After 72 years as a family-run Quad-City business, Sable's Jewelry Inc. is closing in February. Dan Bizarri of Coal Valley, Ill., vice president of the store at 1529 3rd Ave. A, Moline, said Valentine's Day is expected to be the closing date. He blamed the poor economy for the closing.

"The price of gold and the recession," he said. "I have been fighting it for a year or better. When gas prices went up, everybody quit coming in. When gas prices came down a bit, customers started to come back a bit."

But that has not been enough, he said. Items in his inventory "are not a need," like housing, food or clothing.

Tough times also can cause customers to purchase less-expensive jewelry items, which he said also has hurt him and other local jewelry stores.

"It is a sad thing," he said. "Everybody is looking for a quick fashion fix. They don't look for something that will last. They are buying things that don't last as long."

Bizarri said Sable's was owned by the Sable family for decades, operating for 65 years in East Moline before moving to Moline.

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"My father worked for Mr. Sable for 40 years until he bought the business in the early 1970s."

Bizarri has been in the family business, which is owned by his mother, Natalie Bizarri, for 23 years.

Bizarri said his store employs four people, including a full-time watch repair person who has been with the business for 30 years and a sales person with 23 years of experience.

"I don't know what I am going to do," he said of his own future.