put your clothes on and get a job and just be quiet..


Guess walmart operates in a different time dimension since they seem to be doing ok. Maybe american failed to adjust to a changing business environment.


You are correct, Costco would be the most beneficial all around. I believe their median hourly rate of pay is $21 .

Got dents

Why not fill that store space with a new Costco store. I went to a Costco in St.Louis and was impressed. They had a much better selection of things and their membership fees were much cheaper. I have a Sam's Club membership and I don't plan on renewing it. Their bargains are not that great for a $45 a year fee. Also, the last time I checked, Costco paid their store employees over $17 an hour. The union I belong to, USW Local 104, endorses Costco by having bus trips to their Iowa City store.


There is a Sams Club less than half a mile away, plus a Sams Club opening on the IL side. That's why Costco isn't coming to the QCA.


Costco also charges a fee just to walk in the door. Why would want to shp at a store that charges just to walk in?

Got dents

I am kind of glad to see them close. Most of the furniture they sold was imported from China. I bought a bedroom set from them and had nothing but problems with it. From drawers separating at the joints to the finish peeling off. It was their top of the line premium selection. They sent a kid, who had no experience with furniture repair, to my place to fix a drawer from a night stand. His plans was to fill the joint with glue and leave. He did not have any glue let alone any tools with him. I sent him on his way and fixed the drawer myself. The worst thing about the situation is that the kid wanted me to sign a release form indicating that the drawer was fixed and the kid they sent performed an outstanding job. For slightly more money than I spent for this bedroom set, I could have bought heirloom, quality built Amish furniture from Tegler's Amish furniture just outside Morrison. American TV and Appliance sold nothing but junk furniture.


Must not know how to shop for furniture then. Bernhardt is a top of the line US made line of furniture that was sold at there.


Sad to see, have purchased most of my furniture appliances from there. Always a great staff. Sad to see this economy keep suffering at the hands of high taxes, too large of Govt public sector and utter failure of Washington. These people will loose their jobs. Sad thing is the QC has not been hit by the National issue with Alcoa, JD and the RIA in town. This just shows how bad it really is. We in the QC just do not see much of it.... Dem and Reps failing.


RIA is slowly downsizing because the wars are winding down. Not really the fault of any political party, its happened after the end of every conflict. What is worrisome is the future military will be dominated by high-tech (drones) and lighter special warfare configurations. The era of a big Army with lots of artillery and tanks is going away. The RIA is not set up to make high-tech equipment and it's white collar jobs are shrinking just like the private sector is streamlining and eliminating middle management. Wouldn't be surprised to see the RIA on a future BRAC list as most of the Army's missile and logistics HQs have moved to Redstone Arsenal in Alabama.

Hawkeyegirl the Arsenal only handles missiles and logistics?? don't know much about RIA at all, do you?


Actually I know a lot about the Arsenal. Bldg 299 which produces shell casings for the Army and Navy has been mothballed, lack of business. The JMC and ASC recently announced job cuts of 10% by the end of 2015. My point was the "Big Army" of the last century is not coming back, and the Arsenal's factory is geared more to fixing artillery and heavy trucks than fixing drones, and its white collar jobs are slowly being reduced. Sorry to burst your bubble.


Whole Foods or Trader Joe's would be a wonderful addition!!


I too would like to see a Whole Foods but they will not come to the QCA. Our metro population and median family income required for their business model is too low.


The quad cities isn't pretentious enough to support either one of those stores. Go to a farmers market for organic food.


Not enough people in the area with disposable income to make the profit model work for either of those corporate outlets. Agree however that Farmers Markets offer a good selection and the premium prices at least go to the vendors of the legitimate locally produced fare.


That's a nice big empty building that an REI can move into. Too soon?


Went there to buy a tv, first they said they would price match hand take an additional 20% off. Then they changed their mind saying a manager said he couldn't. Glad they are leaving!

Can we get a WHOLE FOODS put in??


Retail furniture and appliance is a vicious venture. We did business with American. In balance, it was a wash as to satisfaction. They did have a couple of high lines but their real target market apparently dwindled and could not sustain the venture. Selection there and at the other big box competitors is somewhat questionable as to overall quality. Furniture Row will be happy I guess, as will Lowes and other appliance providers, including the locals. But then if you take a drive to Goods or to Homemakers in Des Moines, the selection and prices are far greater and reasonable. But then again, its the market and places like LazyBoy are doing well but they never have sought the "American" customer that now appears to be in unsustainable and short supply. Their departure will hit the Times as well. One less costly and cumbersome flyer in the Sunday paper.

pta mom

We were good and faithful customers--3 computers, complete living room furniture, bedroom set, washer, dryer, recliners, 2 stereo systems, video cameras--until our last purchase. I was shown a microwave oven that was on display. I purchased it and hired a contractor to install it. When the contractor opened the box, it contained a different oven than what I had been shown. The management was quite rude about me returning it--told me I was lucky they weren't charging me a 20% restocking fee. Our kitchen was being remodeled, and it was a timing thing, so the contractor had come over on a Sunday to put in the microwave. I was out the money I had to pay him for his time. American was unapologetic. We've never been back.


They seem to be taking care of their employees and their customers as best they can, even though the bankruptcy could be used to get out of any obligations to either group. It's refreshing to see a company do the right thing for once. Too bad they couldn't keep going.

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