Brenny’s Motorcycle Clinic is getting 20,000 square feet of elbow room.

The motorcycle business is putting the finishing touches on a new business building that is next door to its current main shop at 4426 State St., Bettendorf. The new building, which is a $1.5 million investment for Brenny’s, is expected to be open for business by mid-March.

“This will be 100 percent filled with bikes very soon,” said business owner Mark Brenny during a walk-through tour of his new building. That new structure will have a 12,000-square-foot showroom and 8,000 square feet of storage, wash bay and backroom space.

Brenny said he is proud that his big showroom will give customers the elbow room to better see and appreciate the many bikes and other products featured at the business. The crowded old building isn’t always as customer-friendly as it should be as some bikes “are packed in like sardines,” he added.

“This (showroom) will give people the room to sit on the bikes and walk around them all they like,” Brenny said.

A big portion of that new showroom will be devoted to Indian and Victory motorcycles. Brenny’s has been a Victory dealer for two years and just became the first Indian dealership in Iowa. Brenny said his dealership received its first Indian bikes on Feb. 21.

“The buzz on Indians is just huge. It’s a made-in-America product, and it’s made in Spirit Lake, Iowa,” said Brenny.

He added that the crankcases for the Indians are made at a local company, LeClaire Manufacturing.

An entire wall — about 2,500 square feet — in the new showroom will be devoted to Indian products. Another section will be devoted to Victory bikes. The rest of the showroom will display Brenny’s other new bikes, rec vehicles and apparel from Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kymco.

In addition to showing off new products, the new Brenny’s building will usher in several changes for the business. For instance, all the dealership’s employees will be working out of the two buildings. The dealership has  closed its East Moline location, and Brenny’s East at 3924 State St., Bettendorf, which has housed the company’s used cycles for sale, is expected to close by the end of the week. Once the 20,000-square-foot new building opens, the original Brenny’s structure will be largely devoted to showing the used cycles.

“Everything will be in one location. All my good people will be here instead of spread all over town,” Brenny said.

The new building also could mean more employees at the dealership. Brenny said he has 27 employees and probably will add another five once the building is open.

The opening of the new building also will be the realization of a dream that has spanned decades for Brenny. When the businessman opened his shop 37 years ago in a little building that once housed a day-old bakery, he soon began thinking about expanding the shop. After adding on to the original building, he looked to the empty lot next door. “I’ve been wanting to buy that land for 30 years,” Brenny said.

He added he doesn’t think any additional big expansions are on the horizon, but anything is possible.

“I had one of my mechanics recently tell me ‘You’ve never stopped expanding.’ I guess he’s right,” Brenny said.