Real estate deeds are through Jan. 31, 2004.



Bennett, Pauline E., to K. Michael Enstrom, 2837 21 1/2 Ave., Rock Island, $122,000.

Black, Terrell S. and Cynthia L., to John C. and Diana L. Hoffman, 2915 24th Ave. A, Moline, $125,500.

Bozik, Daniel S. and Linda R., to David J. and Candace E. Weiss, 3624 38th St., Rock Island, $161,000.

Cline, Sandra L. and Thomas M., to Dawn M. Carver, 3135 45th St., Moline, $113,000.

Farmer, Juanita, to Helen Colbert, 18214 Route 84 N., East Moline, $147,000.

Felsman, Kenneth H. Sr. and Linda S., to Adam and Melinda Almanza, 2827 10th St., East Moline, $125,000.

Fink, Thomas J. and Sharon L., to Jacob G. and Vicki A. Elgersma, 22800 178th Ave. N., Cordova, $168,000.

Forest Park Partners LLC, to Andrew Sallee, 2533 31st Ave., Rock Island, $1,250,000.

Gueck, Betty, trustee, to D. Brett and Elizabeth Craddock, 1338 26th Ave., Rock Island, $145,000.

Holland, Joyce A., trust, to James and Pamela Knox, 2903 2nd St., Moline, $187,000.

Hollars, Hearl D. and Rosemary, to Fred and Marilyn Eberhardt, 4503 11th Ave. C., Moline, $160,000.

Rock Island County Sheriff, to First Financial Group LLC, 12127 93 Ave. Ct., Coal Valley, $142,801.

Rursch, Marvin L., to Country Bank, 13917 134th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, $100,000.

S. T. Fry Co. LLC, to Joyce A. Holland, trustee, 7118 36th Ave. Ct., Moline, $289,900.

Stechalin, Thomas E. and Patricia B., to Anthony A. Luke, 7405 123rd St. Ct., Coal Valley, $140,000.

Thomas, Judith A., successor trustee of the Alma Coussens trust, to Donna J. Wainwright, as trustee of the Donna J. Wainwright revocable trust, 2506 80th Ave. N., Port Byron, $195,000.

VandeVoorde, Jerald D. and Jacquelyn J., to Michael C. and Mary A. Chaney, 1334 2nd St. S., Cordova, $230,000.

Whitmer, Harold and Kathelyn, to Jon and Diana Himes, 3410 14th St. A., Moline, $163,000.

Woodson E. Ely, trustee, to Douglas M. Thompson, 8018 49th St. Ct., Coal Valley, $143,500.

Adams, Jack C. and Patricia J., to Matthew R. and Danielle M. Hughes, 704 N. High St., Port Byron, $100,000.

Agemark Corp., to The Fort Armstrong Realty LLC, 1900 3rd Ave., Rock Island, $2,500,000.

Allmandinger, Robert E., to Kevin and Deana Green, 608 5th Ave. Place W., Andalusia, $122,900.

Allred, Jason M., to Pablo and Estela Aguilar, 735-737 18th Ave., Moline, $108,000.

Armstrong, Patricia A. and David P., to Timothy H. Forrest, 520 14th St., Silvis, $118,450.

Bateman, Lee C. and Mary L., to Sean C. and Dora L. Bateman, 4509 39th Ave., Rock Island, $198,000.

Baum, Jonathan K. and Bonnie J., to Douglas W. and Jana L. Sand, 403 Berry Ct., Port Byron, $221,900.

Beaver Builders, to Ajay Patwari, 510 E. 15th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley, $203,335.

Beaver Builders, to Prashant and Pallavi Kadwe, 1506 E. 5th St., Coal Valley, $202,800.

Knox, James and Pamela L., to Randy and Elida Hurt, 8508 W. 18th St., Rock Island, $169,900.

Larford Co., to NITA Eagle-Frink and James A. Maynard, 1306 Mill St., Rock Island, $265,000.

Lear, Christopher F. and Lyn E., to Douglas J. and Linda C. Downing, 3800 32nd St., Rock Island, $126,000.

Mess, Alice M., living trust, to Beth A. Darnall, 1809 36th St., Moline, $106,500.

Miller, Dennis L. and Barbara J., to Troy Shelton, 1406-1408 11th St., Silvis, $109,500.

Solar Acres Inc., to Juanita M. Farmer, 2038 Villa Pines Circle, Carbon Cliff, $154,000.

The Villas at Beacon Harbor LLC, to Tom Kindred, 17625 N. Rt. 84, East Moline, $175,000.

Watts, Bernadine K., to Lisa A. and Todd M. Welvaert, 217 31st Ave., Moline, $118,500.

White, LaVern and Sandra, to Troy Pfannenstiel and Laura Walsh, 13110 117th St., Orion, $167,000.

Woods Construction and Service Inc., to Brian C. and Jennifer M. Casey, 902 25th Ave. Ct., Silvis, $195,000.

Behrensmeyer, Denise R., to Patrick and Diana Owen-Emerson, 2420 21st Ave., Rock Island, $136,000.

Bjustrom, Ronald D. and Angela J., to Randy L. and Laura L. Brown, 16600 Hwy. 67, Milan, $200,000.

Brooks, Edward F. and Debra A., to Gerald Wilson and Aldona Ronowski, 306 Oney Ave., Hillsdale, $105,000.

Clure, Ricky L. and Christine M., to Jacob Carter, 1409 29th Ave., Moline, $126,000.

Crimmins, Timothy and Kristen A., to Kenneth W. and Mi Ok Rhoads, 2432 Woodlawn Ave., East Moline, $182,000.

Deer Ridge Villas LLC, to Judith E. Wolf, 1010 31st Ave., Silvis, $167,500.

DeKoster, Gilbert, to Michael B. and Cheryl A. McLaughlin, 845 1st Ave., Hampton, $146,000.

Dell, David P. and Melissa L., to John and Helene Leaf, 2705 15th Ave., Moline, $120,000.

Downey, Emmett and Verna, to Mark and Donna Blick, 309 10th Ave. S., Cordova, $151,000.

Doyle, Garry O. and Gayle E., to Steven J. Determan and Kristy A. Erickson, 510 E. 22nd Ave. A., Coal Valley, $108,000.

Eddleman, John W. and Willa A., to Christopher M. and Alexis K. Andrews, 611 9th Ave., Silvis, $110,000.

Elgersma, Jacob G. and Vickie A., to William P. and Tina M. Ranew, 1010 3rd Ave. N., Cordova, $122,700.

Enright, Stephen J. and Donna J., to Dustin T. Enright, 2521 7 1/2 St., East Moline, $109,900.

First Midwest Bank, co-executor, to Barbara A. Johnson, 4822 6th Ave. Dr., Moline, $150,000.

Fiscella, Ronald B. and Diane E., to Troiko Holdings LLC, 4370-76 7th St., Moline, $280,000.

Flick, James A. and Susan M., to Sanjana Puri, 3400 77th St. Ct., Moline, $347,500.

Foster Real Estate LLC, to Jerry Y. and Rebecca S. Wolking, 3218 36 1/2 Ave., Rock Island, $128,000.

Ganahl, Paul D. and Sheilyn S., to Richard and Jonni B. Munson, 22025 52nd Ave. N., Port Byron, $145,000.

Gary Hodge Inc., to Keith E. Steenlage, 1279 33rd Ave. Circle, Silvis, $138,357.

Guzzo, Andrew J. and Dawn R., to Christopher and Deborah Lyle, 8820 33rd St. W., Rock Island, $177,900.

Hillbloom, James S. and Betty J., to Brian and Amber Soucinek, 1825 27th Ave. Place, Moline, $344,027.58

Hoefle, Frederick R. and Carol H., to Ronald E. and Jennifer A. Knuth, 2915 35th Ave., Rock Island, $260,000.

