Full of coarse excuses for humor and cruelty, “Grown Ups 2” literally spews bile at its audience.

The movie opens with a deer urinating on two people. Believe it or not, the script goes downhill from there. In fact, it’s not much of a script at all. It’s a mish-mosh of body-function situations, opportunities to leer at women and what appears to be an excuse for Adam Sandler to hire his former colleagues from “Saturday Night Live.” (A few more current stars from the television show appear as well.)

The movie opens with Lenny (Sandler) and the offending deer, which wreaks havoc in his home before he manages to extricate the antlered menace. Lenny otherwise lives happily with his wife Roxanne (Salma Hayek) and three children.

He is best buddies with Eric (Kevin James), Marcus (David Spade) and Kurt (Chris Rock), whose various children and significant others create bizarre and unfunny plot threads (Marcus, for example, discovers he’s the father of a huge, threatening teenage boy who talks like a caveman). Then there’s Sandler’s perennial hanger-on friend Nick Swardson, who plays a messed-up school bus driver who has conversations with himself.

The gang decides to have an ’80s theme party at Sandler’s house. Meanwhile, the four guys head to a local quarry that’s been taken over by a bunch of fraternity guys led by Andy (Taylor Lautner). Eric has always been afraid to dive into the water at the quarry and wants to prove his manhood. But the college guys see the presence of the older men as a trespass.

Meanwhile, several women (including Sandler’s real-life wife) attend an exercise class where women practically throw themselves at their handsome instructor.

All of this is delivered in the most vulgar way possible, with an abundance of excrement jokes, homophobic situations and, yes, projectile vomiting. This is nothing more than a string of skits thrown together to create excuses for demonstrating Sandler’s angry approach to women, younger men and even his own friends. (Notice the thankless role he hands to Swardson, who is humiliated and reviled at every turn.) Most of all, Sandler appears to loathe his audience, to whom he delivers ever-increasing amounts of vulgarity that replace anything comedic.

This is not to mention the sloppy editing, continuous product placement and Sandler’s increasing focus on body functions. Is he afraid of growing up, of death itself? Or does he simply not care enough to provide anything but swill to his viewers?

You really don’t need to spend your hard-earned money to contemplate this unfortunate sequel.

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Hey, look! A movie reviewer who doesn't know the meaning of literally! That's probably the funniest thing connected to this movie.

Arc Angel

Kevin James funny on TV , not so funny on the big screen.


Ya' gotta' go back a ways to find a really good Sandler movie.

Arc Angel

I thought the 1st one sucked.

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