Longtime employee dedicated to work at LMT
Betty Grieve, 83, is a longtime employee of LMT, doing everything from office management to driving a truck.

GALVA, Ill. — Betty Grieve is 83 years old and has no intentions of retiring.

Oh, she says she works only 19 hours a week these days at LMT in Galva. She’s worked there since 1991, doing a variety of duties. Today, she works mainly in the office, answering phones, getting the mail, filing and other tasks. But she also drives a truck at times.

“I come in at 7 a.m. to open up,” she said. “I always have some filing to do. I get the mail at 9 o’clock. I take checks to the bank, do any errands. I do anything they give me. I am a part-time truck driver, a go-fer. I used to clean in the plant, do odd jobs,”

Just recently, she made the hour-long drive to the Quad-Cities in the company pickup to four different vendors to pick up or deliver items.

“I don’t like to be idle. That shortens your life.”

That outlook overlaps into her personal life.

“I want to keep going,” she said. “I ride around town in the summer on an ’87 moped. I have 10,500 miles on it.”

Oh, she likes her rest. “I am just tired enough to go to bed early at night.”

She prefers not to take vacations. But she currently is on a two-week trip to California to visit relatives.

Meanwhile, Grieve is thrilled to be still working at LMT.

“The people are super,” she said. “They just work so good. They watch out for me. They say I can work as long as I can.”

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