Hunt, Gail Y., to George C. Lambrecht, 923 23rd Ave. Unit 2, East Moline, $164,000.

Hurt, Randall and Elida, to Jason Putnam, 3308 W. 6th St. Ct., Milan, $115,500.

Hysell, Ronald D. and Sherry K., to Michael T. Tuttle, 2304 Dennhardt Rd., East Moline, $202,000.

Ipsen, David P. and Jackie, to Mitchel F. and Linda A. Anderson, 411 6th St. W., Andalusia, $111,500.

IsoTech of Illinois Inc., to 3407 Properties Partnership, 3407 78th Ave. W., Rock Island, $285,000.

Johnson, Bert C. and Elizabeth J. Johnson, to Johann Koeppel, 3100 26th Ave., Rock Island, $105,000.

Kehoe, Daniel R., to Thomas J. Yeggy, 22 Thornwood Ct., Moline, $170,000.

Lambrecht, George C. and Rachael M., to Mark D. and Lora L. Deitrick, 18203 50th Ave. N., East Moline, $195,000.

Lipes, Percy D. and Ruth J., to Ethel B. Welch, executor of the estate of Virgil D. Hampton, 2413 34th St., Moline, $123,000.

Lukens, Donald L. and Leone M., to Edward Meyer and Cathy Slattery, 11701 135th St. Ct. W., Taylor Ridge, $150,000.

Lyle, Christopher and Deborah, to William Bowers, 4121 29th Ave., Rock Island, $147,000.

Maple Ridge Associates, to Maple Ridge Ltd. Partnership, 37500 5th St., Rock Island, $2,557,625.

Margaret M. Baltis, executor of the estate of Barbara A. Baltis Oakleaf, to Richard N. and Patricia A. Genung, Section 32 Township 20N Range 2 farm land, Cordova, $230,044.

Massa, Duane, to Brant and Joyce Massa, 1919 30th St., Moline, $107,000.

McConaghy, Daniel R. and Victoria C., to Christopher and Sheri Curran, 910 36th St., Moline, $255,000.

McGehee, James A., to Dzevat and Mzeat Beciri, 1913 13th St., Silvis, $142,900.

McGehee, James A., to Kevin R. and Dolores M. Rohm, 905 25th Ave. Ct., Silvis, $194,000.

Menke, Zachary D., to Troy W. Gumz, 3231 14th St., Rock Island, $102,000.

Meyer, Mona M. and Donna L. Dettman, to David E. and Cynthia S. Stewardson, 9600 14th St. W., Taylor Ridge, $169,000.

Mildred B. Churchill Trust, to Douglas A. and Lynn E. Grandon, 1902 18th St. B., Moline, $215,391.

Nelson, Audrey S., to Darren and Barbara Courville, 1105 Deer Run Rd., Port Byron, $205,000.

Nonneman, Michael, to 16th St. Ali Corp., 1582-1584 37th Ave., Moline, $175,000.

Old Semri Partners LLC, to John Pershy, 1010 17th Ave., Silvis, Ill., $135,000.

Paulsen, H. Werner, and Judith L., to H. Dennis and Susan J. Rolfe, 1837 46th St., Moline, $190,000.

Plank, Robert V. and Betty A., to Scott W. and Karen A. DeSmet, 3550 30th Ave., Rock Island, $110,000.

Quad-Cities USA golf Course Corp., to Lloyd E. and Yvonne J. Sanders, 16530 Hubbard Rd., Unit B., Building 1, East Moline, $163,000.

Resetich, Mark A. and Anne M., to Eric S. and Kristine L. Finley, 1730 40th St. Ct., Moline, $134,000.

Robert F. and Ruth A. Cooper, trustees, to Floyd E. and Julie K. Weaver, 4617 11th Ave. C., Moline, $145,000.

Robinson, James A. and Linda S., to Robert A. and Tara N. DeBlaey, 3434 52nd St. Ct., Moline, $169,500.

Rose M. Pauwells, Linda L. Muller, Paula J. Franks and Teresa M. Saltman, to Valdom Corp., 3214-3216 46th Ave., County of Rock Island, $425,000.

Rotzinger, Roger A. and Patricia S., to Matthew A. Kruse, 3807 172nd St. Ct., East Moline, $166,900.

Ruzic, Edward J. and Pauline, to Edward and Barbara Simpson, 12110 Illinois Route 84 N., Port Byron, Ill., $452,000.

Sand, Douglas W. and Jana L. Sand, to Steven E. and Margarita M. Coil, 4633 11th Ave. D., Moline, $142,900.

Sanders, Lloyd E. and Yvonne J., to Alvin O. and Susan L. Parker, 15715 Illinois Route 84 N., East Moline, $180,000.

Sapato, Arcie A. and Dorothy F., to James Eddy, 3155 18th Ave., Moline, $120,100.

Sawyer, James, to Christina J. Steed, 2172 18th St., East Moline, $149,000.

Shaffer, Randall E. and Roetta L., to Robert Williams, 1626 White Tail Dr., Port Byron, Ill., $220,000.

Stewardson, David and Cynthia, to John and Carol Zambrano, 2849 7 1/2 St., East Moline, $115,500.

Stickler, Lenzy R. and Brenda K., to Thomas L. and Mary J. Rowe, 4428 214th St., Port Byron, Ill., $150,000.

Strieter Corp., to Clarence Southard, 1730 W. 1st St., Milan, Ill., $265,000.

Stukart, Henry W. and Vicki L., to David P. and Melissa L. Dell, 2380 5th St., East Moline, $164,900.

Sweeney, William D. and Donna M., to Garry O. and Gayle E. Doyle, 705 E. 5th St., Coal Valley, $148,900.

Tews, David A. and Lisa K., to Gregory Farley and Kathleen Lacina, 614 E. 6th St., Coal Valley, $184,000.

The Bank of New York, as trustee, to Jeff and Carla Rath, 1166 54th St., Moline, $139,500.

The Hollis Crew Inc., to Becki Dedobbelaere, 1512 E. 5th St., Coal Valley, $295,000.

Torbet, Thomas O. and Janice L., to Kevin L. Anderson and Cherri L. King, 10105 114th St., Coal Valley, $181,000.

Townsend, Pollianna and Mark H. B., to Jennifer A. Herr, 811 16th St., Rapid City, $103,600.

United Township High School District 30, to Andrew and Jamie Bellagamba, 3330 17th St. Ct., East Moline, $165,000.

Vershaw, Ronald T. and Marlene A., to Scherer-Zam, 3425 38th St., Moline, $126,500.

Werner, Nancy, to Mark S. Slattery, 6121 95th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, $165,000.

White, Robert, to Nicholas D. Thompson, 3431 7th Ave., Rock Island, $100,000.

Wilson, Francine D., to Richard L. and Connie M. Lavens, 11024 Laura Ct., Milan, $138,000.

Windey, Thomas J., to Donna Dettman and Mona M. Meyer, 3442 24th St., Rock Island, $100,000.

Adams, Ira A. and Lois L., to Richard E. and E. Lucille Dennhardt, 13426 W. 238th St., Illinois City, $160,000.

Anchor Lumber Co., to Michael J. and Tracy A. Spangler, 312 8th Ave., Hampton, $152,000.

Angel Moran Estate, by Karen Moran administrator, to Barbara J. Larson, 15422 River Rd., East Moline, $105,000.

Anvil Enterprises LLC, to Merle B. Karn Sr., 209 14th St., Silvis, $124,000.

Baker, James, to Martin A. and Cynthia J. Mahieu, 1817 35th St., Moline, $167,000.

Basil M. Keller, trustee, to Robert Taube, 3143 34th St., Rock Island, $119,500.

Beaver Builders Inc., to Madhavan K. Varadachari and Radhika Gopalan, 512 E. 15th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley, $216,825.

