Roxie Carmichael (named after the main character in the movie "Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael") is a real house rabbit who has allowed Linda Cook to share her home for the past six years.

Roxie is an example that Easter and bunnies don't necessarily mix. She is a discarded "Easter bunny" who was among a group of eight healthy rabbits on death row in a California shelter. A group of rabbit rescuers put out an Internet plea to find homes for the rabbits, all of which traveled by car or, in Roxie's case, by plane to reach various destinations throughout the United States.

Roxie was five days from being euthanized when she arrived to join her family, which includes five other rescued rabbits.

Rabbits require nail-trimming, chewing materials, a healthy diet and socialization. They are a 10-year commitment, which many people do not realize. "Easter bunnies" often end up forsaken, abandoned or "turned loose" to a certain death.

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Please visit the House Rabbit Society at to learn more about house rabbits and their care.


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