Joshua Kahn and Nikki Gillette host "Show Us Your Pokeballs: A Nerdy Comedy Show," Saturday night at The Speakeasy, Rock Island.


A herd of nerdy comics will let their geek flag fly Saturday night at The Speakeasy in Rock Island.

The first "Show Us Your Pokeballs: A Nerdy Comedy Show" will feature five comics, each with an affinity for sci-fi, comic books and fantasy.

"The whole idea is to kind of celebrate geek culture and this kind of strange sense of humor that comes along with it," said Nikki Gillette, who hosts the night with Joshua Kahn. "We can tell nerdy jokes (in other shows) and some people won't always get it.

"But this is a place where comedians are telling jokes pretty much just geared toward different geek-culture things and it's more relatable to that audience," she added.

Although this is the first "Pokeballs" performance in the Quad-Cities, the comedians have performed standup at anime conventions in Milwaukee and Rosemont, Ill.

"It ended up being really well received at both of the anime conventions that we did it at," Gillette said. "We decided to bring it to the Quad-Cities and do a larger, more elaborate production and hopefully make it more of a running thing."

Performances include a comic reading the fan fiction pieces that he's written, another using "Pokemon" pickup lines and others who frequently reference "Doctor Who" and "Game of Thrones."

"I tell the comics that they don't have to be entirely nerdy through their whole set. It doesn't have to be just geek stuff," Gillette said. "But it turns out to be about 60/40."

Comedians performing are Marc Von Athen, Des Moines; Martin Lathrop, Cedar Rapids; and Ben Graham, Ian Heaton and Dustin Lee, all from the Quad-Cities.

Gillette said the concept could take off both at home and on the road.

"We want to see it grow and evolve into something bigger where we travel a lot more and go to a lot more (anime and comic) convention shows," she said. "I think this has the potential to grow if we really work toward it."