Beaver Builders Inc., to Rana and Moushumi Kundu, 1507 E. 5th St., Coal Valley, $202,790.

Beaver Builders Inc., to Venkateswaralu Garimalla and Uma Maheswari Garimalla, 603 E. 15th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley, $216,076.

Blackwood, George A., to Nina M. Hoffman, John R. Eberhart, Charles A. Eberhart, Section 36 Township 16 N. Range 6, Edgington, $640,000.

Brachtel, Mark D. and Kathryn J., to John D. and Renee L. Doxsee, 1050 33rd St. Ct., Moline, $156,000.

Brandle, Patrick J. and Maureen H., to Timothy J. Moran and Aubrey J. Schissel, 410 12th Ave., Milan, $104,000.

Butts, Gerald L., to Parkwild Properties LC, 419 425 15th St., Moline, $600,000.

Bynum, Danny D. and June M., to Anemarie Ganea, 13 Sunset Dr., Cordova, $119,000.

Campbell, James E. and Cheryl, to Daniel J. and Katie L Meloan Jr., 26117 122nd Ave. N., Port Byron, $185,000.

Carnegie, William E. and Carol L., to Florian L. Loveless, 4425 42nd Ave., Rock Island, $165,000.

Champion Mortgage, to Robert and Kylee Thompson, 4405 29th Ave., Rock Island, $115,000.

Chirackal, Abraham V. and Sosamma, to Michael A. and Teresa A. Buckley, 226 38th Ave., East Moline, $133,000.

Cochuyt, Robert A. and Bonnie J., to John and Twila Lafferty, 623 29th Ave., East Moline, $109,500.

Cravero, Joseph P., to Charles E. Bruhn, 2917 28th Ave. A., Moline, $204,000.

Creen, Gertrude, to Benjamin and Michaelle R. Hodge, 1847 14th St., Moline, $118,000.

Cygan, Joseph R. and Josephine M., to Bruce A. Dean and Teresa R. Stoner, 5207 8th Ave.,

Moline, $115,540.

Daisie M. Laud, estate, Kenneth W. Laud, executor, to Richard B. Bishop, 4316 8th St., East

Moline, $115,500.

Dany, Eric W. and Linda S., to Kenneth R. and Patricia A. Johnson, 16 Thornwood Ct., Moline,


DeCastecker, Allan J. and Sandra K., to Haribabu Sirandas and Varalakshmi Sirandas, 7801

35th Ave., Moline, $280,000.

Dennhardt, Richard E. and E. Lucille, to Michael A. McMillian, 13426 W. 238th St., Illinois

City, $400,000.

DeVooght, Timothy G., to Sirkaran Ramaseshan and Lakhmi Rajamani, 904 E. 6th St., Coal

Valley, $223,000.

Estate of Elmer Spiller, David S. and Linda M. Spiller, co executors, to Patrick F. Young,

2122 36th St., Rock Island, $184,000.

Estate of Evelyn Peterson, Terry Peterson and Larry Peterson, to Troy T. and Dawn E.

Halverson, 4200 33rd Ave., Moline, $205,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., to Jayni Weber, 1102 28th Ave., Silvis, $182,500.

Felipe P. and Bernardita R . Enriquez, trustee of the Enriquez Living trust, to Primavilla

LLC, Lots 1-12 Spillers 3rd Addition, Rock Island, $700,000.

Fiedler, Mitchell R. and Wendy S., to Agnes I. Barnhouse, 10705 104th St., Coal Valley,


Frey, Michael E. and Christine M., to Daniel and Giovanna Davila, 1808 13th St., Silvis,


Fuller, Kimberly N., to Christopher G. and Louise M. Cunningham, 18517 Rt. 84 N., East

Moline, $185,000.

Gary Hodge Inc., to Barry L and Antonia L. Hunter, 1329 33rd Ave. Circle, Silvis, $252,938.

Gary Hodge Inc., to Jesse and Patricia Hurtado, 1259 33rd Ave. Circle, Silvis, $131,220.

Gary W. Schreiner, trustee, of Gary W. Schreiner Charitable Remainder unitrust to Villas at

Safe Harbor LLC, Lot 24 and 25 of Villas of Safe Harbor, Hampton, $106,000.

Gilmore, Mark A. and Karen L., to Jason Khort, 216 S. Main St., Port Byron, $115,000.

Gorzney, Howard D., to Susan Roberts, 8717 Ridgewood Rd., Rock Island, $155,500.

Graham, James O. Jr., to Lucy A. Manis, 1800 7th St. Unit 2, East Moline, $106,000.

Hardi, Timothy J. and Paula R., to Thomas E. and Patricia B. Stechalin, 4511 51st St., $104,900.

Hedeen, Charles, to Steven and Connie Abernathy, 23529 101st Ave. N., Port Byron, $114,000.

Helmar Farms Inc., to Margaret E. Berens trust, Section 12 Township 16 Range 1, Orion, $441,000.

Henry, William R., to Larry D. Zeitler and Susan I. Fox, 2608 4th St. Ct., Moline, $124,000.

Hillbloom, James S. and Betty J., to Paul D. and Jennifer M. Rouse, 3721 37th Ave., Moline, $110,000.

Holmes, Dale E. and Marsha L., to Robert P. Bates, 2535 13th St., Moline, $165,500.

Hunter, Barry L. and Antonia L., to Doris J. Garrand, 5313 36th Ave. Ct., Moline, $234,900.

Jensen, Jeffrey C. and Jennifer L., to Sirva Relocation LLC, 2618 38th St., Moline, $138,000.

John S. Gault revocable trust, to Wayne D. and Judy A. Thomas, 462 43rd Ave. Ct. #8, East Moline, $230,000.

Acosta, Jose G. and Karen L. to George and Anne Steckel, 4025 36th Ave. Ct., Moline, $245,000.

Allen, Theodore and Theresa to Gary A. and Katherine E. Searl, 1003 16th St., Rapids City, $102,000.

Anderson, Joette to Mike Morel; Angela Morel; Gene G. Morel to Diane Morel, 2246 31st St., Rock Island, $118,500.

Anderson, Timothy C., to Duane J. and Leslie L. Nolan, 3649 Kennedy Dr., East Moline, $113,00.

Barber, George E. and Lenore K. to Ancilla Parducci, 1930 41st St., Moline, $116,000.

Beaver Builders Inc. to Michael F. and Lisa M. O'Brien, 601 E. 15th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley, $168,000.

Beaver Builders Inc., to Badrinarayanan Viswanathan, 604 E. 15th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley, $207,835.

Beck, Robert E. and Eileen R., to Bernard Tadda and Cornelia M. Dowsett, 3510 44th St., Moline, $175,000.

Bell, James and Fay, to Thomas Schmedckel and Bonnie Dill, 1025 14thSt., Rock Island, $235,000.

Boultinghouse, Marian L. trustee, to Larry L. Simmer; Peggy K. Simmer and L. Scott Simmer, 1421 15th Ave. Ct. and 1507 14th St., Silvis, $235,000.

Brake, Kevin L. and Kathleen A., to Michael D. Goodbred, 1134 20th Ave., East Moline, $145,500.

Burgess, Milton A. and Beverly S., to Scott D. Anderson, 3602 32nd Ave., Moline, $118,000.

Carabillo, Laura E. to Thomas E. and Virginia I. Carpenter, 504 S. Main St., Port Byron, $210,000.

Carlson, Constance J., to Mark A. and Kim R. Morgan, 27809 Rt. 2N, Hillsdale, $177,500.

Chicago Title Land Trust Co. to George Bethell, 1306 2nd Ave., Rock Island, $102,500.

Covington, Darlene, to Shawn M. and Kristina L. Docherty, Section 19 Township 16 Range 1, Milan, $108,338.

