The Showcase Cinemas 53 theaters on 53rd St. and I-74. (FILE PHOTO)

The Davenport movie multiplex known as Showcase Cinemas 53 since it opened in 1998 will become Rave Motion Pictures as of Friday.

The Dallas-based Rave chain purchased Showcase Cinemas, as well as 28 other theaters operated by National Amusements, in December. The Rave name will be carried from the ushers' jackets to soda cups, and the marquee along 53rd Street will be changed within the next four to six weeks, said Jeremy Devine, vice president of marketing for Rave.

The changes are the most noticeable yet in a 200-day process that began with the purchase in December. There may be some changes to the building itself that will be noticeable to movie-goers, Devine said.

Behind the scenes, changes will be made to allow more digital and 3-D transmissions and to move away from 35mm projectors.

"It's simply a better presentation format at this point," Devine said. "It's never grainy, never wears out. It's a better picture. It continues to open us up to multiple special event presentations."

Those presentations include this weekend with what Devine said typifies the variety offered in special event programming: The Metropolitan Opera's production of "Hamlet," a concert by the hip-hop act the Black-Eyed Peas and Ultimate Fighting bouts.

"This is not yesterday's multiplex anymore. This is really a multiplex of the future," he said.

More screens would allow more event programming, such as the NCAA men's basketball tournament, which Rave is showing in other markets, he said.

"We want to as quickly as possible increase the digital footprint so we can do that."

Other changes include a switch from Pepsi to Coca Cola products at the concession stands and changes in the combo offerings at the stands, he said.

Showcase gift cards, Prestige tickets and most coupons will be good until Dec. 17, he said, with a limited number of passes good only until the end of the month. Directors Club tickets, the Rave version of the Prestige bulk tickets, as well as Rave-brand gift cards, will be available beginning next week, he added.

The name change concludes decades of National Amusements' name on theaters in the Quad-Cities, including the Showcase Cinemas in Milan, which was open from 1968 to 2002, and the former Super Cinemas on North Brady Street in Davenport, which was open from 1990 to 2000.