Jim Perry is no longer taking traditional pharmacy customers at his business, District Drugs & Compounding Center, 319 18th St., Rock Island. That is because Hy-Vee Food Stores has purchased his third-party prescription business.

Perry plans to offer only compound/customized prescriptions. Compounding is mixing or creating various types of medications when off-the-shelf prescription medicines are not available or aren’t working. Compounding is in even greater demand for treating animals because of the relatively narrow selection of medicines that are manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Perry can creates all types of capsules, creams and lotions based on customer needs.

“We are focusing on the compounding. We are very, very busy in that area,” Perry said. “The business is so good, and Medicaid is getting further and further behind” in reimbursements.

Perry said his business was on an expedited payment status that allowed him to get payments from the http://www.illinois.gov/">state of Illinois sooner than would normally be the case because of the hardship it created when he did not get reimbursed right away.  However, that expedited status was taken away, which meant the state would be five to six months behind in reimbursements. 

In addition to compounding, Perry’s store now will offer only healthy, nutritional products. “We will be getting into health food. We will provide a library of health-care bookstore, consultations services that we offer.”

A.J. Poirier, manager of store operations at the Hy-Vee at 2930 18th Ave., said letters are being sent to all of Perry’s former traditional pharmacy customers advising them that Hy-Vee has their files.