Deer Ridge Villas LLC to Susan DeDoncker-Gibson trustee, 1034 31st Ave., Silvis, $229,000.

DelaPorte, Janet to Dorothy R. Rosenboom, 135 E. 6th St., Coal Valley, $129,900.

DenHartog, Dennis J. and Kelly S. to Bradley Weiss, 4215 172nd St. N., East Moline, $170,400.

DeWitte, Daniel J. and Elayne J. to John and Kara Sullivan, 637 4th Ave. W., Andalusia, $123,900.

Dillon, Steven A. and Christine to Wallace A. and Carolyn A. Wilson, 2359 31st St., Moline, $105,000.

Dodge, Vaugh A., successor trustee of Gwendolyn C. Dodge trust to Brian D. and Amy B. Allen, 3171 13th Ave. Ct., Moline, $145,000.

Dolan, Timothy and Marjorie to James Jabanoski, 15 Eagle Point Pass, Rapids City, $471,000.

Duke, James D. and Daniel G. Duke, to H.C. Duke and Son Inc., 2116 8th Ave., East Moline, $1,500,000.

Eberhardt, Fred T. and Marilyn J., to Katherine Odean, 2811 24th Ave., Moline, $114,200.

Eirinberg, Katrina R.; Robert F. and Lavone Carver, to Ronald E. and Melinda S. Silver, 1818 27th St., Rock Island, $105,000.

Feaster, Damon L. and Julie A. to Shari L. Monson, 1109 E. 6th St., Coal Valley, $170,000.

Friedrichsen, Friedrich W. and Joanne S. to Michael Venovich, 1205 1/2 N. High St., Port Byron, $215,000.

Garrett, John and Lori, to Charles D. Harrington and Julie DeWispelaere, 1305 2nd St. S., Cordova, $109,500.

Goffinet, Andrew J. and Rebecca L. to Melanie A. and David G. Shields, 108 27th Ave., East Moline, $160,000.

Gonzalez, Roy and Sandra J., to Angela and Mark Janssen, 909 E. 32nd Ave., Milan, $138,000.

Gotthardt, Keith and Kathleen to Lisa Brogren, 8324 55th St., Coal Valley, $118,500.

Grace-Davis, Kathleen N., to Christopher B. and Julie L. Newman, 3002 30th St., Moline, $177,000.

Gutierrez, Maria C., to Bessie Albers, 5333 31st Ave. Ct., Moline, $120,000.

Hafner, Robert J., executor of Leonard E. Hafner deceased to Robert J. Hafner and Kelly K. and Sandra K. Kane, 2805 23rd Ave., Moline, $175,000.

Hampton Woods LLC to Jose G. Acosta-Olmeda and Karen K. Acosta, 97 Kennelworth Circle, Hampton, $279,900.

Harker, Dennis G. and Alicia to Ronnie S. and Sherry L. Garrett, 8026 149th St. W., Taylor Ridge, $215,000.

Hoffman, Janna L. to Robert K. Douglas, 1812 54th St. Ct., Moline, $153,000.

Hofmeister, Lori L. and Janette M. Vroman to David Moermond, 1905 15 1/2 St., Rock Island, $111,000.

Howard, Donald K. and Shirley J. to Dennis J. Hartog and Kelly S. DenHartog, 400 Pearsall Dr., Port Byron, $195,000.

Hunt, Terry W.; Rickey A. Hunt; Carol L. Groves and Suellen Shike to Teresa K. McDonald, 4301 28th Ave., Moline, $106,000.

Huntley, Delbert E. and Sallie H. to Raymond R. and Debra L. Garza, 1005 3rd St. E., Andalusia, $142,000.

Ketelsen, Keith A. and Lyn M., to Kent R. and Lynn M. Johnson, 512 S. High St., Port Byron, $215,000.

Kings Farm Development LLC to Donald K. and Shirley J. Howard, 470 43rd Ave. Ct., East Moline, $180,000.

Kohler, Gladys I., trustee, to Dennis A. and Jean A. VanDerGinst, 2100 6th St. B, East Moline, $340,000.

Laleman, Brent T. to David C. Delvichio, 1829 2nd Ave., Rock Island, $325,000.

Laleman, Dorthy to Donald and Shirley Rylander, 2015 9th St. Ct., East Moline, $127,000.

Lapaczonek, James A. and Cassandra M. to David J. Soliz, 1835 18th St., East Moline, $114,000.

Lenger, Susan I., to Victor J. and Kathleen Cincola, 1619 36th St., Rock Island, $131,000.

Lewis, Elaine R., to Adam E. Dolph and Dawn M. Carlson, 10418 110th Ave., Coal Valley, $110,000.

Lorenzen, Sara J., trustee to Rodney B. and Marsha L. Marker, 3215 30th St. Ct., Moline, $206,000.

M.I.H. LLC to Gary C. and Paula A. Johnson, 2217 31st Ave. Unit 9, Rock Island, $228,200.

Malmstead, Michael E. and Patricia to David L. Arnold, 5420 River Dr., Moline, $190,000.

Mangelsdorf, Mike and Bonnie, to Mark Doran, 3627 24th Ave., Rock Island, $249,900.

Martin, Jeremy and Brenda, to Kim and Dan Zampayna, 642 4th Ave. W., Andulusia, Ill., $107,000.

McGehee, James A., to Christopher Kozak, 909 25th Ave. Ct., Silvis, $188,390.

Michaelsen, Ruth E., revocable trust, to William B. and Pamela T. Dunfield, 4033 4th St. A, East Moline, $205,000.

Millage Construction Co. to Mark T. Benes and Sharon R. Wall, 4021 4th St. A., East Moline, $236,000.

Mitchell, Gerald L. and Kathy K. to Tunara L. Johnson, 4801 5th St., East Moline, $149,000.

Moline Elks Home Association to Good Development LLC, 3031 7th St., Moline, $330,000.

Monteich, Shirley M., to Kristine M. Stenger, 1217 15th St., East Moline, $122,680.

Montgomery, Rebecca to E.R. Erskine Carter, 3136 36th Ave., Rock Island, $130,000.

Murphy, William F., as trustee to Boyella H. Reddy and Kamala S. Bommareddy, 5000 35th Ave., Moline, $750,000.

Munson, C. Richard and Jonni B. to Theodore J. and Theresa A. Allen, 461 Ravin St., Port Byron, $173,000.

Nelson, Howard O. and Diana M., to Kirk D. and Kandra K. Blumenshein, 13311 120th Ave., Coal Valley, $130,000.

Nicola, Robert C. to Antonio J. and Melissa M. Davila, 5330 33rd Ave., Moline, $106,900.

O'Brien, Michael F. and Lisa, to Alvin T. and Theresa Meegan, 3124 11th Ave., Moline, $115,000.

Old Semri Partners LLC, to Lighthouse at Silvis LLC, unimproved land, Silvis, $500,000.

Orchard Park Development LLC, to Terrence A. and Kathleen E. Engle, 218 8th Ave., Hampton, $205,000.

Peeples, Courtney and Ruth Peeples to Larry F. French and Willie M. French, 2006 7th St., East Moline, $135,000.

Peterson, Charles and Marvelu and William J. McCormick, 1615 Parkway Dr., Port Byron, $360,000.

Pitcher, George L., to Ronald D. Riley, 1218 7th Ave. Ct., Silvis, $145,900.

Pitra, Brian D. and Julie A. to Jeremy Sawyer, 924 25th St., Moline, $111,240.

Poor, Robert and Faith to Duane and Sandra Ganther, 3025 56th St., Moline, $119,000.

Preston, Ralph L. to Dale A. and Robin E. Preston, 17526 175th St. W., Taylor Ridge, $128,000.

Ramos, Jose G. Jr. and Guadalupe, to Brian and Debra Lindsey, 1215 53rd St., Moline, $213,000.

