CLINTON, Iowa — Collis Inc., a manufacturer of metal racks and shelving brackets for refrigerators, has agreed to pay a $31,379 administrative civil penalty to settle several Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, or RCRA, violations in Clinton, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 7, reported Tuesday in a news release. 

In addition to paying the civil penalty, the company will spend a minimum of $91,809 to replace high-mercury fluorescent fixtures with low-mercury fixtures and bulbs, and complete a project to reduce the generation of hazardous solvent waste.

EPA representatives conducted a compliance evaluation inspection at the company’s Clinton facility in June 2010, and noted several RCRA violations. RCRA regulates the storage, handling and labeling of hazardous waste, according to an administrative complaint filed by the EPA.

“The penalty and injunctive relief required by this agreement remind not just Collis, but all businesses subject to RCRA, that fulfilling environmental-protection duties is part of their job,” said EPA Region 7 administrator Karl Brooks.

The violations at Collis included failure to perform a hazardous waste determination, storage of hazardous waste without an RCRA permit, and failure to manage used oil and universal waste in accordance with applicable regulations. Collis is still addressing requirements from an RCRA Corrective Action Order filed by EPA in 1993.

By agreeing to the settlement with EPA, Collis Inc. has certified that it is now in compliance with all requirements of the RCRA regulations.

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