PepperJax Grill, a quick-casual national restaurant chain best known for its Philly steak sandwich, will open a store today in Davenport, the company announced.

The restaurant is located at 3022 E. 53rd St. Hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

In addition to the Philly steak, PepperJax also serves gourmet rice bowls, giant burritos and salads. Menu items are grilled in front of the customers. There are more than 40 toppings and a signature sauce bar to choose from.

The restaurant is owned and operated by franchisee Restaurants Inc., which owns and operates HuHot Mongolian Grills in Iowa, including one at 3006 E. 53rd St., Davenport. This is the third Pepperjax in Iowa.

Brendan Crowley, Gayle Carstens and Luke Wilson own Restaurants Inc., based in Omaha.

PepperJax is based in Omaha and has 18 stores. The first one opened in Omaha in 2002.

Crowley said his franchisee group plans to open stores in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and Cedar Falls. He also has stores in Ankeny and Clive, Iowa.

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Was so excited, but was a major let down! Couldn't get my order for 4 right. Bathrooms were out of order on the 3rd day. Was told to go to their other restraunt. I only eat poultry, had TONS of sirloin in my chicken Phillie. No matter how many times I said order was Togo they just didn't understand those words. Husband had GUNNER/FIREBALL and was very happy. My chicken phillie was ver chunkie, not like nice small slices in their pictures. Did I mention it had tons of sirloin in it? Don't except coupons on smart phones...
Employes were nice, it was clean... Did I mention bathrooms were out of order??


Plan on going there Friday.


Hawkbettfan2- um yeah it was a simple mistake. Let me guess your so perfect, you've never made a mistake. Your right can't fix you!

Lou Ford
Lou Ford

More hope and change.


PepperJax Grill is a quick-casual restaurant chain that is known for serving America's Best Philly. They are in no way affiliated with Pepperjack's Restaurant & Lounge.


Quad Cities making us proud with the above comments. People realize that a simple internet search removes most incompetence nowadays. Sad we have to deal with quick reacting yokels that cannot do their due diligence and find out the history of the chain prior to typing. I congratulate those people that can spell and make a connection - Pepperjack's vs. Pepperjax. GOOD FOR YOU, gold star! You can't fix stupid.


There is NO connection to the now closed Pepper Jacks that was on Kimberly. Pepperjax Grill is a Philly Cheesesteak concept with locations in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas and Missouri.....and it's very good!


The two are connected in any way.


They are owned by the same company.. Do they really think spelling and location change will help?


Completely different ownership, management, location, menu, and spelling. This restaurant is a franchisee, Pepper Jack's was not affiliated with a chain.


Ok, I am confused....Wasn't there a PepperJacks on W Kimberly?? I mean I know that the spelling isn't the same, but what caused the one on Kimberly to close??? I don't get it..



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