Piece by piece, Middle Road Plaza in Bettendorf is taking shape.

The new development across the road from Duck Creek Plaza is already a very busy place. Starbucks and Salon Aria have opened. The Big 10 Mart has reopened. And the biggest piece of the project, Hilton Garden Inn, is expected to open in mid-December.

"The whole area of Bettendorf, the mall across the street and everything, this is one of the last pieces to the development of the area," said Les Kinseth, president of Kinseth Hospitality Companies, which is building the hotel. "I think all the businesses will complement each other. I know all the hotel guests will enjoy having Starbucks there."

He said the target opening date was in October, but a harsh winter and wet spring slowed progress

Steve VanDyke, Bettendorf's director of economic development, said the city's future development should mirror Duck Creek and Middle Road plazas and the surrounding areas.

"The gas station was the one final piece up there and what they've done with that is spectacular," he said.

Construction of the 79,000-square-foot hotel is expected to cost $9.35 million and will replace the now-demolished HomeRidge Inn & Suites and its onsite Bennigan's Grill & Tavern.

The new hotel will have 119 guest rooms, including 28 to 30 suites, meeting rooms, offices, a banquet room, kitchens, a bar, a restaurant and a pool area, Kinseth said.

Kinseth said his company operates about 80 hotels in 13 states. He expects to hire 60 to 70 people here.

The city created a tax-increment finance district for the site, and the development is expected to increase the property's value from $2.35 million to $9.35 million when complete. The city also will rebate property taxes to the developer, Bettendorf Hotel Associates, up to $1.675 million or for a term of 10 years, whichever comes first.

The two additional lots on the property are owned by First Equity. Managing partner Steve Geifman said Starbucks moved from across the street at Duck Creek Plaza to Middle Road Plaza. Now, it has drive-through services and an outdoor courtyard area with seating. He said business has been brisk. It opened June 6.

Salon Aria opened in May, its second Quad-City location. It is a family-owned and operated business. It offers hair services, manicure and pedicures. Owners are Christine McClimon and her mother, Peggy Andriano. It previously opened a salon on Utica Ridge Road in Davenport, that remains open.

"The new development has been tremendous," McClimon said. "We are so excited for it. Our vision is to make a difference with our guests and I think the location will help us increase our brand."

Geifman said and AT&T will open soon on the far west end of the strip center. '"We have more demand than space," he said. That will leave two other slots to be filled.

"We are all excited about the development," Geifman said. "You can see the hotel from Spruce Hills Drive. We are real proud of what we have done. We have three separate developers, but we wanted it to look like one and we have. All three have put stone on their buildings."

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I agree the Big Ten Mart could have used more earth-tone colors for their signage but all in all an improvement over what was there previously. Anyone heard what restaurant is moving into the space?


"Bettendorf development site on fast track"......while Davenport developments are on a "veto" track.


Yet more urban sprawl wasteland. It's like we don't have an urban planner within 100 miles.


This development is in the geographic center of Bettendorf. It is an infill project, replacing a deteriorating property. I hope you aren't an urban planner!


Yeah if the fire engine red was instead black it'd get an A +


Maybe the owners of Big Ten Mart are ISU alums with their red and yellow signage.

Keei Break

All things considered, it is a nice development. Too bad the exterior of the Big 10 mart wasn't taken to the same level of finish as the Starbucks building.

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