You might get swept away by "Jumping the Broom," a classy dramedy about two families clashing before a wedding.

The beginning of the movie is a little silly, with Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton, "Precious") vowing never again to become physically involved with a man about whom she is not serious. She literally runs into Jason Taylor (Laz Alonso, "Avatar"), and soon the two begin dating.

After the setup, the movie's plot becomes more solid. Sabrina, who comes from a background of wealth and culture, introduces Jason to nights at the opera. When Sabrina accepts a job offer that will mean relocation to China, Jason gets down on his knees and proposes, even though the two have been seeing each other only a few months.

Sabrina's mother and father (Angela Bassett and Brian Stokes Mitchell) live in an estate on Martha's Vineyard, where the wedding will be held and where guests will stay. Sabrina's parents are afraid that their daughter's mother-in-law will be tough to deal with - and they're right.

Jason's mother Pam (Loretta Devine) already has a bad attitude long before the wedding. She doesn't think she's going to like this stuck-up girl from a rich family, and she sets out to loathe everyone she meets at the Watson home. Meanwhile, Sabrina's parents find Pam and her best friend (Tasha Smith) to be too coarse for their taste. Not only does this put Sabrina's mother in a foul mood, but also she suspects something is going on with her husband.

Of course, there's a lot of flirting going on in and around the big house because of the presence of bridesmaids and bridegrooms. As the couple's families begin to squabble, they do, too. This suits Pam just fine, because she thinks her son is marrying Sabrina for all the wrong reasons. She has no use for this girl who says she doesn't want to "jump the broom" with Pam's son, even though Pam longs for her to carry through with this African-American tradition.

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Fans of Tyler Perry's films will see a lot of recognizable, talented performers here. All the actors are capable, particularly Devine, who can draw sympathy even as an unlikeable character, as she does here. Smith lends some well-timed humor to her character, who is pursued by a much younger man who is a college student.

The soundtrack is great, and includes a performance by the Tony-nominated stage performer Valarie Pettiford as Sabrina's Aunt Geneva.

This is a wedding you'll want to attend.