The long-ago Rock Island home of the Henry’s Hamburgers restaurant is coming full circle.

The building at 3008 7th Ave. will become Legends Corner Bar & Grille. Since the 1960s, it has housed Mexican, a Chinese and American fast-food restaurants in addition to Henry’s. The latest transformation includes major remodeling, an expansion and patio area.

Legends is owned by Greg and Deni Hiner of Matherville, Ill., who own a similar establishment in Aledo, Ill. They expect to open sometime next week.

Greg is a teacher at Earl Hanson Elementary School in Rock Island. Opening the restaurant brings him back to the old neighborhood.

“I was born and raised in Rock Island. I was born and raised a block from this location,” he said.

“My daughter will be the main person running it,” he said of Cara Hiner. “She has eight or nine years in business, and she recently graduated from college. We will have sandwiches, appetizers, flatbread, pizzas, boneless wings. Our game plan was to start with hiring a bunch of cooks, but we ran across a great chef to work out of our kitchen. That is why we added Cajun cooking.”

Greg Hiner said the idea behind the name Legends is to display photos and other nostalgic memorabilia focusing on music, sports, film and automobiles.

“We are excited by this,” Cara Hiner said. “We are anxious for people to come and eat and drink. We are hoping for the best. We are excited to be in Rock Island. My heart is in Rock Island.”

Are you Hungry?

What: Legends Corner Bar & Grille

Where: 3008 7th Ave., Rock Island

Hours: 11 a.m. to 1 a.m., seven days a week

Phone: 309-283-7628


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