Red Oak Custom Homes Inc. to Ed Heinrich, 35 Timber Ridge Dr., Port Byron, $331,000.

Reed, Otis G. to Rock Island County, 9021 209th St. Ct. W., Illinois City, $116,860.

Roberts, Susan to Timothy S. and Paula A. Hahn, 407 W. 12th Ave., Milan, $127,499.

Robinson, John F. to Tela M. Mirfield, 9415 234th N., Port Byron, $118,650.

Rocha, Georgia to Roy L. and Debbie L. Sellers, 409 12th Ave., Hampton, $120,000.

Rodems, Lillian S., to Patrick H. and Shelly K. Bredeck, 10 Forestview Drive, Coal Valley, Ill., $130,000.

Rosborough-Bancroft, Sarah, to Andre J. and Goldie M. DeMeulemeester, 507 39th Ave., East Moline, $114,000.

Ryan, Margaret L. to Eric R. Olson, 870 47th Ave., East Moline, $125,000.

S.T. Fry Co. LLC to Jolene Skoglund Trust, 3422 73rd St. Ct., Moline, $249,900.

Sandholm, Mary L. to Village of Cordova, Lots 4, 5, 6, 7 and N. half of 8 Block 23 William Marshall Addition, Cordova, $180,000.

Sanquist, Charles to Richard G. Moritz Jr., 11316 22nd St., Milan, $162,000.

Scherschel, Cinda K., to Joseph J. and Marlena M. Gomez, 1521 12th St., Silvis, $102,000.

Schmidt, Bridgit and Daniel W. to Terrance W. and Cindy L. Stuart, 4126 35th Ave., Moline, $128,000.

Schoonbaert, David A. to Patrick Bergman, 3433 14th St., Moline, $145,000.

Schreiner, Gary W., to Villas at Safe Harbor LLC, vacant land, Hampton, $212,000.

Schwartz, Barbara J. to Joseph and Josephine Cygan, 325 8th Ave., Hampton, $185,000.

Schwertlye, Dwight and C. Jean to Gretta J. Miller, 3419 14th St., Rock Island, $114,000.

Schwieters, William J. to Jeffrey F. Fullenkamp, 18515 Route 84 N., East Moline, $160,000.

Sellers, Roy L. and Debbie L. Duncan to Karen S. Rogers, 401-403 8th St., Hampton, $117,000.

Shamsie, Candice M. to Crosstowne Place Development LLC, 1114 Hospital Rd., Silvis, $200,000.

Sheilds, Linda to Timothy J. and Catheryne I. Bowman, 2444 31st St., Moline, $103,000.

Shields, Gary R., to Christine A. Kingman, 2526 33rd St., Moline, $110,000.

Siegel, Michael R. and Sarah to Edward A. Spiess, 1400 1st St., Rock Island, $131,337.79.

Silver, Ronald E. and Melinda S., to Richard and Benita Cacari, 1818 27th St., Rock Island, $134,500.

Sirva Relocation LLC to Cuillermo J. and Jill A. Valdes, 2440 28th St., Moline, $160,000.

Sirva Relocation LLC to Van R. and Marian M. Wasson, 2618 38th St., Moline, $138,000.

Skradski, Frank and Maribeth to John Hawry and Rita Melissano, 1906 and 1918 7th Ave., Rock Island, $305,000.

Slattery, Cathy M. to William and Mary K. Strachan, 17707 140th St., Reynolds, $175,000.

Slayden, Kevin D. and Connie S.; Joseph M. and Melba K. Bales to B&S Service/Storage Inc., 313 6th Ave. W., Andalusia, $118,000.

Smith, Michael S. and Debra J., to Benjamin W. Morgan, 720 31st Ave. and 3220 8th St., Rock Island, $171,548.53.

South Park West LTD to Kaizen Co. of America LC, Lots 7,13,14,15,16,17 and N. half of 11 South Park W., Moline, $620,189.

Stang, Samuel and Dorothy to Patty Johnson, 2300 16th Ave., Moline, $102,900.

Steckel, George and Anne to James and Mary Conroy, 335 29th Ave., Moline, $127,000.

Steinbeck, Werne H. and Sandra J. to Gene R. and Rita Omahen, 10203 136th St. W., Taylor Ridge, $183,500.

Stephens, Gregory A. to Sala Flats LP, 320-330 19th St., Rock Island, $490,000.

Stephens, Ollen and Michelle to Lenzy R. and Brenda K. Stickler, 6201 221st N., Port Byron, $105,000.

Stewart, James R. and Mary L., to Steven D. and Paulette A. Ziegler, 24309 80th Ave., Port Byron, $165,000.

Stirrett, Scott and Lauren to Bhikam and Sapna Jain, 3511 56th St. Ct., Moline, $135,500.

Stone, Ray E. and Patricia A. to Laura S. Fentem, 1834 32 Ave., Moline, $103,500.

Sunddeen, Frank to James Kardeke, 3530 36th St., Moline, $105,000.

T.G. Family LP to HMV LLC, Section 28 Township 17 Range 2, Rock Island, $235,000.

Tapia, Melinda to Michael Blackman and Harriett Delaney-Blackman, 490 45th Ave., East Moline, $149,000.

Tchoryk, Sue M. to Andrew and Rebecca DeHon, 526 40th Ave., East Moline, $174,000.

Terry, Myrtle F. and Harlin E. to T.C. Homes Inc., 2939-2941 13th Ave., Rock Island, $101,250.

Teske, James E. to Moline Partners LLC, Section 13 Township 17 Range 1, Moline, $127,100.

Thomas, Wayne D. and Judy A. to Helbert and Tara Acosta, 3508 12th St. Ct., Moline, $400,000.

Thornton, Scott C. and Megan M. to Susanne L. Riendeau, 5407 11th Ave. A., Moline, $134,500.

Tillia, Susanne L. to Diane E. Lucey, 102 W. 2nd St., Andalusia, $118,700.

Todd, Dennis and Mary to Richard Kida, 3432 Kennedy Dr., East Moline, $106,000.

Troiko Holdings LLC, to Rose M. Miniter, 4362 7th St. Suite 2, Moline, $680,000.

Tunberg, Jon C. and Michelle A. to John Marshall, 1907 Glenwood Dr., Moline, $181,000.

Turner, Howard E. and Jeanne M. to Enrique M. Bringas, 2440 54th St., Moline, $250,000.

Valley Meadows Inc. to Harry and Christine Allers, 1508 W. 5th St., Coal Valley, $220,000.

VanHyfte, Gregory F. and Jeanne M. to Carr LP, 3907 24th St., Moline, $350,000.

Verschoore, Richard P. to Gerald Reda, 2325-2327 24th St.; 2403-2405 24th Ave. and 2319-2321 24th St., Rock Island, $345,000.

Vijayanh, Kalla and Gettha to Devadas and Been Shine, 3705 76th St. Ct., Moline, $212,000.

Virginia L. Mallicoat trust to Daniel Bridgit Schmidt, 5306 36th Ave. Ct., Moline, $245,000.

Wainright, Craig A. and Robin A. to Johnson Real Estate Properties, 2024 2nd Ave. F., Rapids City, $110,000.

Wainwright, Craig A. and Robin A., to James R. and Mary L. Stewart, 22705 94th Ave. N., Port Byron, $105,000.

Wallace, George W. and Lillian J. to Shirley M. Mueller, 12 Thornwood Ct., Moline, $162,500.

Watts, Estate of Bernadine K. to Todd M. and Lisa A. Welvaert, 217 31st Ave., Moline, $118,500.

Weaver, Thomas G. and Cecele A. to Theodore E. and Laura J. Weaver, 712-714 18th Ave., Moline, $110,000.

