Janet Jackson was also nominated in 2016. She became eligible for induction in 2007.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame bio:

“No, my first name ain’t ‘Baby,’ it’s Janet – Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty.” With innovation and bravado, Janet Jackson brushed aside the challenges of being a superstar’s sibling and became one of pop music’s dominant figures.

The youngest member of the Jackson clan, she was first in the spotlight as a child actress on the TV series Good Times and Fame. But it was with the five-times-platinum Control album in 1986 that she staked her claim as an R&B powerhouse. Working with the visionary production team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, she fused melodic dance-pop with more aggressive beats, influenced by industrial and hip hop sounds, and helped usher in the new jack swing era. Such juggernauts as Rhythm Nation 1814 and janet. secured Jackson’s position as a global icon, as she explored themes of social justice and daring sexuality in her lyrics.

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