The first one wasn't all that great. The second one I barely remember seeing.

The third "Big Momma" movie is the worst of the lot. "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son" is as flat as the lead characters are round, utterly ridiculous and unfunny. It's not so much terrible as it is silly and bland.

Martin Lawrence is FBI agent Malcolm Turner, who is overjoyed that his stepson Trent has gotten into college. He calls Trent (Brandon T. Jackson, "Tropic Thunder") right away, but Trent says he is at the library. Actually, the younger man is performing hip-hop music to an enthusiastic crowd. Trent figures he can forget about furthering his education.

Malcolm has misgivings about Trent's plans, but he has to focus on the subject at hand: He's about to send an informant in to gather information from a Russian mobster. The plan goes awry and Trent ends up being a witness to the informant's slaying.

Malcolm and Trent flee, with the mobster and his gang hot on their trail. At first they seem to have no place to hide, but then Malcolm figures they both can dress up as women.

Malcolm, as Big Momma, takes a job as a house mother at an all-girls school while Trent pretends to be his great-niece Charmaine. Additionally, they try to track down clues to an item that is important to nabbing the criminals.

The other girls look down their noses at Charmaine until she raps out a song, assisted by fellow student Haley (Jessica Lucas). Of course Trent develops a crush on her, but since he must stay undercover, he can't reveal his feelings or his identity. Meanwhile, a school security guard (Faizon Love) professes his love for larger ladies to Big Momma.

Lawrence, of course, is in character once again, posing as a semi-nude model, dispensing wisdom to unhappy girls, dancing and playing Twister with the smitten security guard. But this isn't funny.

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There are a couple of musical numbers that are rather lively, but apart from that, this is only for die-hard Lawrence fans. This series has worn itself out. Lawrence can and has done better than this show, which, incidentally, does not contain potty humor, so I had to give it credit for that. And there's a message in there somewhere about the importance of education.

Big Momma's next adventure, should there be one, should head straight to DVD.