Weeks, Curtis L. to Jeffrey S. and SueAnn Keller, 14325 139th Ave. Ct. W., Taylor Ridge, $159,000.

Weller, Daniel K. to Tyson R. and Chrystral L. Weller, 13160 W. 135th Ave., Taylor Ridge, $110,000.

Whan, David C. and Mary O. to Sirva Relocation LLC, 2440 28th St., Moline, $160,000.

Wickline, Richard, to Richard Wickline, 3140 36th Ave., Rock Island, $135,000.

Wills, Steven R. to Georgia Rocha, 3624 38th St. Unit 6, Rock Island, $139,000.

Wilson, Sheila J. to E. Edwin and Mary A. Ringberg, 3311 56th St., Moline, $116,000.

Woods, Seth R. and Christine E., to Anthony B. and Marilyn M. Clough, 2921 16th Ave., Moline, $180,000.

Yukins, Matthew P. to James Hatchett, 1026 15th St., Silvis, $139,900.

Zam, Kirby L. and Janet M. Scherer-Zam, co-trustees to Michael R. and Kimberly K. Leasenby, 3737 38th Ave., Moline, $170,000.

Zeitler, George A. executor of Eva M. Zeitler estate deceased, to Kraig Schwigen, Bradley Williams and Gary Williams, vacant land, Milan, $223,780.

Johnson, Gary M. and Patrice R., to Debra A. Desser, 500 E. 13th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley, $169,900.

Johnson, James G. and Pamala, to Kevin D. and Abby J. Stickell, 520 W. 14th Ave., Milan, $111,000.

Johnson, Lee A. and Jana M., to Scott and Angela Bollman, 10201 114th St., Coal Valley, $144,000.

Johnson-Fotrune, Sue A., to Richard and Shufei Kime, 2636 16th St., Moline, $110,000.

Jones, James J., to Jorge Ochoa and Kelly Blad, 1006 6th St., Hampton, $127,000.

Jurasek, Richard T. and Barbara S., to Keith G. and Kathleen A. Gotthardt, 8314 47th St., Milan, $198,000.

K.W. McKee Inc., to John D. and Tina M. Lassuy; Gregory J. and Cheyrn N. Sharp, 4800 44th St., Moline, $460,000.

Kathaleen A. Rohrbaugh, trustee, Virgil Wainwright living trust, to Thomas L. and Mary J. Rowe, 4214 214th St., Port Byron, $325,000.

Kay B. Coin, as trustee of a self declaration of trust, to Paul F. and Marla J. Howard, 2527 15th St., Rock Island, $199,000.

Knox, Joel J., to James and Susan Flick, 3458 45th St. A., Moline, $242,000.

Lawrence J. Fernstrom Jr., trustee of the Fernstrom Family trust, to Dzemo J. and Tifa Beciri, 1216 47th Ave. Ct., East Moline, $112,000.

Logan, Arabella L., to San Stotmeister, 2605 5th St. Ct., East Moline, $110,800.

Lohman, David J., to Rapids City River View LLC, Lots 113-195 River Bend View, Rapids City, $370,000.

Matian M. Wasson, trustee, to Donald J. Paarman, 3344 39th St., Moline, $122,000.

McCullough, Neil M. and Cheryl A., to Howard C. and Denise E. Tyler, 2202 Larkspur Circle, Port Byron, $205,000.

McGehee, James A., to Robert and Carol Brecht, 1901 13th St., Silvis, $146,900.

McKaye, Elinor L. and Robert, to Wanda I. Ellis, farmland, East Moline, $350,000.

Meloan, Daniel J. Jr. and Katie L., to Larry G. and Kaye L. Miller, 7112 270th St. N., Hillsdale, $168,000.

M.I.H. LLC, to Jane I. Galligan trustee, 2237 31st Ave. Unit 2, Rock Island, $236,200.

M.I.H. LLC, to Mark A. and Lana R. Shay, 2205 31st Ave. Unit 10, Rock Island, $202,300.

Arensdorf, Scott R. and Sheryl D., to Thomas J. Fitch, 505 22nd Ave., Moline, $125,000.

Colbert, Helen A., to Lionel McCallister and Kathryn Dickey, 1708 1st Ave. A., Rapids City, $125,000.

Cueno, Frederick, to Rock Island Livestock Auction Inc., Section 26 and 27, Andalusia, $325,000.

Eagle Food Center Inc., to Illinois Market Holdings LLC, 4150 Archer Dr., East Moline, $900,000.

Earhart, Donald R., to Steven T. and Judi Gibson, 1913 Brichwood Lane, Port Byron, $169,000.

Foster, Adela A., to David R. Rursch, 13612 204th St. W., Rock Island County, $200,000.

Fisher, Thomas R. and Cynthia M., to David R. Fisher, 418-20 30th Ave., Moline, $136,000.

Mablzewski, Cindi L., to Roy V. and Delores K. Klavitter, 21115 52nd Ave. N., Port Byron,


Mandolini, Ferdinand and Susan Reading-Mandolini, to Thomas and Mary L. Carlson, 2305 26th

St., Rock Island, $122,000.

Rock Island Livestock Auction Inc., to Paul H. Van Henkelubm, Sections 26 and 27, Andalusia,


Behnken, Robert E. and Eleanor C. trust, to Jack H. and Mary L. Lyle, Rock Island, $129,900.

Bowman, Paul C., to David A. and Sandra B. Smith, 2207 25th Ave., Rock Island, $137,000.

Good Development LLC, to Alcoa Employees and Community Credit Union, Lot 3 Moline Elk

Subdivision, Moline, $325,000.

Hillbloom, Christine E., to Brenda D. Mead, 3613 37th St., Moline, $100,700.

Nelson Builders Inc., to Brian A. Wells, 1922 13th St., Silvis, $147,900.

Solar Acres Inc., to Terry M. and Joyce M. Taylor, 2031 Villa Pines Circle, Carbon Cliff,   $190,000.

S.T. Fry Co. LLC, to Jim E. and Helen M. Gager, trustees, 769 36th Ave. Ct., Moline,   $259,900.

VanDerWoude Plastic Corp., to VanDerWoude Properties LP, 235 39th St., Moline, $130,000.

McNicol, Steven K. Jr. and Laura A., to Paul N. and Susan M. Kalainoff, 410 W. Price St.,

Eldridge, $137,000.

Mel Foster Co. Properties Inc. of Iowa, to Joseph R. and Joyce M. O'Rourke, Lot 27 Jersey

Meadows 8th Addition, Davenport, $235,000.

Meyer, Robert A. and Melissa M., to Gary A. and Susan K. Brand, Lot 18 High Point 8th

Addition, Davenport, $124,000.

Walker, Craig L., to Gilbert T. and Karla D. Walker, 9603 114th St., Coal Valley, $168,000.

Bast, Darrell E. and Marie E., to Anthony R. Crossen, 438 41st Ave., East Moline, $136,000.

Beaver Builders Inc., to Daniel S. and Kristie L. Evans, 509 E. 14th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley, $198,859.

Bowman, W. John, to William D. Ward, 3810 34th St., Moline, $150,000.

Bradshaw, Edward II and Debra L. Maloney, as ind. co-executors of Wanda M. Bradshaw estate, to Javier and Lydia A. Riojas, 809 12th St., Silvis, $100,000.

Brown, George E., to Allen D. and Kathleen M. Moncrief, 3139 36th Ave., Rock Island, $180,000.Capritta, Carole, to Vicki Hess, 3238 26th Ave., Rock Island, $165,000.

Cendant Mobility Government Financial Services, to Michael S. McNeal, 808 Rebecca Lane, Carbon Cliff, $126,900.

City of Rock Island, to Christian Family Care Center, 2209 3rd Ave., Rock Island, $120,000.Coffey, John and Maureen, to David and Mitzi Yordy, 4113 7th Ave., Moline, $192,500.

