Devin Alexander, of the Iowa-based drums and bass duo the Post Mortems, talks about the challenges of writing for a band comprised of two instruments not normally featured for an entire song. You can check out the podcast" target="_blank">here.

He also talks about the creative process behind "Never, Never," a song written from the perspective of Wendy in "Peter Pan." In the song, she blames Peter for all the bad things that happened in Neverland. Alexander also explains how the song "Bloodwine" was the one that made him and bandmate Al Raymond realize they could in fact have a band with just bass and drum players.

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Both songs also are featured on the podcast and will be on the Post Mortems' debut album. If you like what you hear, they perform Friday, April 23, at RIBCO, 1815 2nd Ave., Rock Island. They are opening for a nationally known bass and drums band, El Ten Eleven. The Quad-City band Maylane is also on the bill. The music starts at 9 p.m. and cover is $5.