A Moline creative media company is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

But it’s not for catching touchdown passes or recording quarterback sacks.

Instead, Silver Oaks Communications provided software for some of the exhibits at the Hall of Fame.

Its creative and production teams helped create the Hall of Fame’s new traveling exhibit called “Gridiron Glory — The Best of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.”

The multi-year traveling exhibit coincides with the 50th anniversary of the hall, and showcases artifacts and memorabilia from its collection.

Silver Oaks produced the exhibit’s multi-media components, partnering with NFL Films, designers Gallagher & Associates, and exhibit fabricator Gallo.

Silver Oaks’ expertise includes concept and development, production, writing and animation for print, broadcast and all eMedia. The full-service media company has more than 50 designers, writers, programmers and producers.

This is the third Hall of Fame project that Silver Oaks has been involved in. Tim Wren, Silver Oaks’ project media consultant, has worked on all three. He said the first was a Lamar Hunt Super Bowl Gallery that opened as part of the hall’s 2009 induction ceremony. It featured seven computer-based touchscreen interactives designed and developed by Silver Oaks.

He said the seven touchscreen interactives include subjects such as the Super Bowl rings, MVPs and the winning coaches.

Then came the traveling exhibit. The centerpiece of the exhibit, “Champions Theater,” is a multi-monitor, wrap-around immersive experience. Visitors stand at the center of the monitors to watch an inspiring video about what makes a Super Bowl champion.

Mini theaters anchor each corner of the exhibit, featuring videos on “Pro Football’s Pioneers” and “Road to Equality,” and touchscreen stations with a selection of videos ranging from “Science of the Game” to “Records are Made to be Broken.”

“Our team of interactive developers, designers, programmers and video engineers really shine on complex, multifaceted projects like these,” said Greg Scott, president of Silver Oaks. “Having everyone in-house enables effective communication and collaboration, so we can deliver great results for our clients.”

The exhibit opened in October at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, and will be on display across the country. It currently is in New Orleans, where it opened in time for Super Bowl XLVII. It will remain there for three to four months and then eventually will travel to St. Louis, Super Bowl XLVIII in New York/New Jersey, then on to Detroit and Minneapolis/St. Paul, with more cities to be added later.

A highlight of the exhibit is the “Instant Replay Station,” a computer-based interactive housed in an authentic instant replay booth that allows visitors to make the call like an NFL referee.

Saleem Choudhry, a researcher at the hall, said he likes the work Silver Oaks has completed for the Canton facility.

“Silver Oaks has been an exhibitor since 2009,” he said. “They did a great job when we launched the traveling exhibit. We knew the interactives would help deliver the content.”

Grace Burt, project manager at Silver Oaks, said regular design reviews are part of the creative process. “Many companies get involved, including the exhibit designer and exhibit fabricator,” she said, along with the software design by her company.

“From start to finish, including conference calls, I will work with our team there, to brainstorm ideas, estimate on the proposal on costs. Tim shares with the client. If it is a go, I get more into the trenches with our team there, the programmer, editors, animators, audio engineers, scripts, voiceover talent, designers, writers, videographers.”

The third and most current project for Silver Oaks coincides with the renovations of the hall’s rotunda and some additions to the galleries.

Wren said the Moline firm is creating six video programs that will feature footage from NFL Films covering each NFL commissioners’ legacy. It also will include a team record database interactive station and an interactive database that allows a visitor to look up any team from the very beginning of the NFL.

He said some programs in the traveling exhibit will be used for this exhibit as well. For instance, the “Road to Equality” interactive station was produced for the traveling exhibit and will be used in the rotunda as well.

“It will be completed in time for the Hall of Fame’s 50th anniversary celebration,” Choudhry said of the rotunda renovation.

The anniversary will be celebrated all year. However, the opening is scheduled for May, he added.

“There are 12 component pieces that we are doing,” Wren said. “What we did for the traveling exhibit will be some of the same programs for the rotunda, in addition to the new programs. We have done work, are doing work, and will continue to work with the Pro Football Hall of Fame.”