Geek alert! Star Wars fans all across the globe are planning parties and flash mobs for the Fourth of May. Why? It’s Star Wars Day, the unofficial holiday celebrating Luke Skywalker and his buddies in a galaxy far, far away.

According to online Danish Radio, it began with Margaret Thatcher’s election in 1979, two years after the first “Star Wars” movie came out. Her political party placed an ad in the London Evening News that read: “May the fourth be with you, Maggie. Congratulations.” Two years ago, reported that in a 2005 interview, a German TV newscast mistakenly translated George Lucas when he said, “May the Force be with you,” as “Am 4. Mai sind wir bei Ihnen,” which, in English, is “We are with you on May 4.” This has stuck in Star Wars fan circles as “May the Fourth be with you.” A terrible pun to be sure, but a fun pun at that.

If you do an Internet search, you will find that 2012 Star Wars Day celebrations are planned in: Leeds and Loughborough, England, Toronto, Canada, the University of Texas-Arlington and Seattle.

A poll at asks, “What do you plan to do to celebrate the occasion?” The choices are:

-- Movie marathon, baby!

-- Build the Millennium Falcon out of Legos.

-- Wear my (insert your favorite) costume to work.

-- Channel the Force for good.

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-- Today is what? Ah, nothing.

Any way you celebrate it, make sure you brush up on your Shyriiwook beforehand. Now, “Into the garbage chute, flyboy!”

— From Joe Kelley, newsroom graphic artist