Changes are sprouting at the John Deere Pavilion that will engage toddlers to teens as well as put a spotlight on some of Deere & Co.'s latest forestry, construction and agriculture equipment. 

The downtown Moline visitor center announced Tuesday that all the features in its children's area, known as John Deere Discovery Zone, are being removed and replaced with eight new exhibits and features. 

"Our guests will find more hands-on learning activities, more interactive fun incorporating a variety of technology, and more ways for children of a wider range of ages to experience the history and innovation our cmpany has to offer," said Brigitte Tapscott, the pavilion's manager.

Tapscott said the current Discovery Zone was appealing to the younger children. "We wanted to broaden the age level reach," she added.

The renovations will restrict access to the Discovery Zone between June 8-10. The new exhibits will open June 11.

In addition to these renovations, the pavilion also is updating several pieces of equipment from Deere's equipment lines. Tapscott said the center will bring in new models of Deere's feller buncher, a crawler dozer and loader, while replacing a rice combine with a tractor with a baler.

All the current vintage pieces will remain. The pavilion will be closed Thursday as workers make the equipment changes. 

Also among the changes will be new graphics on the Innovation Wall, including a new Tier 4 engine.

The latest renovations come about three years after the pavilion completed a major renovation of its exhibits, which closed the center for a few months and coincided with Deere's 175th anniversary.