E.B., the teenage son of the Easter Bunny, voiced by Russell Brand, is shown in a scene from "Hop." Universal Pictures

Parts of this movie made me hopping-mad.

But, hey, I'm a bunny and I hop a lot. It annoyed my two-legs, too, though, and she never hops.

First, "Hop" really is a partly live-action, partly animated Santa Claus movie. It has everything a Santa movie has, including a colorful factory, but with chickens instead of elves.

The Easter Bunny delivers candy and eggs from a sleigh pulled by dozens of chicks. (Lettuce consider: This is the framework of lots of North Pole-based movies.)

In a flashback, this little boy sees the Easter Bunny and never forgets the experience. He's now grown-up slacker named Fred O'Hare (get it?), played by James Marsden.

The Easter Bunny (voice of Hugh Laurie) is getting ready to pass the mantle, or egg scepter, to his son E.B. (voice of Russell Brand). E.B. doesn't really want to be the next Easter Bunny. He'd rather play drums in a rock band.

So, E.B. takes off and ends up in Hollywood, where he decides to seek his fortune as a musician. He first goes to the Playboy Mansion, where he has heard about all those sexy bunnies. (Will kindergartners going to the film yuk this up?) But Hugh Hefner tells him to go away.

E.B. next encounters a car driven by Fred (James Marsden), who tells the seemingly unconscious bunny he will put him out of his misery by killing him with a huge stone. (This really scared me and horrified my two-legs, who doesn't think this is the kind of scene a little kid needs to see, even if it turns out happily.) Of course, E.B. jumps up, begins to chatter and scares Fred.

Naturally, they end up together, with E.B. making a mess of Fred's life.

Much is made of the fact that we bunnies cannot throw up. This is true, but neither my two-legs nor I thought it was relevant to the movie. It is not true that bunnies poop jellybeans. ("Trust me," my two-legs says.)

Only grandparents or parents will care that David Hasselhoff is in here. No little kid will care about Chelsea Handler being in the movie, either.

Oh, I almost forgot. The show has all kinds of music in it, much of which will be recognizable by the grownups. My two-legs particularly enjoyed a surprising appearance by The Blind Boys of Alabama.

The rest of it is kind of, well, fluff that's far from 24-carrot entertainment.