Einstein's Sister

Members of the band Einstein's Sister, from left, Steven Volk, Bill Douglas, and Kerry Tucker, reherse for RIBCO's 30th Anniversary show, Friday, July 17, 2009. It will be the band's first performance after a five year hiatus. (Photo by Crista Chapman/QUAD-CITY TIMES)

Crista Chapman

Rob Cimmarusti has brought vitality and life to countless area musicians’ recordings. Now, area musicians are helping to bring energy and health back to the longtime Quad-City producer and engineer.

A benefit concert to help with the costs of Cimmarusti’s medical bills from his battle with some health issues will begin at 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 11, at the Rock Island Brewing Company.

The lineup offers an array current and former rock acts — The Dawn, Three Years Hollow, and reunions of Einstein’s Sister and Tripmaster Monkey — all of whom have collaborated with Cimmarusti and all of whom consider him a terrific friend and influential talent.

“It’s a pretty amazing event,” said Matthew Clemens, an author and longtime friend of Cimmarusti’s. “The band lineup is like a who’s who of the last two decades, and what’s most amazing is that (Cimmarusti) worked with all of them over all that time. He’s had a pretty impressive career.”

“It’s going to be an incredible show,” said Kerry Tucker, guitarist and vocalist for Einstein’s Sister and a co-organizer of the event along with Sean Ryan of The Dawn.

“Three Years Hollow is a huge draw on the local music scene,” Tucker added. “The Dawn are, too, and this is going to be their last show for a while because their drummer is going into the military.”

Tucker said it would be the first Einstein’s Sister show in eight years at which the band plays its original material.

“And I think this is the first Tripmaster Monkey show with all four of the original lineup since at least the ’90s,” he said. “So it’s a pretty big deal, and I think it’s going to be a great show and a real tribute to Rob.”

Cimmarusti has served as a producer and engineer for each of the bands, as well as several others on the local scene, helping to capture, create and fine-tune the sounds that have captivated their fans.

He’s also worked as a sound engineer for a plethora of regional events, concerts and church gatherings.

“He’s helped so many people, and we all wanted to do something to help him,” Ryan said. “He’s just a really friendly, helpful guy. He’s not just a guy you go into the studio with and record and pay your bill. You remain friends with him.”

Ryan said The Dawn has recorded four albums with him, and all of the bands on the bill have recorded multiple albums under his guidance.

“He’s been a Quad-Cities musician’s best friend over the last 20-something years, and he’s a terrific guy,” Tucker said. “He’s incredibly dedicated, takes great pride in what he does and he’s the most generous and fun engineer I’ve ever worked with.”

Tucker also called Cimmarusti a “very funny and warm-hearted guy.”

“The best thing I can say about him is that you always had a great time working with him and that always showed up in your work,” Tucker added. “You can hear that sense of creativity and fun in his recording, and that’s a tribute to him.”