Mama Bosso finally has brought her husband into the family business.

Mama Bosso Pizza of Rock Island, a long-time Quad-City company that makes frozen pizza, has added a new line - Papa Bosso Pizza.

Randy Smith, who owns the company with his wife, Chris, said shipping of the new line began last week and the pizzas are available in area grocery stores.

Among the new offerings is a Farmers Breakfast Pizza, which contains eggs, bacon, sausage, cheddar cheese sauce and mozzarella cheese. Three pizzas formerly under the Mama Bosso label will be produced under the Papa Bosso name: sausage pepperoni; sausage mushroom, and the special, which contains sausage, pepperoni, green olives, green peppers and onions.

The difference, according to sales manager Frank Scavuzzo, is that the pizzas will have more toppings.

He said for years, pizzas with toppings sold for the same price as the plain cheese pizza.

"But we couldn't afford to do that any more," he said. "We were not making any money, with the cost of ingredients skyrocketing."

So, by doubling the amount of cheese and toppings, the new line will sell for $1 to $1.50 more per pizza, depending on where it is sold, Scavuzzo said.

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Randy Smith said development of the new line was in the works for several months.

"A lot of things have to be done. A new label takes three to five months for government approval," he said. "You have to fill out a lot of forms, measure mathematical weights, follow strict guidelines."

The company's distribution region runs from Des Moines to Dixon, Ill., and from Galesburg, Ill., to southern Wisconsin.

Smith said Mama Bosso's began in 1962 as a pizza restaurant in downtown Moline. It was owned by John and Beverly Bosso. By the mid-1980s, Smith said the Bossos decided to close the restaurant and sell their pizzas wholesale. The Smiths purchased the company nine years ago.