A new micro-brewery is set to join the Quad-City beer scene in the upcoming months. 

Wake Brewing, which promises to offer "an eclectic taste" of brews, is on track to open near the end of the July at 2529 5th Ave., Rock Island, according to owner Jason Parris. 

He's teaming up with his brother Justen Parris, who will serve as the main brewer. 

"There's a uniqueness to what we're going to do that starts with ingredients you won't find commercial beers," Jason Parris, a 42-year-old Davenport resident, said. "It's going to be something different for our area."

Parris, the booking manager at Rock Island Brewing Company, or RIBCO, says his love of craft beer began about 10 years ago, when he got into homebrewing after a stint as a touring musician.

"I would travel and taste beers on either coast. You could really taste different areas of the country," he said. "I figured out that I can make beer, too."

His batches of beer were "terrible at first," he said. 

"You just keep honing your skills and then the beer starts to taste like beer," Parris said. 

The resulting recipes will soon be on tap at Wake Brewing, which Parris hopes will add to the mix of Q-C breweries. In the meantime, you can try samples of Wake brews at some events at the Figge Art Museum. 

"When people say we already have a lot of breweries, I say Portland, Oregon, has 138 breweries and 10 percent of that is about 14 breweries and we're not there yet," Parris said. "If we can't be 10 percent as cool as Portland, we have a ways to go."