Cinemark luxury loungers

Movie-goers at Rave Davenport 53rd 18 + IMAX soon will be sitting in style as the Cinemark theater replaces all its seating with luxury loungers.

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Get ready to enjoy a movie at the Rave Cinemas in Davenport just as you might at home — in the comfort of a luxury recliner.

Rave Davenport 53rd 18 + IMAX, located at 53rd Street and Interstate 74, will replace the stadium seating with electric, reclining seats complete with foot rests, said Frank Gonzales, marketing manager for Cinemark Theatres, the Plano-Texas based company that owns Rave.

Over the coming months, he said 17 of the 18 auditoriums at the Davenport cinemas will be converted to the new luxury loungers. Nearly one-third of the theaters already have been converted.

The $2.16 million project is being completed by Friemel Construction, according to a building permit filed with the city of Davenport.

The upgrade is part of an aggressive strategy by Cinemark to outfit its fleet of theaters with the recliners. "This year alone we're doing 30 to 40 theaters, which average 12 to 20 screens each,'' he said. "It is not a cheap proposition to change out a lot of chairs."

Due to the configuration of the IMAX auditorium, Gonzales said theater will not get the recliners but will have upgraded seating.

"We're sacrificing quantity for quality," Gonzales said. "The new seats are wider and take up more space than the conventional seats so we're going to lose the amount of seats in the building. But on the same hand, you're going to have higher occupancy levels."

Theaters with the upgraded seating now also will have online reserved seating, which also encourages patrons to buy in advance, he said. "Say you want to see 'Star Wars' on opening day and you want to sit in the 10th row in the center, you go online and pick your seat."

While walk-ins are still welcome, Gonzales said those with reservations can "get there five minutes before the movie and know your seat is waiting for you." Ushers will ensure that patrons sit in their reserved seats. 

Cinemark operates 337 theaters with 4,541 screens in 41 states under its own brand as well as Rave, Century Theatres and CineArts. 

"We're excited about it, it's a new option and a new amenity we're making for our customers," Gonzales said.