It’s all about connecting the past and the present for Kelly Lynn Wallace of Des Plaines, Ill., and her husband, David Lamb.

Wallace, a Davenport native, is returning home.

Sort of.

Actually, she has purchased the former McKay Music building at 1326 Brady St. in Davenport and is operating an estate sale shop on the west side of the building. She also plans to renovate the rest of the original home as a residence for her son, Nigel Wallace and his partner, Alisha Wadden, and their two children.

“I saw the potential. I loved the location,” Kelly Wallace said. “This is a great way for the third stage of my life.”

Nigel Wallace is the project manager who runs the business. Kelly Wallace and Lamb will remain in the Chicago area. Their plans call for a complete renovation of the historic mansion.

The estate sale shop will be a venue for periodic estate sales. She said with house foreclosures or estate sales, her company will come to the home and either appraise the value of the contents and/or clean up the dwelling.

She said she operates the same type of estate sale shop in the Chicago area.

“We look at everything,” she said. “We appraise what you got, and either clean it out for free or offer you some money for the contents. We get everything out of there. Normally, people do not want to deal with it. So many of them say, ‘I just need to sell the house.’”

She said with “high-end estates,” they will purchase the furniture and contents and then sell those items during estate sales they conduct. “We do not do on-site auctions,” she said.

Wallace grew up in Davenport and attended J. B. Young Intermediate School and Davenport Central High School, both located in the Hilltop Campus Village area where the former McKay Music is located.

She has had a varied career. She worked as a disc jockey at the former KSTT-AM radio station in Davenport before moving to larger radio markets. She then worked with and for several record companies before settling in the Chicago area several years ago.

But now, she is concentrating on her new career and renovating the landmark building on Brady Street.

“My mom was born in a house my grampa built on Elm Street that still stands,” Wallace said. “I have always intended to come back home. Iowa is my Graceland. And when this opportunity came up, it was such a thrill for me. I was doing some buying and selling in the Quad-City area, and as soon as I saw she was for sale, I knew she had to be mine.”

The Hilltop Campus Village is a not-for-profit organization, designated as a commercial urban district of the Main Street Iowa program. It is dedicated to restoration, preservation and community redevelopment.

Hilltop program director Scott Tunnicliff said he is happy to have Wallace, her family and her vision as part of the district.