Deer Ridge Villas LLC, to James R. Andon, 1042 31st Ave., Silvis, $225,000.

Deneve, Jimmy and Diana, to Cathleen Hardesty and Treva Haney, 8302 256th St. N., Port Byron, $165,000.

DeWitt Bank and Trust Co., to David W. and Judith L. Dwyer, 3622 25th St., Moline, $212,000.

Downing, Douglas J. and Linda C., to George L. and Laurel J. Pitcher, 702 9th St., Port Byron, $192,000.

Ewert, Kendall J. and Cheryl E. Johannsen-Ewert, to Mercedes Z. Melendez, 1819 15th St., Moline, $121,000.

Exelon Generation Co. LLC, to Neumiller Farms Inc., 20304 258th St. plus 6 tracts in Township 20, Cordova, $436,172.

Exelon Generation Co. LLC, to Neumiller Farms Inc., SW quarter of Section 8 Township 20 Range 2 plus 8 other tracts in this section, Cordova, $784,089.

Finn, Kevin and Jill, to Gregory Swanson and Elizabeth Zmuda-Swanson, 3322 13th St. Ct., Moline, $145,000.

Gary Hodge Inc., to Wayne H. Stoppelmoor, 1305 33rd Ave. Circle, Silvis, $253,213.

Gebel, Andrew J., to Cendant Mobility Government Financial Services, 808 Rebecca Lane, Carbon Cliff, $151,000.

Gottlieb, Harriet B. and Richard D., to Lanny K. and Susan M. Herron, 4311 42nd Ave. Ct., Rock Island, $282,500.  

Grevas, Theodore, to T G Family LP, two tracts in SE quarter Section 28 Township 17N and Range 2W, Rock Island, $441,135.

Hess, Vicki L., to Kirk and Joey Stanforth, 14320 139th Ave. Ct. W., Taylor Ridge, $175,000.

Himes, Jon R. and Diana M., to Duane D. Massa, 1919 30th St., Moline, $107,000.

Hourigan, Laurel J., to Charles J. and Laurie L. Capan, 3442 51st St., Moline, $154,900.

Johannsen, Dennis L., to Clint and Marcy Kurrle, 325 163rd St. N., East Moline, $119,000.

Kaczor, Joseph V. and Deborah M., to Dawn R. Hamerlinck, 4700 116th Ave. Ct., Milan, $253,000.

Kerr, Theodore E. and Susan J., to Martin J. and Janelle L. Fratzke, 2622 116th Ave. W., Milan, $116,000.

McCaulley, Brian and Jane K., to David and Judith L. Dwyer, 3621 34th St., Moline, $225,000.

McDermott, Pamela L., to Mitchell D. Wren and Aimee J. Moore, 1229 35th Ave., Moline, $168,000.

McGehee, James A., to Twyla M. Yenerich trust, 1820 13th St., Silvis, $135,985.Mee, Donald and Sharon, to William and Shari Coley, 1302 19th Ave., Moline, $119,000.

Moncrief, Allen D. and Kathleen M., to Mary E. Miller, 3710 44th St., Rock Island, $161,000.

Mullen, Robert, to Jeffrey Olson, 320 23rd Ave., Moline, $111,405.

Neumiller Farms Inc., to Saddle Club Farms Corp., SW quarter Section 16, Township 20 Range 2 E., Cordova, $227,136.

Nguyen, Phan, president of VN Kitchen Inc., to Won Chu Mendez, 448 Railroad Ave., Moline, $130,000.

Park Tech Development LLC, to McManus Development Corp., Lot 9 of Shabonee Estates, Rapids City, $157,500.

Park Tech Development LLC, to McManus Development Corp., Lot 10 of Shabonee Estates, Rapids City, $157,500.

Piehl, Robert J., to Tammy A. Pauwels, 2609 34th Ave. Ct. W., Rock Island, $143,000.

Plunkett, Jean E., to Gary D. Perschmann, 704 E. 7th St., Coal Valley, $210,500.

Walker, Gilbert T. Jr. and Karla D., to Craig L. Walker, 201 W. 17th Ave., Coal Valley, $120,000.

Young, Roger T. and Vicki M. trustees, to Jeff and Tricia Brinkman, 401 Berry Ct., Port Byron, $290,900.

Chaney, Robert and Norma, to Wayne M. and Virginia Kimbel, 17711 Rt. 84 N., Port Byron, $438,000.

Hollis Crew Inc., to Todd E. Tholl and Erica A. Shimmin, 1513 E. 5th St., Coal Valley, $220,000.

Huttig Building Products Inc., to Hawkeye Distribution Inc., 500 31st Ave., Rock Island, $685,000.

McGehee, James A., to Scott and Gretchen Carruthers, 1809 12th St., Silvis, $149,000.

Old Seri Partners LLC, to Heather L. Bozek, Lot 11 Semri Park 3rd Addition, Silvis, $136,000.

Pizza Hut of America Inc., to Rock Island Postal Employees Credit Union, 4502 27th St., Moline, $185,000.

School District Number 40, to David M. and Amy R. Perry, 402 E. 20th Ave., Coal Valley, $147,000.

Stecker, Robert, to James Perry, 319 18th St., Rock Island, $217,500.

Steele, Thomas L. and Wendy J., to Triangle Contracting Services, LLC, 1302, 1308 and 1314-1320 20th St., Rock Island, $400,000.

Tri-State Properties LLC, to Quad-City Towing Inc., 2600 5th St., Rock Island, $435,000.

Wadsworth, David W. and Fern M., to Kenneth E. Hoffman Jr., Section 32  Township 17 Range 1,  Milan, $400,000.

Wainright, Chesney revocable trust, to Stanley B. and Nancy A. Arnold Family LP, 4713 221 St. N., Port Byron, $435,000.

Anderson, Kerry R. and Tina M., to Keith W. and Jessica L. Blum, 906 15th St., Rapid City $105,000.

Carter, Todd R. and Sara D., to Tony D. and Sharon A. Carnes, 313 and 315 E. 1st St., Milan, $150,000.

City Management Consultants Inc., to Douglas H. and Mary A. Boemecke, 109 W. 3rd Ave., Milan, $235,000.

Ekstam, Eric J. and Jennifer, to Judith David-Hope, 2434 30th St., Moline, $138,000.

Feaster, Wayne H. and Ruby M., to Marlin W. and Sylvia Riewerts, and Jack M. Riewerts, Section 17, Township 19 N and Range 3 E., Hillsdale, $151,177.60.

Gibson, Steven T. and Judi L., to Stan and Patty Hague, 1622 Whitetail Dr., Port Byron, $387,000.

City Management Consultants Inc., to Douglas H. and Mary A. Boemecke, 109 W. 3rd Ave., Milan, $235,000.

Ekstam, Eric J. and Jennifer, to Judith David-Hope, 2434 30th St., Moline, $138,000.

Feaster, Wayne H. and Ruby M., to Marlin W. and Sylvia Riewerts, and Jack M. Riewerts, Section 17, Township 19 N and Range 3 E., Hillsdale, $151,177.60.

Gibson, Steven T. and Judi L., to Stan and Patty Hague, 1622 Whitetail Dr., Port Byron, $387,000.

Anderson, Everett and Ruth, to Dean M. and Julie L. Bacon, 2510 26th St., Rock Island, $129,900.

Brown, Erik and Kristine, to Josh Wood, 3025 24th Ave., Moline, $104,000.

Connolly, Edward A. and Teri J., to Daniel J. and Maureen E. O'Keeffe, 433 36th Ave., East Moline, $264,000.

DeMarlie, Phillip and Kenneth Schlobohm, to Jacqualyn A. O'Leary, S32 T16 R2, Reynolds, $128,000.

Frey, John and Tambra, to Muthih Subash and Umaparvathy Muthu, 3605 34th Ave., Moline, $161,000.

