INDEPENDENCE – Former reality star Chris Soules is the person who called 911 shortly after the Monday night crash that killed an Aurora farmer, according to authorities.

Soules, 35, of rural Arlington, is charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident in the crash that killed 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher about a mile north of Mosher’s home. Soules, who starred in “The Bachelor” and “Dancing with the Stars,” has been released on bond pending trial.

On radio traffic connected with the crash, deputies can be heard telling dispatchers that one of the drivers took off and they believe his name is Chris Soules. The dispatcher responds that Soules was the “RP,” which stands for “reporting party,” the person who placed the call.

Buchanan County sheriff’s deputies confirmed that Soules had called 911, and his voice can be heard talking with 911 dispatchers who offered to walk him through CPR on the call released Wednesday by the office.

The crash happened around 8:20 p.m. Monday in the 1000 block of Slate Avenue just north of Aurora. State troopers said Soules was driving a pickup truck southbound when he crashed into the back of Mosher’s tractor. The tractor went into a ditch, and Soules allegedly fled before law enforcement arrived and didn’t return to the scene. He was detained later at his home.

In the six-minute 911 recording, Soules can be heard talking with others as he tells dispatchers where the accident occurred.

“I rear ended a guy on a tractor,” Soules said.

“Are you talking to him? Is he conscious?” the dispatcher asked.

“He is not conscious,” Soules answered. He gave his name when the dispatcher asked.

“Is he breathing, Chris,” the emergency operated asked.

“I can’t tell. He doesn’t appear to be,” Soules responded.

As the call continued, Soules said the tractor isn’t on top of Mosher.

“Chris, do you know how to do CPR?” the dispatched asked.

“No, I don’t,” he said. He then apparently turned to others at the scene and asked “anybody know how to do CPR?”

“I can talk you through it if you are near the patient,” the dispatcher continues.

Soules can then be heard counting to himself and tells the dispatcher blood is coming from Mosher’s mouth.

“I can feel a pulse. Yeah, he’s got a pulse,” Soules said. “You guys are on the way?”

“Yeah, I’m going to stay on the line with you. We have law enforcement, medical en route to you. I want to know of those vehicles up on the road have their flashers on,” the dispatcher asked.

Soules responds that they do and then asks “Can I call you back really quick?”

The dispatcher said he can, and then the call ends.

A separate recording of radio traffic between dispatchers and authorities shows how emergency crews responded to the crash.

“The tractor is in the ditch. The driver of the tractor is unconscious in the ditch,” dispatchers told Aurora Rescue. “It doesn’t appear the driver of the tractor is breathing at this time,” dispatchers can be heard saying about a minute later.

About two minutes later, dispatchers tell authorities that someone on the scene is doing CPR.

Some 13 minutes after the crash was paged out, authorities at the scene radio that one of the drivers has left.

“One of the subjects that was involved just took off northbound in a red Duramax truck. Do you have any available unit, Fayette County, see if they can get him stopped,” one of the officials at the scene radioed to dispatchers.

After emergency operators put out the information, the official as the scene gets back on the radio.“I believe the name on the subject is going to be Chris Soules. That’s going to be the subject that took off.”

“That was my RP,” the dispatcher answers.