'A Tribute to Sesame Street for Linnea & Lydia'

ARTIST: Peter Smith

SPONSOR: J.K. Billman Jr., M.D.

LOCATION: Metro Lab, Locust Street, Davenport

FROM THE ARTIST: "Yo-Yo Ma appeared on 'Sesame Street' in the 1980s. As the world’s most celebrated cellist, Ma has taken classical music to children of the world who may not have had the opportunity to experience such art. In honor of Yo-Yo Ma’s visit to the Quad Cities, I pay tribute to his art through a celebration of the best of my 'Sesame Street' characters."

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Peter Smith, who has autism, is employed at Fidlar Technologies as a media conversion expert. He is a participant in Hand In Hand Inspiration Art Studio programs and is an art student of Pat Bereskin.


ARTIST: Terry Rathje

LOCATION: Quad-City International Airport, Moline

SPONSOR: Tephly/Rybarczyk Family

FROM THE ARTIST: "My cello is a tribute to the honeybee, its strange and wonderful habits, its connection to sacred geometry, and its value in keeping we humans (and our crops) alive and healthy.

"The front has a mandala of honeybees and large bee with an eye that is watching our silly behavior, just as we are watching the industrious and selfless behavior of the bees.

"The back is a diagram based on the so-called 'flower of life' which is derived from Pi and which is the basis for the hexagon, the basic unit of bee efficiency in honey storage.

"Above that is a sunflower, whose seeds are arranged in another instance of sacred geometry- an example of nature using a Fibonacci sequence.

"The sides are adorned with poetry from Emily Dickinson, Kahlil Gibran, an anonymous Indian poet, and myself. At the 'waist' sections, between the poems, are diagrams of the bee dances (the 'round dance' and the 'waggle dance'), the methods by which scout bees communicate the location of flowers and blossoms ripe for pollination to the rest of the hive. Bees are amazing models of interesting behavior and selfless cooperation, so it is only natural that poets should use them as a metaphor from time to time- as well as artists like myself."

"100 Years, 100 Cellos" is a project by Volunteers For Symphony in celebration of the centennial season of the Quad-City Symphony Orchestra. More information is at QCSO.org.