Around the same time that Susanne Denkmann was having her mansion built on a bluff in Rock Island, her older sister Mary and Mary's husband, J.J. Reimers, were having their mansion built on a bluff in Davenport.

Called Oak Knoll, the Reimers' home in McClellan Heights is one of the most visible in Davenport, overlooking the Mississippi River at a curve on East River Drive.

It is now owned by Vickie Palmer Pruter and her husband Donald.

While the building architects for the mansions were different, Jens Jensen drew up landscape plans for both.

In doing research for the Jensen exhibit at the German-American Heritage Center, assistant director Kelly Lao found a Jensen drawing for Oak Knoll dated 1910 in the University of Michigan archives.

The drawing shows a curved pergola and garden with three concentric rings extending northerly from the house in the direction of McClellan Boulevard.

 A pergola and an outline of three rings remain visible on the property today.

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