Symposium Cafe, 4009 E. 53rd St., Davenport, will close it doors at 4 p.m. Sunday, its general manager confirmed today.

“The reason for closing is due to a new restaurant securing the lease with the landlord,” Chelsey Ridge said. “The new restaurant secured the lease and will begin renovations March 1, and we will be closing Sunday at 4 p.m.”

Ridge declined to identify the new restaurant. She said Symposium Cafe has been around since 2008 and that business has been strong.

“Business is good. That kind of made it a hard pill to swallow,” she added. “We have been very successful and people were pretty upset with the news. We are very sad to see it go. We appreciate everyone’s business the last four years.”

She said Symposium Cafe employs 33 people and that management has been in discussions about possibly assisting those people in terms of job interviews with the owners of the new business going into the building.

Symposium Cafe is between a Walgreens drug store and the Texas Roadhouse restaurant and is next to the Granite City restaurant.

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Decent place. Don't but the "business was good - we lost our lease angle". If that were teh case, why are the items being auctioned off? Wouldn't a new restaurant buy them? My guess? Poor location, mediocre food, odd atmosphere. Probably another Rudy's Tacos.


I'm very sorry to see this restaurant close. I'm surprised at the negative reviews. We've always been very happy with the food and service. Always got a chuckle from people waiting an hour and a half for Granite City across the street when they could have a good meal right away at Symposium.

Duck City Bistro - good on you for offering interviews for the staff.


We were never impressed with this place. Horrible menu and rude service. We went once and never returned. I hope something better replaces it!


The food was great, but unfortunately the lengthy wait for food was what did them in. Lunch business is a lynchpin in that area and you can't have a decent experience when you often have to wait near 30 minutes for food.


We are so sad to see the Symposium close it's doors. It is a favorite restaurant of ours, with great food, service, & atmosphere. We hope to see it open it's doors in another location...we'll be there if they do.


I also feel bad for the employees of the "successful but closing" restaurant. We are always looking for great people and have been in business for 23 years. Our business thanks to our employees and guests is booming. Feel free to call and schedule an interview or just stop in.
There is no reason that the good people that did the work should not have a job.


I have eaten there and didn’t think it was that great and they were also very prices for what they served. I didn’t thank they would make it in that location especially with the compaction and their pricing and their food was not that great


One of our favorite places for breakfast. Staff were always so nice. Sad to see it go, but saw the crowds dwindling. WIll miss the place. Always a classy place. Good luck to the wonderful people who worked there.....

Marsh Rabbit

Sigh...A Culvers will probably replace it. Quad-Citians can't handle all that hoity-toity good-for-you food.


Good point 1of3. Successful businesses just don't up and close. Looking forward to see what goes in there. The restaurant business in that area is fierce. Hopefully this new place will offer something unique.


If business is so good, why don't they just move to another location? There are numerous empty restaurant buildings in the qca.

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