Heather Schulz brings her family of six to Sports Fans Pizza a couple of times a month.

Her children are ages 13, 10, 7, and 3 and their usual order alternates between pizza and the special of the day with kids meals for the younger two. Schulz said even when she and her husband have a beer, they can usually feed all six of them for about $40.

“We love it,” Schulz said. “There’s games for the kids and the food is good. It’s just a fun atmosphere.”

It’s families like the Schulzes that the family-owned Sports Fans caters to, said Matt Trumbo, manager and son of owners Debbie and Steve Trumbo.

“Obviously, it’s a sports bar and grill so we’re going to get males; we want that 25 to 45 range,” Trumbo said. “But especially with the nonsmoking, and it was this way before, but we really cater to families. And that’s what we want in here.”

In addition to keeping most menu prices for individual items under $7, and pizzas, which would feed a family of four, between $14.70 and $19.95, Sports Fans also offers dinner specials throughout the week.

On Monday a Hollywood (cheeseburger) and fries or a one-topping personal pizza is $4.50. On Tuesday a tenderloin and fries is $4.75. On Wednesday, four homestyle chicken strips and fries are $5.20, and on Thursday a rib sandwich, fries and cole slaw or three tacos is $4.50.

Sports Fans also offers a free pitcher of pop or domestic beer with any large pizza order on Tuesday evening.

“That works out really well, so if you divide that by four, obviously a wife and a husband and two kids, a pitcher of pop, that’s going to save you money,” Trumbo said. “It’s a good special. People take advantage of it and they really should.”

Mary and Jim Soseman have been coming to Sports Fans once a weekend for more than a decade. They normally order a pizza but used to take advantage of the daily specials when their kids were smaller.

But even after coming to the restaurant for so long, Jim Soseman still has yet to try everything on the menu.

“There’s so much on there, it’s hard to try everything,” Soseman said.

In addition to reasonable prices, Soseman also appreciates Sports Fans for the more than 40 televisions constantly showing sporting events so he can keep an eye on the game.

“You can bring a family in there, yet it still has the bar look and has all the sports TVs,” Soseman said. “(And) it’s very affordable. Compared to a lot of other places, this is a bargain.”

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$10 or less

What: Sports Fans Pizza

Hours: 11 a.m. to midnight Monday through Saturday; 11 a.m. to midnight Sunday

Where: 1723 Grant St., Bettendorf

Specialties: Pizza

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