Singer-songwriter Jason Reeves has long waited for this week, when the public gets "Lovesick."

"The Lovesick" is the Iowa City native's first full-length album in four years and the second on the Warner Bros. label.

In a phone interview from his Nashville home, the 27-year-old said some aspects of the album are the same as his previous work, "The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache (and Other Frightening Tales ...)."

"It's a continuation in the idea that it's my real life, transposed as directly as I could into songs," he said. "But sonically and production-wise, it's definitely a new direction. I stepped out of what I was known for, what I was most comfortable doing. I'm really excited with how it came out."

Two singles from the album, "Sticks and Stones" and "Helium Hearts," had already been released, while a duet with his longtime collaborator, singer Colbie Caillat, was released Monday as a video on AOL. It's called "No Lies."

Reeves has written or co-written 20 of the songs on Caillat's first two albums.

He and Caillat met shortly after he moved to California about six years ago, when they were paired by a producer to write together at her house.

"It was the first time either of us had co-written, so it was totally new to us. It worked so well and we had such a connection that I ended up moving in there and staying for a year," he recalled. "All we'd do is write music and hang out every day. It turned into her first album and one of my first.

"And it's been a crazy ride since then," he added.

Reeves said he and Caillat found kindred spirits.

"It's just recognizing somebody's soul, I guess, and being completely in tune with someone," he said. "We have the same kind of outlook, the same desire in terms of making music. Somehow our voices just worked kind of magically together and it worked from there."

Reeves - who performs next week at Augustana College in Rock Island - has another big-name collaborator in Kara DioGuardi, an acclaimed songwriter, vice president of talent development at Warner Bros. and a judge for two seasons on "American Idol."

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Reeves' manager set up time for them together. She had listened to an earlier album while driving back from a home in Maine and immediately wanted to sign him to the label.

"It came out of the blue to me at the time," he said. "I believed in her so much I signed with her and we wrote a good chunk of songs together."

Reeves, who dropped out of the University of Iowa after only days in class, said he has no expectations for how "The Lovesick" may do commercially.

"The only expectations I've ever had are to make music and capture emotions as beautifully as I can.

"I'm just so excited this album is out now that I don't care how many copies it sells or anything," he added.

"I'm just concerned with people hearing the music."