Gende, Michael P., to Michael E. Sr. and Jamie S. Wardlow, 15926 13th St., Milan, $313,250.

Harsh, Thomas and Jeri, to Eric and Jennifer Ekstam, 606 E. 3rd St., Coal Valley, Ill., $250,000.

JMS Development of the Quad-Cities Inc., to Linda Rather, 215 8th Ave., Hampton, Ill., $210,150.

Luebbe, Dennis L. and Dorothy J., to James and Donna Stewart, Sec. 2 Township 16 and Range 4, Illinois City, $255,000.

M.I.H. LLC, to Kenneth T. and Susan E. Workman, 2201 31st Ave., Rock Island, $254,801.

M.I.H. LLC, to Robert J. and Marilyn J. Noe, 2221 31st Ave. Unit 6, Rock Island, $236,200.

Maitlen, Gene L. and Geraldine, to Gene and Lonna S. Parmentier, 1206 25th St., Moline, $192,000.

Marhem, Ray V., to Joshua L. and Tara A. Bondell, 3432 7th St., Moline, $130,000.

McGehee, James A., to Mark and Rita C. Luebbers, 1913 12th St., Silvis, $157,336.

Metrobank NA; trustee of Land Trust, to Paul Thiakos, 8024 14th St. W., Rock Island, $440,000.

O'Keeffe, Daniel J. and Maureen E., to David E. and Catherine M. O'Keeffe, 923 22nd St., $250,000.

Ortman, William and Kent Ortman, co-executors, to Hollis E. and Georgina J. Skipper, 265th St. N. Cordova, $317,000.

Walker, Craig L., to Gilbert T. and Karla D. Walker, 9603 114th St., Coal Valley, $168,000.



Vann, Donna M. and Eugene N., to Linda L. Carstensen, 3512 W. 31st St., Davenport, $122,500.

Wampfler, Michael A. and Dee Dee M., to Michael J. Driscoll, 1136 E. Central Park Ave., Davenport, $130,000.

Anderson, Robert G. and Mary A., to James S. and Jane M. Gadzik, 3366 Heatherton Dr., Davenport, $142,000.

Coon, Joseph M. and Nancy H., to Matthew R. and Nancy K. Stone, 4589 34th St. Ct., Bettendorf, $188,000.

Farris, Jerry S. and Tina M., to James B. and Susanna M. Etzel, 722 Westerfield Rd., Davenport, $111,000.

Ford, Jason A. and Heather J., to Gary A. and Yvonne DeGreve, 4220 Winston Place, Bettendorf, $175,000.

Hoins, Patricia A., to Trisha A. Rittmer, 2203 Waveland Dr., Bettendorf, $128,000.

Klun, Frank A. and Marie A., to Nicholaus and Lisa Krondorf, 6780 Ridges Ct., Bettendorf, $902,500.

Nellis-Engler, Claudeem M. and Chad E. Engler, to Roger W. Granbois and Linda S. Baker, 2500 E. Dale Ct., Bettendorf, $157,500.

Pray, Steven R. and Gaynell B. Foster-Pray, to Robert J. and Diane L. Louis, 2933 E. 44th Ct., Davenport, $290,000.

Wierck, Briane W. and Denise M., to James M. and Carol A. McDonald, 5377 Charter Oak Dr., Bettendorf, $224,500.

Balluff, Wayne and Janet L., to Lynne M. and Richard D. Fullmer, 1027 Davenport St., LeClaire, $106,000.

Barber, Michael A. and Andrea Y., to Marilyn A. and William J. Dumolien, 2160 Cromwell Circle, Davenport, $440,000.

Blayney, Caralee, to Jeffrey M. and Michelle M. McAleer, 6166 Lake Shore Circle, Davenport, $322,000.

Byorum, Glenn E. and Carole S., to Daniel R. and Fahima Alias, 3437 Maple Glen Rd., Bettendorf, $205,000.

Chamberlain, Joel A. and Rachel B., to William J. and Hilary A. McDonald, 3915 Tanglefoot Ct., Bettendorf, $165,000.

DeKeyser, Gregory R. and Jill A., to James J. and Barbara A. Toner, 4365 Aspen Hills Circle, Bettendorf, $196,500.

Faith, Richard J. Jr. and Emily A., to Ellen R. Burt revocable trust, 19165 270th St., Park View, $289,000.

Struve, Russell A. and Janet L., to David W. and Sally L. Dorris, 3507 Kimberly Downs Rd., Davenport, $110,000.

Terry Leighton Custom Homes Inc., to Ronald E. Unser, 12023 70th Ave., Scott County, $245,000.

Vintage Homes Inc., to Sean and Amy McGuire, 5912 Woodland Ave., Davenport, $274,000.

Harris, Jeffrey A. and Amber R., to John and Shelley Masengarb, 3607 E. 61st Ct., Davenport, $292,000.

Holland, John P., to Sheldon J. and Joanne A. Grywacheski, 83 Park View Dr., Parkview, $220,000.

J.P. Condon Inc., to Amy L. Miller, 2948 Church St., Bettendorf, $225,000.

Johnson, Jay A. and Pamela K., to Ricky D. Smith, 621 16th St., Bettendorf, $102,000.

K & M Investments LC, to Jon and Jenelle S. Nisley, Sec. 13 Twn 78N and Range 3E, Scott County, $235,000.

Kimberly Village Christian Reformed Church, to Living Water Family Church Inc., 4706 Northwest Blvd., Davenport, $248,000.

Koschade, Alfred and Beatrice, to Kristin LeMaitre, 3844 Wilkes Ave., Davenport, $130,000.

Lammers, Michael E. and Ellen M. Malahy, to Lester E. and Germaine Battist, 2223 E. 46th St., Davenport, $158,000.

Madsen Builders Inc., to Diana L. Deneve, 503 S. Eastwood Dr., Long Grove, $195,000.

McCubbin, Marc D. and Lisa M., to Lynnette S. and Allen W. Olson, 410 S. Eastwood Dr., Long Grove, $284,500.

Narby Homes Inc., to Bruce A. and Kathleen J. Rittmer, 15 Bradley Ct., Park View, $320,000.

Netwal, John G. and Lynn L., to Ryan M. and Karen E. Wheeler, 20 Park Ave., Park View, $125,000.

North Hill Holdings LC, to Quad-City Bank and Trust Co., 4500 Brady St. 210, Davenport, $760,000.

Ortega, Shelly J., to Paul J. and Angela C. Gaudreau, 721 W. Central Park Ave., Davenport, $123,000.

Ortiz, Linda L. and Frederick M., to William C. Mueller and Misty D. Stick-Mueller, 4731 Wisconsin Ave., Davenport, $130,000.

Pohlmann, Luther P. and Gisele M., to Jon T. and Kathy A. Low, 27032 Lakeview Ct., Parkview, $281,500.

S & J Development LLP, to Jasmine F. Benson, 3016 Holiday Ct., Bettendorf, $150,000.

S & J Development LLP, to Evelyn D. Helgeson and Ann M. Bitter, 3013 Holiday Ct., Bettendorf, $124,000.

S & J Development LLP, to Brian M. Depuydt, 3018 Holiday Ct., Bettendorf, $150,000.

Sheffield Square LLC, to Jeffrey A. and Valerie A. Michels, 6919 Crest Hill Dr., Davenport, $188,000.

Smith, Theodore B. and Annette, to Christopher J. and Jill R. Rubel, 6112 N. Thornwood Ave., Davenport, $169,000.

Vintage Homes Inc., to Verne H. and Karen J. Crosby, 5528 Gaines St., Davenport, $180,500.

Vlack, Jean P. and Michael S., to Howard R. and Angela K. Penrod, 2404 Salem Ct., Bettendorf, $185,000.


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