The bride chose Graham Central Station. The groom, White Tiger Paws.

And guests to “NCIS: Los Angeles” star Eric Christian Olsen’s wedding to actress Sarah Wright got a taste of the Quad-Cites at the reception Saturday night in Tetonia, Idaho.

Nearly 100 guests were served cups of Whitey’s Ice Cream, said Jeff Tunberg, the company co-owner and Olsen’s uncle by marriage.

Olsen, who spent much of his life in Bettendorf, ordered 27 dips of four Whitey’s flavors, including Moose Tracks and Mint Chocolate Chip. White Tiger Paws is Oreo cookie chunks and fudge in a vanilla ice cream; Graham Central Station has graham cracker chunks in a similarly flavored ice cream.

Tunberg said putting individual scoops of ice cream in plastic bowls and shipping them worked better than sending larger containers. The FedEx shipment was 112 pounds, including dry ice to keep the ice cream chilled. Tunberg, who attended the wedding, said the ice cream was cold and hard by the time it was scheduled to be served as the dessert to a meal that included barbecued brisket and fish tacos.

That came after a ceremony Tunberg called “the most unique wedding I’ve ever been to.”

It took place outdoors at the farm that Olsen; his parents, Paul and Jeanne; and brother, David, own along the Teton Mountains and across from Jackson Hole, Wyo. — a “splendid background,” Tunberg said.

“They cut the grass up on a knoll and the bridesmaids and the groomsmen proceeded from the barn at least 100, 150 yards to where the ceremony was,” he said. “It was a long wedding aisle.”

Guests sat on covered hay bales that served as makeshift pews. A guitar-ukelele duo provided the music.

Paul Olsen, a longtime Augustana College track and field coach and English professor, as well as an ordained minister, officiated at the ceremony.

After the wedding, guests were ushered through the barn and into a horse corral covered with a tent for the reception. David Olsen, a stunt double and his brother’s best man, showed a video compilation of those who could not attend the reception wishing the couple well, including LL Cool J from “NCIS: LA” and Mark Harmon from “NCIS.” Two of Olsen’s “NCIS: LA” costars, Barrett Foa and Renée Felice Smith, were in attendance, as was actor Joel Edgerton, the co-star of the movie “The Thing” and who plays Tom Buchanan in “The Great Gatsby” movie remake due out at Christmas.

Guests danced until at least 11 p.m. to music from a bluegrass band, Tunberg said.

Olsen, 35, met Kentucky native Wright, 28, in 2006 when they were both cast in the short-lived Fox TV sitcom “The Loop.” Her credits include “Made of Honor” and “House Bunny,” as well as the upcoming “Celeste and Jesse Forever.”

Tunberg and his wife, Sue, were relaxing days after the wedding and still in the mountains. Sue’s sister, Jeanne Olsen, is a chaplain for Genesis Health System in the Quad-Cities.

“It’s just clear as a bell out here, very beautiful. I don’t think it could have gone any better,” Tunberg said of Idaho and the wedding.


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Went there the other night to get some ice cream at the location on Locust. They don't have Rocky Road? The employee didn't even KNOW what it was!!!!!! This is a VERY common ice cream. Whitey's you need to sharpen your employees knowledge of ice cream, other than train them properly, they are standing behind the counter to scoop up ice cream or make a sundae or shake, but that's about it, knowledge-less & DENSE!


How sad to I am to say I'm from the Quad Cities (50years) after all the negative coments I have just read. I now live in Idaho and only about 50 miles away from the town where this couple was married. I tell people all the time what great ice cream and pizza come out of the QC guess it's better than some of the people still living there. PS - I still call the Quad Cities my home even though I live out west now. It was the title of the story that caught my eye when reading the QC Times. from IDAHO.


Hey all you haters, when does your next movie come out? Don't hate on people more successful than you. This guy didn't do anything to you. It was a nice story about a local company, and someone who grew up in the QC remembering their roots. Good for him. Good luck in your marriage.


I graduated with Dave Olsen (Eric's brother) from Bettendorf high school. Eric sat next to me in algebra. I remember them both as good guys who supported our community and came from a great family. I believe Dave is a navy seal serving our country. Thanks Dave for keeping us safe and thanks Eric for all the great entertainment you have provided. I loved you in "Beer Fest". Pay no attention to posers with negative attitudes. I hope they have a better day. ;)


"hair" that is


His looks like it hasn't been washed in a week!


Well aren't all of you full of hatred and rudeness! So what if he is a "B" rated actor? Heaven forbid you be happy for the B rated actor and his wife! Geesh!


We're not "full of hatred". It's just who the heck cares? Woohoo! It's ice cream, You people that are from here jump up and down when any tiny mention of the QCA makes it to the "big city". My God, you must've never gotten away from this place or state! I thank god I moved away from here and traveled around the world and broadened my horizons, and don't live in a box.


Local business' is what should make you to be a proud. A local business no matter how you feel about it has been acknowledged. "Little" things like this can add up when it comes to word of mouth


WHO CARES??? Hey Quad Cities, we have average tasting, over priced ice cream and it got shipped to a barn wedding in Idaho - apparently that's news!!! Be proud QCA, "your" ice cream crossed a time zone!!


BIG DEAL it's ice cream. Ever had their Moose Tracks Sugar Free? They failed to "mention" that it can make you sick, VERY sick, as in the bathroom many times. They also "failed" to mention this on the side of their carton of this garbage. I actually had to call the company and "then" I was told why I was sick from it. Nice sugar alcohols they put in it. I'll never eat their sugar free ice cream EVER again. Whitey's isn't all that.


For someone who is glad to have moved away from Iowa you are sure commenting a lot. For someone who doesn't care if a local business gets any attention you seem to make sure to try their products. Thanks for the laughs though, you are quite entertaining.

Devin H
Devin H

I don't like Whitey's, but I LOVE the title of this story. Nice job.


Well isn't that a nice story about so muckty mucks who are 'b' rated performers and their hotsy totsy friends way out west, and who gives a hoot?

Comment deleted.

He's not from Bettendorf. He's from out west, but lived here for a while. I think his parents are still here.

From his bio:

Olsen was born in Eugene, Oregon, the son of Jeanne, a non-denominational chaplain, and Paul V. Olsen, a professor of English and head track and cross country coach of Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. He spent most of his childhood in Bettendorf, Iowa and attended Bettendorf Middle and High School, where he pursued such interests as sports and Japanese. In addition to many local theatre performances, Olsen trained in improv with ComedySportz Quad Cities and later joined the cast.

You don't need to be born in the QCA to say you are from here. He lived here for many years. It's what he claims, and his father is still at Augustana.

pta mom

Love the title of this article!

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